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tanookisuit commented on The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes Now Gives...:

I can't rate it, don't own it, but given the site feelings and those in this commentary area on the single player campaign, which is all I'd play it for, they couldn't pay me to play it. I had it on my buy with holiday money list but I scratched it. Had they made it less awful to play alone like they did with Four Swords on the Gamecube I'd still be interested.



tanookisuit commented on Sales for Dementium Remastered Have Been Much ...:

Isn't it kind of their own fault? It's a minimalist remaster of a game they brought out on the DS, same with Moon as well. You're asking good coin for a game you can get for far less with just some lesser quality visuals being that they're DS titles. Perhaps try being creative and make a new game, then complain if it sells awful. I'll straight up admit it, I avoided this game and Moon because they were digital only and more expensive than reasonable in my book because of them being remasters of an existing title that isn't even all that old.



tanookisuit commented on Steel Empire Blasts Into Europe on 17th Decemb...:

Still too expensive, far better off buying the EU or JP GBA cart and using that. It's just rubbing more glass, salt and lemon into an open wound doing what they're doing with it. Whatever 1/2 off for a few days doesn't make it right.



tanookisuit commented on Talking Point: Nintendo is Right to Move On Fr...:

The name was a confusing damaging factor, but let's be realistic. The critical failure was not to do as their software partners wanted and delivered the hardware necessary to shape their third party visions in gaming. Nintendo decided to again do as they wished, their vision in games and the hardware just needed to do just that. It turned them off a lot up front, then when the mostly shoddy and delayed ports sold poorly because even Nintendo fans knew what was going on, the rug got pulled out more or less entirely.

Nintendo gets a key piece of hardware that can flatly compete on the Tegra K/X1 level microconsole level or they design some portable+console all in one software sharing device between the two that's easy to code for and let's developers easily make stuff they have a real chance. If they go last gen again and leave developers blocked from doing as they want it's dead on arrival.



tanookisuit commented on EA CFO Explains Why the Company Doesn't Make W...:

EA did themselves in and so are they saying the 3DS market isn't big enough too as that's comedic. The fact is they doomed themselves intentionally up front to failure on every game. The launch stuff didn't work well and was buggy, sold badly. The second wave of stuff they farmed out basically and then wouldn't help the groups get the games right so they suffered too. Then they announce the ME Trilogy while just shoving 3 on the WiiU and wonder why that bombs as well. It was either amazing ignorance or an intentional setup to failure to bow out of Nintendo development from day one.



tanookisuit commented on Live In The UK? You Could Find A Sega Mega Dri...:

@HawkeyeWii Do yourself a favor, fire up google and look up Atari Flashback 2. Not the 2+ just the AF2. That ONE ATGames 'clone' system isn't an emulator for once. It's actually a true 2600/VCS on a chip. It's so accurate on the board inside there are instructions to wire up a cartridge slot to the thing so you can play any manufactured 2600 game on it. Seriously.

The thing is a tiny re-released 2600, can take real games if you add a slot (can be bought at Best Electronics) and uses all the original various controllers the old console had as well. I've considered off and on for some years now either doing it myself or paying someone to wire up a AF2 given the age of the old Atari consoles.



tanookisuit commented on Live In The UK? You Could Find A Sega Mega Dri...:

Surprising to a point, but also not given the time of the year and the amount of quality Sega titles listed within. ATgames is 100% emulated. Overall I'd say their emulator is around 85% right, the other 15% for primarly 2 damning problems with it. 1. The audio has an octave problem in enough games where it's off but if you didn't know the original (or don't care much) it's not a deal killer. 2. Though is a deal killer if you get their SD card using handheld or the device in this page with the cartridge slot — it can't do save games, even on real carts it will not save new data which is beyond stupid. Don't think for one second you can enjoy Phantasy Star 4 on this or oddly their dumb concept of Mega Man Wily Wars on previous years handheld since it's battery too.

All said though there are few other games that will have some slight graphical issue but not breaking, very few break, and while I haven't tried out Contra yet on the 2015 Mortal Kombat unit(have it, no spare SD card) the original SD using one from like 5 years ago had a scrolling background problem that broken the playability of it.

For the price it's not terrible and will get the job done on most the games, and if you're not an old school Sega player or are less uptight about it the audio won't be a problem either. They badly need to update that emulator core, even if not for the audio, but there's no excuse for battery games not to write a save to a SD card or an original save chip on cart as it's embarrassing.



tanookisuit commented on Weirdness: You Can Fix Your NES 72-Pin Cartrid...:

@Onion I know this is a very dated article I'm replying to but it came up easy on a google search.

