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tanookisuit commented on Nintendo of America Teams Up With Best Buy For...:

How about teaming up with a responsible vendor to make sure more than enough of all the Amiibo are at market globally to put scalping the things to death. No one should feel forced to buy a new product for 3-4x the going rate due to some fool who can stand at a store the moment it opens or can sit online all day and snap up stuff as soon as it pops up off of backorder.



tanookisuit commented on Punching Robots (In 3D!) With The Virtual Boy'...:

Sigh I used to have a VB, more than once over time. This was a pretty fun game i the day.

Seriously though I wish Nintendo would just man up instead of teasing the VB here and there in certain games and pull a NES Remix on the little library. This would be a fantastic thing to have on the 3DS since it already does the depth without the goggles. Remember the Game & Watch Gallery? VB Gallery — have classic, and then a modern colorized/music version side by side, then have some unique remixes. Much of the small 14 (US) game library Nintendo owns anyway, and many of the rest shouldn't be hard to license. I'd buy it as a physical release.



tanookisuit commented on 3DS Browser Exploit Hackers Bypass Pokémon S...:

I'm split on this one. I think they deserve to be cut off and this patched up quick for good. But I also think the price per hearts is sleazy as well considering how the game progresses. I get they want to rake in on impatient people but it's a bit much and they don't even offer up an option to just unlock it outright for a cost so Nintendo kind of had it coming.



tanookisuit commented on Saints Row Design Director Was Working On An O...:

So in other words Nintendo is still working their damnedest to make sure the only thing that sells on WiiU is what they develop and publish alone first or second party and anything else really isn't welcome to the party. To squash a day before production an exclusive third party open world game is madness.



tanookisuit commented on Ocarina Of Time 3D Reportedly No Longer In Pro...:

Stuff like this makes me hate Nintendo. They have a high demand game that people are scamming hard on online for both used and especially new copies where you're paying $70+ (double or higher the true price) for a game that's not even really that old and still on a current system. Yet they're fine shilling a digital rental download to your system. Not cool.



tanookisuit commented on Feature: The Heartwarming Tale of a Missing 3D...:

A great story that shows how far some parts of US society have fallen because had this been someone who didn't have the opportunity she had to see how other cultures respond to lost items we know likely where this would have ended up: 1) Personal keeper, or 2) ebay. People these days see video games today or video games of the 80s/90s and see dollar signs and try and get the most they can from such things. Gaming is a hot market for subhuman flipper garbage right now if you check ebay and amazon so it's great to see she's not part of that group and did the right thing.

I for one rarely take it or even my GB Micro out of the house, but when I do, front pocket only so I can see it's there and if someone tries to take it, they'll pull back less than what they were born with possibly.



tanookisuit commented on Poll: Are You An Early Adopter With The New Ni...:

I got a black one earlier today, last one in the county so that was lucky. Got it because of the super stable 3d, the added buttons, and the faster guts inside. (that and if I sell my XL now along with a few spare bucks I have from something else it's no harm to my wallet.) :D It's a nice system, cowardly leaving the power supply out of it, but you can get one for $7 shipped from NOA refurbished.

The 3D is nuts, great how it doesn't foul up anymore because I loved it but ended up quitting using it on the older system because it was so sketchy.



tanookisuit commented on North American Release Date Confirmed for Duck...:

Please release this for the 3DS! You'll get a much wider audience for such a quick play pick and play design that it has. You won't get anywhere near the cash selling it on the WiiU. Also give us Hogan's Alley and Wild Gunman too as I no longer have a CRT as of recent to play those.



tanookisuit commented on System Update 9.2.0-20 Now Available On 3DS:

As they should be because not saying what they're doing is shady and comes off as a waste of time since they block some services until you do update. The other guys tend to put a list online on what those stability fixes and additions are.



tanookisuit commented on Review: Demon's Crest (Wii U eShop / Super Nin...:

