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Male, 36, United States

Artist & Musician & Gamer. Been playing games since 1986 and been a long time nintendo fan.My favorite type of games to play are JRPG/RPG & action/adventure more then anything else and also a HUGE DC comics fan. Favorite game series- Legend of Zelda ,Metroid, StarFox, Fire Emblem & Super Mario

Sat 17th Aug 2013

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te11ta1eheart commented on Video: This Super Metroid Animation is Rather ...:

This would be a good kickstarter project for sure and would fund it or as much as i could and would love to see it seeing how i am a HUGE metroid fan ever since the original Metroid.As for all the hate on Other M i just don't understand as it is a great game and while not like the prime series which is why is great as it's different but also picks up after super metroid the game was well made and different and unless you don't like a challenge that is the only complaint i could see even though isn't no harder then any other metroid game.I do think we will see a new metroid at some point next year on Wii U just give it time.



te11ta1eheart commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Well playing animal crossing new leaf but don't see it being finished ha and Legend of zelda skyward sword as a part of getting ready for Wind Waker HD so been playing all zelda games since January and looking to finish up Ducktales & Metroid other M



te11ta1eheart commented on Soapbox: 'Vintage' Used Game Prices Do Nothing...:

While i tend to buy from amazon since i have little to no problems at all since i don't greedstop some games that i have i had to pre-order from there but don't go out of my way to pre-order or support them.I did pre-order Xenoblade from there to get the art book and since & i don't trade games in but every week i get an email from them for trading in my copy of xenoblade and would get 48$ store credit...yea i don't think so.So not surprising they are pulling this.