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Mon 18th Mar 2013

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technobody commented on Nintendo UK Promises to Meet Retailers, Share ...:

Can't find Lego city undercover at my local GameStop here in the states and they have no date for receiving their first shipment. Also no advertising. I don't understand Nintendo! Maybe this effort by Ninetendo in the UK will help but something needs to be done in the states as well.



technobody commented on Hardware Review: Oyen Digital MiniPro 1TB Hard...:

Digital media should be cheaper than physical media. Then I would purchase a drive. Right now, I am using a 32 gig USB stick for eshop game demos. With digital games you can't trade them in after you are done. Or you can't give them to friends. Like ebooks, digital games should be cheaper than physical media. I can see Getting an external hard disk for indie games that will never be available in physical form.