I can fairly well agree with that number score, but I will add that it's not openly for everyone. I had that game for about two years and could never play more than an hour at any time as I'd just get tired of playing it. It was fantastic I think, at least mechanically speaking, especially the visuals and audio for the SNES but there was something to it that couldn't keep me interested at all. I just finally sold it off about a month ago, was surprised to get as much as I did which was around 15x what Nintendo is asking on their service which makes it a hell of a good deal. That said I still can play and enjoy Gargoyles Quest II which just popped up on 3DS and WiiU VC too.



tanookisuit commented on Video: Footage Surfaces of Cancelled Wii Star ...:

Rogue Squadron 2 was bar none the best star wars game that only was dropped on a console. This game looks like it could have topped it, even on the Wii of all things, yet the lack of faith in that system (don't blame anyone) and the economy combined doomed it which sucks. F5 made the best non-PC based star wars titles, perhaps it should be resurrected for WiiU since they're Nintendo people. Anything at this rate would help and a game like that really would.



tanookisuit commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

Ubishat all over the WiiU again. I just don't even care anymore. Clearly the new game won't work, it needs more, but the other new game that could be fast enough ported over — no excuse other than the ones already made about the ownership pool. It's no wonder I snapped up a PS4 a couple months ago or so.



tanookisuit commented on Square Enix's Latest 3DS RPG Final Fantasy Exp...:

Good! 3D doesn't have to be shoehorned into every single game, just like Nintendo would have been wise not forcing sketchy touch controls into DS Zelda. Sometimes it's not helpful, sometimes it's to the point of being damaging. Given the ability of SE to go crazy with worlds, visuals, audio and the rest, having to not render the same game image twice offset (whether used or not) will give back a lot of processor and memory time to a better experience.



tanookisuit commented on Hyperkin's RetroN 5 Console Allegedly Infringe...:

Yeah this will go real far. Having been talking to their head tech the last few months I kind of find it very hard to believe he's a code thief. I remember awhile back talking about how they did all this, and he said that it was a mix of in house and also using public sources that were not limited by some form of license and even then that code was analyzed and adapted to their own. What you have here most likely is a derivative piece of work, kind of like where you can go so far making a copy of a popular item, but not so closely it's stealing. Or better yet, the classic Nintendo vs Tengen lawsuit where Tengen smoked them for breaking their 10NES chip open and making a work around chip to defeat it to sell games. They reverse engineered the code and made their own, which is what this thing is doing from what I've gathered.



tanookisuit commented on Review: Mega Man 7 (Wii U eShop / Super Nintendo):

@Geonjaha I agree too. To be straight with it, I dislike the X series. :) They took a great formula and humped it with RPG(SOTN) style elements of being super gimped, replaying the same junk over a few times to get gear, super easy levels and annoying bosses. MM7 was the last of the greats on Nintendo systems, it's a colorful larger more beautiful looking version of what was great on the original 6 for the NES and does it in just the same high quality style. It surprised me for years despite its low print run along with MMX3 that 7 was a 'cheap' game and only recently this year has it topped that game in value so be glad it's a download or if you had the game already (I do) before the prices sucked.



tanookisuit commented on Activision Is Bringing The Dulcet Tones Of The...:

Since they're dangling this insulting bait as a test because they want to make only Nintendo games people want, DO NOT BUY IT. :) If they just pull out entirely, there's no loss and if they try something actually worth it, then buy.



tanookisuit commented on Mega Man Legends 3 8-Bit Fan Demake is Availab...:

That'll in an odd way show Capcom. Bait people that heavily, screw them over, and someone somewhere will take things into their own hands.

