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Am creative geeky gamer.

Mon 2nd Jun 2008

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Tate24 commented on Guide: 9 Tips for Playing Runbow:

@13AM_Alex you should add some cpu characters in - run, area, king hill, colour master local play as I'll never really be able play them as I have no friends that interested in games. :/

Also love see some more cameo's characters like - Mario, Luigi, bowser, toad, peach perhaps



Tate24 commented on Guide: 9 Tips for Playing Runbow:

@13AM_Alex Thx for replying. I found when playing solo story mode that on few levels slow down would occur when there was a lot going on.

And Also online which would make precise jump's almost impossible!



Tate24 commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

Well currently playing game! And having blast And appears everyone miiverse are enjoying it as well!

It seem only ones who missing out are ones listening to this review ha!



Tate24 commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

@Tate24 You disagree with him fine but don't start throwing insults which are uncalled for instead use the report button if you feel his comments are out of order. (Jazzer)



Tate24 commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

@Tubalcain - who telling you buy it? I didn't!

If played it then you voice opinion on it!

If haven't played it then your can't!

So Telling me every game you've ever bought been golden! I very much doubt it!

We all take that chance when We buy something we only know about through reviews From other people. I've bought games on reviews based on this site that given game 9/10 and when ive played it I've honestly though are you serious! This game no were near 9/10.

Showing that don't trust ever review you read!

Plus never payed 60 pound for game ever maybe you need shop around bit



Tate24 commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

Love way most you are dismissing game before you've even played it!

Remember these are opinions of a few!

And you should form your own opinion after you've played it!

Seen this video and totally agree with it -

Yea know there was time were we played games because they were fun not because of graphics or game mechanics.

When i get game tomorrow I'll experiencing it on own terms. I won't comparing it or analysing its flaws.

I'll be switching off my brain and enjoying it. For what it is!



Tate24 commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

Am not to bothered about Nintendo life's reviews anymore you gotta think that this one's person opinion!

And doesn't mean were all gonna thinking same thing or experience same thing in game.

Am still getting it on Friday anyhow!



Tate24 commented on Review: LEGO Jurassic World (Wii U):

One think I hate about Lego games is when freeroaming there no reaction of surrounding cpu's.

I Use have the Lego marvel game before traded it in and I thought it be so cool run around as hulk causing chao!

However none of habitats of the city reacted to me at all just same one liners.

Which doesn't make feel like in breathing living city.

Thats probably why wouldn't buy this running around as t rex should be awesome scarying and earing all the people on island etc.

however I've seen in a lot of playthroughs that there is zero reaction from any of cpu characters.

Imagine GTA or watchdogs for example had all standard free roam stuff but every single cpu character acted like you weren't there!

It ruin your immersion in game world.



Tate24 commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Cuddles Up to Fourth Spot...:

@aaronsullivan well am afraid don't have proof on me since game came out on August 8, 2013 after buying it I saw post on miiverse and article about edition lessons, tools.

It would be hell of a lot digging looking for original article or miiverse post Specially for you.

However lots of my miiverse friends have said same thing so am not alone or dreaming such claims.