Buying a new connector unless you find an OEM Nintendo made supplier is a really bad idea. The old Nintendo made parts use a higher quality non-rusting, non-brittle very sturdy metal. The modern stuff use cheap metals that are brittle and lose their tension very quickly depending on usage. You can go through a modern one in a few months or a year or two while an original will work for decades.

It sounds insane, but boiling works. I've done it. What it does is heat up the metal to where it bubbles loose all the gray funk from your dirty cart pins and dust in general and loosens it incredibly so. When you remove it and slot a game in/out like 20x on the thing all that gray goo gets pulled off and onto the game. Run a q-tip over the board, you'll see decades of funk that the NES cleaning kit had no prayer of removing. The last one I did I had to give it a triple dip to get it clean, oddly the heated metal also tensed up a lot to where the games work in the upright (non-locked) position 100%.



tanookisuit commented on A Prototype Cartridge For an Unreleased N64 Sh...:

Given how much I still do (and then very much) loved Star Solider. I would have been all over this as it came out. Given it would have showed up in 1999 it was a hot year for third party quality releases oddly enough for the N64 (check the wiki it's busy) so I'm surprised they tanked it. The stage design from what you can make out from the video was pretty good and it looked like it has some sold game play mechanics for that shooter as well kind of a mix of Sin & Punishment and Afteburner2's missile lock-on formula rolled into one.



tanookisuit commented on NOA Announces Coming Restock of Old amiibo:

I went into TRU on sheer luck at the close of last month coming home from an in office meeting(I work at home) I called TRU and they said they got them in. I turned around, they were still pulling them out of the box and my nearly year long wait for Mac and Falcon was over, Fox i got a couple months earlier in a fair (retail not puffed up value) trade on him.

Pit is my last one standing that's driving me nuts. I'm going for all the 8/16bit characters I grew up with for desk toys. Yeah they're out of the box as they should be.



tanookisuit commented on Updated Sega Mega Drive Arcade Ultimate Handh...:

DAMO! — I have the US release of this which was manufactured in July 2015 (says it on the box) which has MK1-3 featured as the new stuff within. Their website shows the white hand held in your picture above with the SAVE button on top of it. It's a lie.

I bought it about a month ago at Toys R Us when they finally came in, that button is NOT on there. They also still have excluded Sonic 3 since that game uses a save battery. Any game default on the system has no save mechanics.

I have yet to plug a SD card into it and try something like Sonic 3 to see if it's there, but any reports I've come across have shown they have NOT added saving into the system still. I was mostly tempted to remove it, but I mostly bought it just to mess with when I was bored so it stays in my desk. They have not corrected most the sound issues, it's still so-so in some games, but I had the first with the SD slot from 5 years back and it does sound a little nicer. I've not tried out Contra which was broken on the old one I had to see if it works on this.



tanookisuit commented on Fire Emblem Fates Looks Set to be a Single Rel...:

Good good good, the last thing is more Pokemon-ization of video games dicing them up at full price to get people to double or triple dip in some cases. FE is already huge enough as is so this is a welcome thing, so consider me more interested in buying now than I was before.



tanookisuit commented on Video: The Original Starter Pokémon Look Simp...:

Viewing something like this makes me wonder why Nintendo lives in the fantasy that never making a Pokemon RPG on a home system is a good idea. There's no excuse now that wifi is built into every system of theirs and most people who game are online now as well. This isn't the 90s handheld race, and this game here could rack up some serious system and game sales if it were made.



tanookisuit commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

Ugh can't update post. I see a lot of bitter responses to Quorthon, but if you step back and actually look at the sales data of third party titles, NIntendo's decisions with how to limit the WiiU to stay on a MSRP budget, and notably how fans by in large tend to react to third party companies (somewhat fairly though with a decade of shady behavior to back it) he's fairly well on the nose. I know it's not popular to say the stuff he did on a Nintendo fan site, but acceptance is the first step to recovery. I'm not writing off Nintendo, but twice burned on consoles I'm not buying their next until I can see it is supported well and won't look like a dry well within a year other than more first party stuff as that's not enough. I don't like keeping more than one console a generation and Nintendo has forced the need for awhile now.



tanookisuit commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

I agree with your closing, Nintendo owners who have just the WiiU have to at this point know what to expect, total isolation from the third party world, and it's something you must accept.

