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I'm a Christian who enjoys games and chimichangas.

Fri 18th April, 2014

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technotaylor98 commented on More Disney Infinity 3.0 Leaks Emerge With Sta...:

This... Is not what I was hoping for.
As a huge Disney Infinity (and 2.0) fan, I've collected thirty or forty of these little figurines... But I am not a StarWars fan, so this doesn't really appeal to me.

but if disney were to add some classic disney characters... I would be more than happy to buy.



technotaylor98 commented on Video: Take a Look at All of the 3DS HOME Menu...:

I really love the menu redesign and the new theme options, but I wish that the music played with these new themes was more background-ish and less... uh, loud. Plus I kinda hate how the bottom screen looks cluttered with all the designs.