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Sat 2nd February, 2013

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ted-k commented on December's Club Nintendo Rewards Aim to Bring ...:

It's true that the monthly rewards have been weak but Club Nintendo has had some fantastic promotions this year. I got Pokemon X, Pikmin 3, and Game and Wario (plus 10$ in free eshop credit from the wii u games from the DDP).

I'm picking up Kirby 3 and Metroid to top off my DDP points for another 5$ eshop credit.



ted-k commented on Weirdness: Monster Hunter Series Producer Deni...:

@edcomics To your point, relating to my anecdote about the pallium, why would it appear in the tail? It makes no sense.

I agree you should be able to get any parts when you kill a monster. Maybe some rare gems should only be found in some monsters on the argument that they don't form the same way in all monsters, but aside from that, why can't you claim any part of the carcass? Maybe you could make the argument that some parts are not of a high enough quality in most monsters to make the equipment you want. Am I analyzing this too much? hahaha. I'm still looking forward to MH4U



ted-k commented on Weirdness: Monster Hunter Series Producer Deni...:

A friend of mine was trying to get a Brach pallium and was having no luck. Finally after countless hunts one appeared for him while he was carving a Brach tail, but he forgot that he was out of room in his pouch. As he was deciding what to discard another Brach appeared, screamed, he flinched and he lost the chance to claim the item. The pallium was within his grasp and then gone forever! He cursed the game and has hardly touched it since. hahaha! I myself got several Brach palliums seemingly without much difficulty.



ted-k commented on Guide: How to Beat Everyone Else in Mario Kart 8:

@BensonUii I was gonna say the same thing! I never use the brakes hahaha! I'm pretty decent but I'm sure I wouldn't stand a chance against these pros.

And to those saying it's all about getting lucky with items, in a single race maybe but over the course of many races the best drivers always come out on top.



ted-k commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Brings Circ...:

@BensonUii I'm the same. I can't stand using an analog stick for any 2D platformer or racing games. on street fighter 4 on 3DS I only use the d pad. I was so happy that MK8 lets you use the d pad. It just feels so much easier to control. If the full version smash 3DS doesn't have the option to use d pad for movement I may skip it. I'm playing the demo and enjoying it but hate using the circle pad.



ted-k commented on Talking Point: The Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo ...:

I think this early demo for select club nintendo members was overall a smart move but they should have included all platinum members. I feel bad for those that didn't get chosen. But giving 4 codes to distribute was a stroke of genius.

I'm really enjoying the demo and I wouldn't say it's necessarily "preaching to the choir". I'm still on the fence about getting both versions or just the wii u version, but this demo is really pushing me towards getting the 3DS version too. Most demos I've downloaded I've played only a couple times but I've put in a few hours on this one already.

by the way for the poll "are you happy with the smash bros. demo?" I was between the first two options. the second category shouldn't have included the qualifier "...but would love a bit more content" who wouldn't want more content? obviously Nintendo is not going to include too much content in a demo.

to the unlucky ones who didn't get a code, don't be bitter! it's only a few days until the regular demo comes out.



ted-k commented on A 3DS Can be Used as a Controller in Super Sma...:

I guess that's cool for people with a wii u and 3DS who don't have extra controllers. I still had hopes there would be some limited local multiplayer cross-play between the 3DS and wii u versions, even if only on a few stages. I can't decide if I should get both versions. The real incentive for me would be a nice discount on the wii u version for registering the 3DS version; I don't care that much about soundtracks



ted-k commented on Mario Kart 8 Update, Mercedes Karts and DLC Pr...:

For people wondering why pre-order, I'm guessing that the price for both pack could go up after the first pack is released. maybe not, anyway, I'll pre-order. I'm also guessing it counts to the Deluxe Digital Promotion which ends at the end of this year if I'm not mistaken.



ted-k commented on Mario Kart 8 Update, Mercedes Karts and DLC Pr...:

I'm not crazy about the idea of Link in Mario Kart but...can't wait to play new courses! and I think the price is very reasonable for both packs. I can't imagine anyone getting just 1 pack. If this is how Nintendo plans to handle DLC I'm cool with it. It seems like a long time to wait for the second pack, but by then I'm guessing I'll have taken a break from Mario Kart and will be ready to get back into it.