I accepted it early this year when all I saw I'd still play with was Starfox and made the tough decision to sell my stuff off, and thankfully it was before all the doom and glooming of this year since so I got most my money back. I felt bad doing it, but I need variety, not to keep spoon feeding Nintendo money so they think it's ok to operate a console like they have. At least there's still the 3DS.



tanookisuit commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

I want this, and I want to be happy, but I can't at the same time as I do NOT trust Square-Enix in the least bit. All it takes is one look at the long line of DQ games since #9 on DS we have been outright denied (and that game sold fine.) You can also look at their 3DS apathy too given Nintendo had to help put up for Bravely Default which did well, and the sequel appears to be not coming to us either which is just sheisty. If anything, given how that test game coming to PS4 goes, maybe it'll show up in the US on there, so at least I have the system, but I hate doing RPGs on my TV since I have a little kid as I'll never have a chance of finishing it (or even getting the hours to be worth the cash.)



tanookisuit commented on Cyber Gadget's Retro Freak System Is Looking T...:

No NES support without a third party adapter, and no support for original controllers without a $40 added purchase for the module. This may fly well in asian markets where this was designed but as it is, it won't fly well here against the Retron 5.



tanookisuit commented on Review: Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival...:

That lousy bug was Ubisoft's fault as they handled the US and EU english releases and they're both blown. I think the internet for being as good as it was when this tidbit popped up when the game was brand new as I almost ended up buying it. I along with Final Fight One (thanks to the mutilation censorship it got) bought the pair as imports instead from Japan and never regretted it once bit. SSF2 was sloppy, but the FFO chop job (girls removed, blood removed, oh my god to the car removed') was just 1991 SNES FF childish.



tanookisuit commented on Review: Castlevania Legends (Game Boy):

I find this review as an owner of this game is more of a dishonest travesty with the number assigned and some (not all) of the complaints about it. Sure it wasn't a big hop in detail over Belmont's Revenge, but it improves upon every thing that stunk about the original Castlevania Adventure. The graphics and backgrounds are decent, the sound(music) is fantastic, and the controls are quite spot on. Perhaps you need a hearing aide? The first stage music alone is amazing and is a throwback piece most would recognize very easily. Yes it has cheap moments with drop in enemies (or just placement), and I do question no energy bar showing for the bosses too, so yes with the randomness of things the general level design in places is a mixed bag of pain and pleasure.

The traps you brought up, they're not really traps, but more gotcha moments. You're making it out like all candles look the same, but the trap candles have no shading, they're all WHITE so they're avoided easily if you look carefully and yes they do suck if you fall in.



tanookisuit commented on A Totally Complete Version Of Star Fox 2 Reall...:

@Asaki He may be misinterpreting the earlier multiple betas out there. The one people call official is fully intact and playable, didn't need hacking to work, just to remove a frames per second counter and another dude put it into english.

Odds are what we got on that release is right, but perhaps it's a mix. The earlier betas did have a 2P multiplayer combat mode. That may be what he's talking about being a big asset missing.

FX Chip legality stuff is all expired if someone else had a claim. Nintendo only would own this after this long. I think the problem is that it's hard for them to add special chip games into their VC emulator. Yoshis Island is HUGE and they won't do that, but did it with the GBA version easily enough on the 3DS as it's far simpler to do that. I think it's the challenge not being worth the reward.



tanookisuit commented on Nintendo Hoping That Splatoon Will Tempt Lapse...:

This will be a hit with existing owners who still care to and enjoy using their systems. There is nothing here it offers to bring back lapsed fans or those like myself who got rid of the system due to the lack of releases. NIntendo needs to wise up and realize they need to go in another direction and court third parties with hardware they want if they want to see better sales numbers next time around. That or they need to semi-abandon console and make some handheld/console scaled system where it's one piece of hardware, one set of games, but you can get it portable or not due to scaled (less powerful but still runs the games handheld) parts. They need to be on the same field, or create a new one than the one they're on now.



tanookisuit commented on Introducing The Very First Support Character I...:

MadAdam and Day needs to both grow up. This is nothing new for those guys, or in cartoon humor going back well into the 1900s. Looney Tunes did it, Spongebob does it. You make puns that kids will think are cute but have a double meaning to give a laugh to an adult so all ages can enjoy it. PC whining about stuff like this really needs to be made unwelcome across the board, not just in games.



tanookisuit commented on Atlus Confirms Attack on Titan: Humanity in Ch...:

Super interested, but only if it gets a physical release. I'm not down paying full retail price on a digital rental copy of a game I have no rights to. This looks like a lot of fun but I can't justify buying a temporary rental that worse yet is system tied, not account bound.



tanookisuit commented on Nintendo of America Apologises for amiibo Shor...:

Apologize and make promises in one hand, crap in another, see which fills up first.

