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Sun 3rd Mar 2013

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teknik commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Super Famicom:

I had the snes in college and a few games for it starfox and donkey kong country being the stand outs that I remember. I guess with that time being before the internet age I never really knew how popular the machine was. I was a geek then and I'm a geek now! At age 40 I never did outgrow that gaming habit.

For me the NES will always be the definitive gaming machine, I mean we finially had games that were as good as the arcade! Still, there were plenty of good times with me and my snes.



teknik commented on Capcom Seeks a Western "Breakthrough" With Mon...:

I'm a complete monster hunter addict and I simply can't wait for March 19th! I'm having a blast with the demo, it's a good excuse to try all of the weapons out.

I hope the punishing difficulty doesn't turn too many people off, while there is a learning curve it is manageable and once you get the hang of it those skills carry over to the rest of the game.

It's a game of being prepared! If you are prepared for the fight ahead you'll fare much better.

For the new players try circling the monster up close and wait for it to attack you and miss before you attack and hit!



teknik commented on Capcom Seeks a Western "Breakthrough" With Mon...:

@idork99 it really is a fun game but you should save your money on those other games.

once bitten by monster hunter you will be consumed, this is not the kind of game you'd want to play if you are a completionist. 1000 hours later you'll still be trying to craft all of the gear.

You might as well wait for those other games to hit the bargain bin. I've actually avoided looking at what games are up and coming because I don't see myself even taking a break for 6 months solid.