Count on this being translation patched, just like Cave Story Windows was years ago. If it's good enough and the demand (no question) is there, stuff happens.



tanookisuit commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

Too hard to vote on that last one because the 3D needed help from the current stuff, but the added stick, buttons and beefier specs bring this thing into a heavier hitting level where many things the 3DS was limited on before it can do now with proper console controller controls now.



tanookisuit commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

If Nintendo wants to really cash in with Amiibo they'll do an add-on for the older 3DS models. They want to slice into Disney and Activisions action with their little toys.



tanookisuit commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

I get the anger here, but it's not like Nintendo didn't do this before. Gameboy was around from 1989 through 2003, but in that time, the Gameboy was effectively trumped back in 1998 by the Gameboy Color. With the GBC came the black carts (works on the old) and the charcoal see through GBC only games. They're doing it again with the 3DS. It's a new, but not a new piece of hardware that happens to share a name and use the older games but will have some unique. This isn't the little step of the DSi, this is a bigger step and as such they'll end up dragging the life of the 3DS on the whole out a few years longer than it would otherwise (GBC was alone from 1998-01 then died in 03.)



tanookisuit commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

It does when you're desperate to pull out of years of losses thanks to the WiiU being an anchor. They need to make money, taking a limited game like Xenoblade both by release period and due to that wii console, it's a smart move even if it's infuriating. I'm not thrilled but I am too because this isn't your usual nintendo halfass upgrade, this is like the bump to gameboy color in the later 90s.



tanookisuit commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

Man damn them, but still I think unlike my regret with the lousy DSI, this I would buy and use it and like it too. I hate to think back on it, but this isn't just a tacked on set of a few little features (online) with DSi, this is more like the upgrade of the GB to the GB Color Beefier internal hardware, but it also adds something that'll bring in more third party work, a standard controller with dual analog sticks, 4 top buttons, and four primaries on the face. This will be given the power of the 3Ds a portable console on the go pretty much.



tanookisuit commented on Somebody At Ubisoft Really Doesn't Like Mario ...:

Not quite professional for the company on the whole account, but they're right, dead right. Mario isn't reality, that car, that is. Mario has never been one for real world advertising, just parody here and there on some console billboards and walls. I was annoyed when I saw they did this, and it's not an update I'd add to the game at all.



tanookisuit commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

This is no surprise. Since the N64 they have created a system of self sabotage in the false name of creativity that as repeatedly on consoles bit them in the ass every time. The 64 with its carts and Sony abusing it as the kiddie box that sticks kind of to date. The GC it did with the purple box and goofy pad and lack of caring to support online. The Wii with the generation old hardware and motion, and a cruel network of codes and games bound to hardware with poor framework, and now with Wii U another gimped box with a spendy tablet. They had a market of diverse gamers they wrecked into an entire couple generations of kids to adults now that grew up on buying Nintendo for Nintendo because nothing else came out groomed for their software and buying another system or a PC to get the rest. They put themselves in the spot they are now, even when they were handed the keys to the door to fix it thi generation by third parties they still went the route of hardware made for their needs alone. Its no surprise AC, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, Call of Duty, Batman and the others sell like a 10th of what the other versions do because they drove off the base of Nintendo fans to other systems to get the fix. Those who hang around and complain are mainly hold outs, fanboys who dont see it, and 30-40+ year olds who grew up in the 8-16bit era and wish theyd do the right thing again.



tanookisuit commented on Ubisoft Clarifies Reasoning For The Crew Skipp...:

Ehh, well just another tiny bulletpoint on a list of reasons of why I can not remember the last time I bought a Ubisoft game new except for one on a disgustingly cheap black friday deal last year. I own a PS4 as well, but honestly I just don't know as I'm sick of the political games.



tanookisuit commented on Video: Hyperkin RetroN 5 Review - King Of The ...:

I've had one of them since the beginning of June so I've been through all the growing pains, uniquely it has been fun as I got to know their tech through facebook and have tried out the various test builds before they go public to try stuff out since I have a few hundred carts for various systems with different chips inside along with some other carts too (homebrew, etc.) It has been a fun ride and anyone who started out on anything older than 1.41 firmware probably has valid reasons to hate the thing, but with 1.6 out there since yesterday and even more in the pipe to come it has been a fantastic turn around and development. I have had my complaints and most of the valid compatibility issues people raised addressed. Firmware 2.0 isn't too far off and with that those long load times on the carts will be put to bed. Some will argue it lags, it doesn't, it's the issue of old games not designed for modern TVs and having one with a cruddy internal processor making the lag as mine I researched first and works awesome. The various audio filters are great, the visual depends on tastes (I leave it stock, or stock stretched) as I'm not into them, and the quick save out of menu to the ability to take saves back to the legit game off the system elsewhere(needed for GBA) is cool too. Anything the included pad can do can be done using a normal controller as I typically use the snes ascii pad. I setup using a combo of select + dpad direction for fast forward, save/load state, and pop up the menu to it. To have all my games work on my new tv so well and so sharp is so worth the price to me, and even how it handles the portable stuff so well is excellent too and a far nicer option than the GB Player+gamecube.



