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Tue 10th Dec 2013

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Tetragrammaton commented on Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre Is Region-Free:

I honest to Arceus want to see Nintendo go under for this. I would rather entire gaming industry as a whole fall then let it go to this. I'm on the extreme end of the opinion spectrum about region locks or locks of any kind, so I am biased here, but I truly mean it, I would rather the entire industry crash again then have it in a fragmented Big Brother format. I'm seeing red. I guess I'll just have to do without the eShop because I'm beyond done with this. If it had always been this way, perhaps, I would be more willing to accept it; but I have been importing systems and titles for years. To suddenly say "Well, we don't like it anymore so you just have to deal" is beyond unprofessional. They can spout excuses all they want — every gaming company, every industry that complies with these ideas — but in this day of global connectivity there is NO excuse for these artificial boundaries. If I need something out of the eShop, I'll do without. I hate this.



Tetragrammaton commented on 3DS System Update Adds Nintendo Network ID, Mi...:

It takes up system memory and that's my issue, because I use that for downloaded games. I really wish we could run downloaded games from the SD card, in fact; otherwise we download two or three and the system gets full, and then we either delete the full-price-retail-game we downloaded to make space and lose all our data, or we forgo another title we want on the off-chance it's eShop-only like the new Ace Attorney game is (which I foresee becoming a trend in the future, unfortunately.) I'm also just a crotchety old person that hates having unnecessary things cluttering up my systems. ^-T;

I also dislike that the account system doesn't actually do what an account system SHOULD do: share downloads betweens systems in case one is lost, stolen or irreparably damaged to the degree that system transfer isn't an option.
(And as an aside, I swear to Arceus I hope I live to see the death of region-locking. It's infuriating that my friends and myself are locked out of THROWING MONEY AT NINTENDO to import expensive rare consoles or "this will never get a western release" games because... no good reason at all, honestly. Why would any company intentionally deprive itself of free money? But that's just an unrelated rant. I only created an account here to ask my question anyway.)
Thanks for your help, all. I'm going to disappear back into the internet aether now, I believe. Fare thee well.