ted-k commented on Review: SteamWorld Dig (Wii U eShop):

@Hy8ogen @TrueWiiMaster I was going to make the same comment. It took me about 7 hours to complete on a first play through and I felt little reason to go back and play it again. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game and I really enjoyed it, and totally recommend it to any who hasn't played it, but to say it provides nearly endless hours of fun is a massive exaggeration. If you're someone who's into speed runs I'm sure it's great for that. I'm not one of those people.



ted-k commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer?:

Super Mario World all the way for me. That game was and is just brilliant. Playing that game as a kid really felt like you were going on an adventure, but even playing it today it is technically amazing, and hasn't aged at all, in my humble opinion.



ted-k commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

@Unca_Lz @Webby-sama Does no one else appreciate the irony? "TIME IS MONEY! All those surveyed filled out for THIS? now I'm gonna go use my valuable time moaning on gaming forums."

Do people honestly buy games they don't really want just to get to platinum status? do people honestly consider filling out club nintendo surveys like a part time job or something? It takes a couple minutes to complete one of those surveys and it doesn't take all that many surveys to get to platinum.

I've never cared about the physical rewards so I'm fine with a free download. Actually before they ever offered digital downloads on club nintendo (well not counting that ultrahand game) I sent an email to Nintendo customer support suggesting downloads as rewards, and they wrote back saying they would consider it. So maybe you all have me to blame for the current situation! hahaha! (sorry to the people who already own all of these games.)

anyway, so far this year I've already gotten pokemon x and pikmin 3 for free from club nintendo, which I think is fairly generous.



ted-k commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

Majora's Mask for me, because of the interesting game mechanics and dark vibe. I think it had by far the coolest story of any Zelda game. Twilight Princess is a close 2nd. It still feels like the most epic Zelda game. Wind Waker, Link's awakening, Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time would all be tied for 3rd. I'm still not sure why but Skyward Sword and Link between Worlds just felt lacking somehow to me, even though they're both still great games. I must confess I have yet to play the Oracle games and Minish Cap.



ted-k commented on Cave Story 3D to Arrive on 3DS eShop in North ...:

@ChemyNoSurfea I finally bought the cave story+ eshop version a couple weeks ago when it was 6$ just to see what all the fuss was about. I gotta say I'm really enjoying it. I still have yet to finish everything in the game and it seems they've fixed all the glitches cause I haven't noticed any. Even for 10$ it's definitely worth getting. but I definitely won't be getting the 3D retail version on eshop. I prefer the look of the original. I'd only consider this if it had new content, but apparently it has even less than cave story+



ted-k commented on Review: Shovel Knight (3DS eShop):

@KnightRider666 @S-Miyahon @Kirk I'm also curious why this didn't get a 10 since the review seems entirely positive without a single negative mentioned. S-Miyahon, 'minor wrinkle' just means it adds a new element making it slightly more complex, which I don't understand to be negative.

I'm guessing by @Philip_J_Reed 's response that to get a 10 it has to have some almost undefinable magical quality that makes it truly special, which I guess Shovel Knight doesn't quite reach. Maybe the story would have to truly be mind blowing or something to get a 10.



ted-k commented on SteamWorld Dig Is Finding Its Way to Wii U Thi...:

Will there be any new content? something added to the story, extra areas to explore, side quests, an extra difficulty level? if so I'd buy again, otherwise no. but great game for anyone who's never played it, just a little on the short side.



ted-k commented on Mario Kart Month: A History of the Mario Kart ...:

I don't understand the hate for Mario Kart wii. I loved it. I found the motion controls not only fun to use but also very precise. I managed to get my online ranking above 8000 using only motion controls. The wheelies and tricks looked cool and were also very strategic. The computer AI might have seemed cheap at the beginning but after mastering the tracks and the controls you could consistently finish first even despite being hit by a blue shell. I prefer Mario Kart wii to Mario Kart 7, although admittedly I've put in far less time on MK7. I find the 3DS very uncomfortable when holding down A, L, and R simultaneously all while using the circle pad, which is frequently necessary in MK7.



ted-k commented on Monster Hunter Team Discusses Continuing Evolu...:

Yeah, I hear you. It can be maddening when a trap is wasted. But as long as it's not one of the mandatory capture missions all I do is curse the gods of monster hunter and resign myself to finishing the monster off.

