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United Kingdom

Mon 9th Dec 2013

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tenshi_a commented on Review: One Piece Romance Dawn (3DS):

I've been playing this too. Yes they have done the impossible of making the story of One Piece not-epic-and-awesome, and is an insult to One Piece. Yes there are millions of randomly-generated mazes.

Two things though - one, you can press "B" while moving in the mazes to run, this makes those sequences about a hundred times better. It should have been auto-run, honestly. Also, it should have told the player rather than have me look it up in the menu.

Two, the underlying battle mechanic is really good, I love the freedom to run around and aim up my characters, strategising which attack will hit at which step to hit more than one enemy at once, and which way they'll fly off. It's almost like you're playing some kind of crazy turn-based snooker with added splash attacks or something.

If they gave each character a range of moves, and let the user decide to slot in which were available, it could have been one of the best battle mechanics ever. But then it would have been a bit of a shame to be stuck in this shonky game.