tanookisuit commented on Review: Steel Empire (3DS eShop):

I got it around a month ago for the GBA (JP import) complete like new and I do not regret the about $50 shipped I put into it. I knew this was coming but I just can not stomach $30 for a digital rental I can't have a tangible copy to keep for myself. I'm glad to see this version of the game has retained all the greatness and didn't lose anything in the translation as Steel Empire is a work of gaming art.



tanookisuit commented on Coleco Mini Arcades Set to Sit Proudly On Shel...:

@KnightRider666 Zaxxon and DK Jr are coleco systems, they did 7 in all, and Qbert was made by another. You have the complete set of them so consider yourself lucky as they get expensive.

I've got DK, PacMan, a dk manual and the perma power cells. Beyond that I have Qbert too but also Crazy Climber and the 2000s modern Frogger from Excalibur as well. I used to have DK Jr, wish I still had it. They're fun. I figure the new ones will price like the frogger re-release from a decade ago around the $30-50 mark depending how they make them.



tanookisuit commented on The Console Wars Live On As Night Trap Remake ...:

You know what? Screw them I hope they fail. It's not even the fact that I own a WiiU, I'd never buy something like this as I hated those games in the 90s. It's the fact they can't after 20 years get over themselves and a long dead console war anyone in their right mind got sick of ages ago and don't want to revisit other than in a video game museum. Grow up! If I could negative donate money to their campaign I would because they're acting childish.



tanookisuit commented on Review: Pop'n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventures...:

A truly fantastic game. I discovered this one back in the later 1990s when ebay was an infant and over time I picked up a couple dozen super famicom carts. It's a really well made platforming game with all the fun spirit of Twin Bee.



tanookisuit commented on Steel Empire Blasting A Path To The North Amer...:

Greedy! $30 for a digital rental is sick. I want to say I hope it fails, but it's such a good game.

I just bagged the GBA version like new all complete in the box for $40 just a few days ago, should be here tomorrow. There's no way I'd pay almost as much as a physical copy for digital vapor. I know the GBA game usually is a $60 so I'm happy I got the deal but still $30 is criminal.

ecco: $30 would be easy enough for a loose copy of it. It goes under the name Kotetsu Teikoku.



tanookisuit commented on Mario Kart 8 Speeds Into Second Place In NPD M...:

@Ryno I'm not, the same thing happened with the Wii and the DS/3DS too when that game dropped. Due to the Mario Party style of racing it takes on now based on items coupled with the strong internet core with it, it's basically the ultimate fishing lure to pull in all those people in the pond waiting on an excuse.



tanookisuit commented on E3 2014: Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms Star Fox fo...:

Honestly I'm not sure how I feel about this. You use the tablet with the TV to aim your shots and shoot at stuff, almost like a really warped zapper or arcade game experience. I don't like the fact it can take an hour just to get comfortable enough to play as learning curves like that are a definite wall to enjoyment for many people.