I can only assume the reasoning behind not being able to place multiple traps is to deliberately make it more complicated to capture. (If I'm not mistaken though, in multiplayer each player can have 1 trap down at a time. I don't play multi that often since I only have the 3DS version so I'm not 100% sure about this.)

I think maybe you have to be somewhat of a masochist to really enjoy this game :) As others also mentioned, the ridiculously low drop rates of certain items can also be maddening. Maybe that's part of why it's so addictive though. Happy hunting!



ted-k commented on Monster Hunter Team Discusses Continuing Evolu...:

@HappyHappyist Well, as I said, there are only a handful of quests that actually require you to capture a monster. I managed to get through them without that much frustration, and that was when I was still learning how to play. Once you're through those there's nothing forcing you to ever capture a monster again to continue progressing in the game, so I still don't see what your problem is. as I also said, I probably capture monsters more often than kill them because it's usually faster, so it can't be that difficult.



ted-k commented on Monster Hunter Team Discusses Continuing Evolu...:

@Warruz @Genesaur I think some of the menus could be streamlined a bit, like removing and placing items in the box could both be presented in one menu with items in the pouch and box visible at the same time (that's a very minor complaint though). I agree with Genesaur though that part of the fun is doing a bit of investigating to figure out what all the items, gems, talismans, armor sets, weapons etc. actually do.

One thing I hope MH4U does have is more of a storyline. anyway, can't wait for MH4U!!!



ted-k commented on Monster Hunter Team Discusses Continuing Evolu...:

@HappyHappyist As others have already said, not being able to pick up a trap once it's placed is definitely intentional and part of the challenge of the game. Capture missions require a different kind of strategy than the hunt missions (although you can also end a hunt mission by capturing the monster). When the monster starts limping you have to wait for it to go to another area, then go to that area and place your trap and lure the monster to the trap by standing with the trap between you and the monster. Or as others have already said, wait till it goes to sleep and put the trap right under it. Forget about the dung bomb method. I don't think it's an effective solution. Capture missions just require more patience, and anyway, there aren't that many of them, and later on you'll be glad you learned how to trap a monster because it's usually faster than killing it. Some of the G rank monsters don't limp at all or go to sleep and they can be pretty hard to capture, but all of the monsters in the capture missions will go to sleep.



ted-k commented on Video: Mario Kart 8's Balloon-Popping Battle M...:

While I'm sure this is disappointing to many Mario Kart fans, I don't particularly care. Of the time I've spent playing Mario Kart probably less than 1% of it was in battle mode, aside from the 1 on 1 battles of the original SNES Mario Kart, which I really enjoyed and played a lot with friends. I liked the strategy of hunting down your opponent, but in all the others, with a bunch of drivers in a relatively small arena, I never saw the point. Anyway, as others have said, maybe MK8 will get arenas later as DLC, because they couldn't afford to delay this any more.



ted-k commented on Video: Capcom Unleashes a New Monster Hunter 4...:

@3dcaleb By the way, it does take time to get used to the controls and to really become familiar with all the options and features this game has to offer. It's a bit of a learning curve which is maybe why some people can't get into it, but once you do it's very hard to put down. There's not much in the way of story, but it's one of the most purely fun games I've ever played, especially in multiplayer with friends, or strangers, although I only have the 3DS version which doesn't have online multiplayer (4U will have online on the 3DS they say). Playing local multiplayer crossplay on wii u and up to 3 3DS´s is really cool too. I wish more games did this!



ted-k commented on Video: Capcom Unleashes a New Monster Hunter 4...:

