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Mon 10th Jan 2011

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tarot commented on Review: Excave (3DS eShop):

1. Excave is somewhat flawed. Excave 2 fixes many of those flaws.
2. Your hero never gains stats points. You get stats points only from equipment, and temporarily from eating food.



tarot commented on First Impressions: G.G Series: Drift Circuit:

I agree that Moto Roader could be good only because of nostalgia. The game really wasn't good at all.

Now, Drift Circuit is no good because of the lack of challenge. They force you to play the same 3 courses three times over in a play-through, meaning 9 laps of each course, and that's boring since there's virtually no challenge in the first 6 races. Drift Circuit 2 (out already in Japan) is much improved: instead of playing the same 3 courses three times, you select the difficulty and play each of the 3 courses once, and the challenge is better. You also get to use turbo for the 2nd and 3rd laps, and you can choose from 2 cars. It's a decent racing game for the 200 yen.



tarot commented on First Impressions: G.G. Series Z・ONE 2:

This one is good. The "pod fire" feature is key in clearing the later, more difficult stages.

To clarify the original passage: after "pod fire", you can still control the firing direction of your pods with the +-key. But you must recall your pods and fire them again in order to /relocate/ them.



tarot commented on First Impressions: Earth Saver:

This is a very good game. I've found two points worthy of notice when playing:

1. Even if an area is already cut off, it will not fall /yet/ if there is any non-cut off piece directly below (south) it. Then once the piece below is cut off, both pieces will fall simultaneously but separately (as a chain). (Special thanks to Tom Create staff who clarified this point for me.) You have to be careful to avoid the express wide home when this happens.

2. The very moment an area is cut off, it falls immediately (barring the case in #1 above) and will not be further sub-divided by any unexploded bombs or on-going explosions on it during the midst of falling. One has to be very careful of this; if one plant bombs in the wrong order, a huge meteor will strike earth unexpectedly.