Until I can walk to my store, buy Pit, Fox, Captain Falcon, and Little Mac and also Shulk to use with my new copy of Xenoblade, I call bs on this entire sentiment from them. This could have and should have been corrected months ago. There's no way in hell I'm paying $25-80 for a $13 Amiibo.



tanookisuit commented on Hacker Produces Region Free Exploit for Curren...:

In a rare case of a hack like this i can 100% back it. I buy import handheld games, famicom too. You can get some wonderful stuff we get hosed out of, and in other cases you can beat the scalping trash in the US ramming up the price of games in this region by going cheap from Japan (see bonk for nes vs genjin (bonk) for japan --- $300+ or $30...tough call right?)

I have a few old GB games in the mail currently like Super Dodgeball and KOF 96, and I found an ultraman cart locally over the weekend too. I also have a few JP/UK GBA carts too we got hosed out of. Even thanks to the freeloader I can play the UK Doshin the Giant on my GC and the Genjin and Star Soldier GC releases from Japan too.



tanookisuit commented on Nintendo Announces Next amiibo Waves And Asks ...:

Hopefully they sort this distribution problem out NOW. With all these coming I'm sure the scalping trash of the world of Nintendo are already lining up to create some higher levels of so-called rarity to get the most out of people who actually want these things.

Still can't track down Fox, Pit, LIl Mac and Cap'n Falcon, or Shulk which I only wanted for Xenoblade (the others are desk toys since I grew up on the NES/SNES.) Grr...



tanookisuit commented on New Nintendo 3DS Region-Free Exploit Now Tweak...:

Nintendo again exposed for their rotten region locking that is entirely unnecessary and was never done pre the DSi and their paranoia over a portable with wifi. It harms no one but the consumer so it's good they're sticking it to them with these fixes even if they are limited and temporary. It shows just how easy it is to allow such things to work if Nintendo cared.



tanookisuit commented on Nintendo of America Teams Up With Best Buy For...:

How about teaming up with a responsible vendor to make sure more than enough of all the Amiibo are at market globally to put scalping the things to death. No one should feel forced to buy a new product for 3-4x the going rate due to some fool who can stand at a store the moment it opens or can sit online all day and snap up stuff as soon as it pops up off of backorder.



tanookisuit commented on Punching Robots (In 3D!) With The Virtual Boy'...:

Sigh I used to have a VB, more than once over time. This was a pretty fun game i the day.

Seriously though I wish Nintendo would just man up instead of teasing the VB here and there in certain games and pull a NES Remix on the little library. This would be a fantastic thing to have on the 3DS since it already does the depth without the goggles. Remember the Game & Watch Gallery? VB Gallery — have classic, and then a modern colorized/music version side by side, then have some unique remixes. Much of the small 14 (US) game library Nintendo owns anyway, and many of the rest shouldn't be hard to license. I'd buy it as a physical release.



tanookisuit commented on 3DS Browser Exploit Hackers Bypass Pokémon S...:

I'm split on this one. I think they deserve to be cut off and this patched up quick for good. But I also think the price per hearts is sleazy as well considering how the game progresses. I get they want to rake in on impatient people but it's a bit much and they don't even offer up an option to just unlock it outright for a cost so Nintendo kind of had it coming.



tanookisuit commented on Saints Row Design Director Was Working On An O...:

So in other words Nintendo is still working their damnedest to make sure the only thing that sells on WiiU is what they develop and publish alone first or second party and anything else really isn't welcome to the party. To squash a day before production an exclusive third party open world game is madness.



tanookisuit commented on Ocarina Of Time 3D Reportedly No Longer In Pro...:

Stuff like this makes me hate Nintendo. They have a high demand game that people are scamming hard on online for both used and especially new copies where you're paying $70+ (double or higher the true price) for a game that's not even really that old and still on a current system. Yet they're fine shilling a digital rental download to your system. Not cool.



tanookisuit commented on Feature: The Heartwarming Tale of a Missing 3D...:

A great story that shows how far some parts of US society have fallen because had this been someone who didn't have the opportunity she had to see how other cultures respond to lost items we know likely where this would have ended up: 1) Personal keeper, or 2) ebay. People these days see video games today or video games of the 80s/90s and see dollar signs and try and get the most they can from such things. Gaming is a hot market for subhuman flipper garbage right now if you check ebay and amazon so it's great to see she's not part of that group and did the right thing.