This kind of stinks back to the DS where they wrecked two perfectly decent Zelda titles forcing flaky sketch controls which made the game more annoying than it should be to play, and then the Wii with some forced wiggling mechanics mucking up some titles too. Just because a part exists on a system that is unique, it's not good to just make people use it or walk away.



tanookisuit commented on E3 2014: Ubisoft Admits to Holding Back Comple...:

On one side of it I don't blame them from their bottom line. But as a WiiU owner learning of games being held back that have been done for a long time it makes me not want to buy their games at all when/if they come out because I'm stuck having nothing to play with as things aren't being released. I wrote off Watch Dogs entirely over the shady delay on that one, though seeing the reviews on it by people I probably would have anyway. :)



tanookisuit commented on Video: Watch Us Rigorously Test Hyperkin's New...:

Were you planning to do a better second video covering the various more possibly questionable things to run? I'm talking like the MMC5 chip(Koei and CV3), VRC2-6 from Konami on Famicom, SDD1(SFA2 SNES), SA1(Mario RPG/Kirby), FX2(Doom and Yoshi's Island) and some other screwy famicom exotics or even Virtua Racing on Genesis? I know that multicarts, bootlegs being called repros, and homebrew can be sketchy but that's so niche.



tanookisuit commented on Nintendo Brand Manager Hopes Mario Kart 8 Will...:

Mario Kart 8 isn't going to make a difference. It will make a bump for anyone who held out knowing that it would come in time, same with Smash Bros. So far early reviews are showing MK8 is very boring and just paint by the numbers fill in for the 1P mode and that battle mode is weak as combat maps are out with just tracks to fight on are in. The big bump is that it's been centered around making the multiplayer game where it's at, kind of sadly like where FPS games went. If you don't like or can't get online, it will run boring quick. I can just see the used copies of this piling up at stores.



tanookisuit commented on Nintendo Reports Financial Losses As Expected,...:

The frightening thing here is what they're saying but not saying directly.

They project only selling another 3M units over an entire year which is god awful. This means they have no faith in MK8 or Smash Bros turning it around, and furthermore that they have nothing in their fiscal year through next March that could cause an upswing in units sold either we're unaware of. It also means Zelda is definitely in their next calendar year as that could move some units alone too.



tanookisuit commented on Ubisoft Now "Fully Focused" On Making The Wii ...:

I was committed to buying this as it looked uniquely interesting, but due to the delay punishing WiiU owner alone, theyve lost my $60 permanently and yeah I could have snapped it up for PS3 or PC but I will not. If this gets played anymore, used game where they dont see a penny as its the right thing to do not supporting these tactics.



tanookisuit commented on Feature: Let's Take A Look At The Crazy Suppor...:

If they dont want to do a new one, do some real justice and on WiiU put the 'lost' FZero Climax out for people to play. I had this some years ago and it is by far the best non-polygonal FZero game hands down. Fantastic courses, heaps of characters, and it has the 64DD FZero track creator with enough save storage to keep 4 courses on your game for added fun. It has always been mind blowing to me they let this one not be released as it shames quality wise the others across the board entirely.



tanookisuit commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Must Take Careful Step...:

@XCWarrior That post right there entirely. They say one thing, then don't honor it. You can't make the argument they did and have courses, characters and a buy the whole pack super character in a $15 overall bundle the day the game comes out and make the promises they did. I'm kind of pissed about it as I was planning to buy the game. I don't like they're excluding characters and courses without paying another 50% on value (game is $30) over the retail price to get the full game. It's not 'extra' DLC the day a game comes out, that's planned and calculated the same way Capcom would hide fighters on copies of SF4 to sell as DLC extras.

Sure it's an option to buy, but at this rate it's an option to get the full game or not. Had this been planned after and came out say 3-6months from now to extend its life that would be an entirely different story. All designed at the same point, the upsell the parts for more profit. Boo.



tanookisuit commented on Nintendo Shows Off Its Mario Golf: World Tour ...:

This is VERY shady. Nintendo back with the NNID setup was talked about and 3DS having DLC in games (WiiU too) they spoke of having full games still released with just fun free premiums that would add to the game with the fluff stuff and optional things being pay.

Here we're seeing courses and characters being left out if you don't pay up $15(pack)/$18(alone each) on 3 courses each with a character and if you get them all you have Mario that blows coins out with every swing so you can cash in on stuff in the game. I'm pissed they've caved into the Sony/MS cash cow exploitation junk.