@3dcaleb yes you are missing out! I agree with all the other replies to you. I also didn't like the demo, but got the game because a friend convinced me to. Now I'm at 250 hours! I've never put anywhere near that much time into any other game. If it looks like your kind of game I can almost guarantee you'll love it. MH3U can't be very expensive by now. Just get it! I'm very sure you won't regret it and then you'll be ready for 4U when it comes out next year.



ted-k commented on Nintendo Involved In Patent Dispute Over Wii U...:

@Yorumi @cusman Yes, the patent laws absolutely need to change. They are stifling innovation rather than promoting it. Companies that make and sell fantastic products are having to pay millions to fight off useless companies that have no intention of ever doing anything with their so called patented inventions.



ted-k commented on Review: Metroid Fusion (Wii U eShop / Game Boy...:

I'm ignoring all the whining that this should have been released on 3DS... I never owned any Gameboy system so I'm just glad to get a chance to get these games (legally and with good emulation) . One thing I think is a nice touch is scanning the original manual. I used to love the old manuals and was disappointed the VC games up until now haven't include them. Manuals seem to be somewhat redundant nowadays since games tend to have tutorials, and I miss the artwork and story details included in the old manuals.



ted-k commented on Nintendo Confirms Club Nintendo Promotion for ...:

wow, sweet deal for new 3DS owners! and I just realized, for me too! I've been holding off on registering my 3DS XL until next club nintendo year to get me on my way to gold or platinum status, since I'm already at platinum this year. plus I've got MK7 also still unregistered. this is probably a better deal than whatever the gold or platinum prizes will be in 2 years, and I might hit gold next year anyway. thanks Nintendo! sorry to people who feel ripped off who've already registered their 3DS and/or bought Pokemon x/y. But obviously this is to attract new owners. And everyone who really wanted Pokemon x/y probably already bought it. They're not going to give the game away for free at launch. I've actually never really been interested in Pokemon, but this gives people like me a free chance to try it out.



ted-k commented on Mario Kart 8 Accelerates to Number One on Amaz...:

@unrandomsam @JaxonH I don't have a problem with the bullet. It just lets people in last place catch up a bit. And you definitely will not win consistently without skill. You can win occasionally by getting lucky. All I ask for MK8 is they tone down the blue shells, or at least give some reasonable way to defend against them. I thought they were way too frequent in MK7.

Anyway I'm excited for this. Mario Kart is the funnest multiplayer series IMO



ted-k commented on The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary E...:

@adamical I'm also still hesitant to create the ID after hearing of people losing all their downloaded games, and it also seems so needlessly restrictive. Locking you into one country forever? what's up with that? still, I'm tempted to do it just to play this game. I'm a sucker for zelda and never got a chance to get this before now.



ted-k commented on Kickstarter Research Highlights Low Delivery R...:

Right now I'm backing a kickstarter project for the first time, La Mulana 2. I played the wiiware version of La Mulana and loved it so much that I couldn't resist backing the sequel. I have total confidence in the developers since they have a proven track record, and I'm glad to support them in making a sequel which they might not otherwise be able to make, or just help them make it bigger and better than it otherwise would have been. For projects like this kickstarter is great.



ted-k commented on Kickstarter Campaign Launches For ReVeN:

@Haxonberik If you read the message from the developers you'll understand why their kickstarter goal is so low, it's the bare minimum they figure they need in order to finish the game, but they state they'll need to get other part time jobs to be able to do it. I'm guessing because they're more or less unknown at this point they didn't expect to be able to get the same kind of support as a more well known indie developer. Other projects tend to ask for a lot more and I don't think it's unreasonable for them to do so.
And people, stop bashing them for wanting to make a 2D Metroid tribute. If you read the game info, they are adding some ideas of their own. I may back this. Deciding to do a project like this is big risk for them financially. As an indie musician I sympathize with that.



ted-k commented on Shovel Knight Targeting 31st March For Launch:

@ThomasBW84 I'm like you, sort of nervous about backing anything on kickstarter. I'm seriously considering backing La Mulana 2 but I really would like to see it on 3DS and their stretch goals for additional platforms seem totally unrealistic, making me wonder if it'll only ever see a PC release.