I for one rarely take it or even my GB Micro out of the house, but when I do, front pocket only so I can see it's there and if someone tries to take it, they'll pull back less than what they were born with possibly.



tanookisuit commented on Poll: Are You An Early Adopter With The New Ni...:

I got a black one earlier today, last one in the county so that was lucky. Got it because of the super stable 3d, the added buttons, and the faster guts inside. (that and if I sell my XL now along with a few spare bucks I have from something else it's no harm to my wallet.) It's a nice system, cowardly leaving the power supply out of it, but you can get one for $7 shipped from NOA refurbished.

The 3D is nuts, great how it doesn't foul up anymore because I loved it but ended up quitting using it on the older system because it was so sketchy.



tanookisuit commented on North American Release Date Confirmed for Duck...:

Please release this for the 3DS! You'll get a much wider audience for such a quick play pick and play design that it has. You won't get anywhere near the cash selling it on the WiiU. Also give us Hogan's Alley and Wild Gunman too as I no longer have a CRT as of recent to play those.



tanookisuit commented on System Update 9.2.0-20 Now Available On 3DS:

As they should be because not saying what they're doing is shady and comes off as a waste of time since they block some services until you do update. The other guys tend to put a list online on what those stability fixes and additions are.



tanookisuit commented on Review: Demon's Crest (Wii U eShop / Super Nin...:

I can fairly well agree with that number score, but I will add that it's not openly for everyone. I had that game for about two years and could never play more than an hour at any time as I'd just get tired of playing it. It was fantastic I think, at least mechanically speaking, especially the visuals and audio for the SNES but there was something to it that couldn't keep me interested at all. I just finally sold it off about a month ago, was surprised to get as much as I did which was around 15x what Nintendo is asking on their service which makes it a hell of a good deal. That said I still can play and enjoy Gargoyles Quest II which just popped up on 3DS and WiiU VC too.



tanookisuit commented on Video: Footage Surfaces of Cancelled Wii Star ...:

Rogue Squadron 2 was bar none the best star wars game that only was dropped on a console. This game looks like it could have topped it, even on the Wii of all things, yet the lack of faith in that system (don't blame anyone) and the economy combined doomed it which sucks. F5 made the best non-PC based star wars titles, perhaps it should be resurrected for WiiU since they're Nintendo people. Anything at this rate would help and a game like that really would.



tanookisuit commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

Ubishat all over the WiiU again. I just don't even care anymore. Clearly the new game won't work, it needs more, but the other new game that could be fast enough ported over — no excuse other than the ones already made about the ownership pool. It's no wonder I snapped up a PS4 a couple months ago or so.



tanookisuit commented on Square Enix's Latest 3DS RPG Final Fantasy Exp...:

Good! 3D doesn't have to be shoehorned into every single game, just like Nintendo would have been wise not forcing sketchy touch controls into DS Zelda. Sometimes it's not helpful, sometimes it's to the point of being damaging. Given the ability of SE to go crazy with worlds, visuals, audio and the rest, having to not render the same game image twice offset (whether used or not) will give back a lot of processor and memory time to a better experience.



tanookisuit commented on Hyperkin's RetroN 5 Console Allegedly Infringe...:

Yeah this will go real far. Having been talking to their head tech the last few months I kind of find it very hard to believe he's a code thief. I remember awhile back talking about how they did all this, and he said that it was a mix of in house and also using public sources that were not limited by some form of license and even then that code was analyzed and adapted to their own. What you have here most likely is a derivative piece of work, kind of like where you can go so far making a copy of a popular item, but not so closely it's stealing. Or better yet, the classic Nintendo vs Tengen lawsuit where Tengen smoked them for breaking their 10NES chip open and making a work around chip to defeat it to sell games. They reverse engineered the code and made their own, which is what this thing is doing from what I've gathered.



tanookisuit commented on Review: Mega Man 7 (Wii U eShop / Super Nintendo):

@Geonjaha I agree too. To be straight with it, I dislike the X series. They took a great formula and humped it with RPG(SOTN) style elements of being super gimped, replaying the same junk over a few times to get gear, super easy levels and annoying bosses. MM7 was the last of the greats on Nintendo systems, it's a colorful larger more beautiful looking version of what was great on the original 6 for the NES and does it in just the same high quality style. It surprised me for years despite its low print run along with MMX3 that 7 was a 'cheap' game and only recently this year has it topped that game in value so be glad it's a download or if you had the game already (I do) before the prices sucked.