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taffy commented on Call of Duty: Black Ops III "Ember" Tease Sets...:

Have to be honest, I've pre-ordered the Batman Arkham Knight console bundle for the PS4. If this does come out on Wii U I doubt I'd get it, not because of graphics or anything like that but simply because there will be more people online for the PS4 so I can play the modes I want. Can only play free-for-all, team death match and the odd bit of search and destroy on the Wii U for Black Ops 2 :



taffy commented on Nintendo's Wii U TVii Service is Formally Canc...:

Would it be too much to ask for there to be 4 on demand, demand 5 and ITV player. And I still find it unacceptable that EVERY other current gen consoles, which launched after the Wii U, get the BBC Iplayer before the Wii U. And to think the Wii was the first one to get the Iplayer in the last gen.



taffy commented on Capcom Has Now Sold 1.2 Million Copies of Supe...:

Have to be honest, I got the 3DS for the purpose of Super Street Fighter 4 3D. First ever console I owned was a SNES and first game I ever got was Street Fighter 2 so just seeing that just tugged on my nostalgia strings. Have to say I don't regret getting the 3DS or this game.

This doesn't include digital sales which have also been on sale a few times on the 3DS Eshop so total number COULD be close to the 2 million mark.



taffy commented on Nintendo Download: 20th November (Europe):

@Peach64 I get what you're saying but the classification over here in Europe is notoriously difficult, we've heard many titles delayed over here because of it.

@sub12 I agree with you, so many people here are quick to blame UBI or EA for the poor sales of the Wii U yet would not dare speak foul of Nintendo. Remember when they said they were all about the core gamer and launched with Nintendoland, and New Super Mario Bros. U and then we have UBI release those casual games like ZombieU and Assassin's Creed 3 (yeah I know they did Just Dance too).

People need to realize that Nintendo fluffed up just as much (if not more) with the Wii U. From a poor first party software offering at launch (even though they said they learnt their mistakes from the 3DS launch) to lack of advertising for the system or it's games. Case in point when I'm watching Sky or BT sports all I see is adverts for Halo MCC or Sunset Overdrive AND NOT ONE ADVERT FOR SMASH BROS (3DS)!!



taffy commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

The best thing Nintendo instead of a price cut is to show why the system is worth $299.99 by providing software AND services to attract consumers. Reggie mentioned once on an IGN article that they are not just competing with the likes of Apple and Sony for games but also the likes of TV and books as they are an entertainment company.

They are doing a good job with the software from a first and second party basis and to be honest with you I have little faith in third parties across the board at the moment seeing as they are more focused on pleasing consumers by talking about resolutions and frame rates for their games rather then take about the actual games they are making.

I think Nintendo could one up the competition by still being the only one to offer a system with free online Multiplayer but also be a competent Multimedia device. The gamepad is a perfect tool for reading books and comics and how about more streaming features such as HBO and some other streaming services from the States and getting the Iplayer, 4onDemand and Demand 5 for the UK (and also any other catch up channels that other European and Australian countries).



taffy commented on Wii U Owners Finally Get The Nuketown 2025 Map...:

@SnappyJon More like the player count went down on it after MK8 came out. I went on it after downloading the update and the numbers are still the same, 1.1K. And let's be honest this number is tragically low, that's why I've stopped playing it cause I just got bored with TDM and FFA, now I just float between MK8 and Mass Effect 3 for my multiplayer fix



taffy commented on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Wii U Rumours P...:

I'm still enjoying Black Ops II at the moment, but the maps are starting to get stale after 2 years. I would be tempted to get this if we had the same DLC as the other platforms cause the new maps do help keep the game fresh and interesting, I put so much time in Modern Warfare 3 on the 360 cause of those new maps and spec op missions.



taffy commented on Research Firm IDC Anticipates Worldwide Wii U ...:

In all honesty if Nintendo aren't going to support the Wii U then why should anyone else.

Why do I say that Nintendo don't support the Wii U:
1) 3 months between DKC: TF and MK8 would be fine if there was third party retail support to mitigate this
2) They said they learnt their lesson from the 3ds with the software draught... they haven't (
3) Wii U is all about the core that's why we've had to wait 2 years for their first online competitive game (Wii U sports doesn't count if I'm in Europe and can't play against someone in NA) -

And before people start saying I hate the Wii U or Nintendo, I only have a Wii U and 3DS. I want Nintendo to do well for my own sake.... I WANT STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3 ON THE WII U!!! But we all that's not going to happen with the direction Nintendo are taking with the Wii U at the moment



taffy commented on Activision Enlists Kevin Spacey To Sell Call O...:

Even if it does come to Wii U it's not going to get any of the DLC or Elite. Don't get me wrong I'm enjoying Black Ops 2 but refused to buy it brand new when I realized that we weren't going to get the same support as the other versions. Why should I pay the same price as the other versions when I'm getting the inferior product.



taffy commented on New Details Rise for Transformers: Rise of the...:

@Dragoon04 Just like what Activision do with Call Of Duty? Anyway all I've heard about is single player and Escalation mode but I really enjoyed the Multiplayer in FOC (apart from the over powered Scientist). Is this going to have competitive Multiplayer as well?



taffy commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

I got a better idea, instead of GBA games why not put Gamecube games on the Wii U VC like alot of people wanted in the first place. Or atleast SOME N64 games, am I really being unreasonable in my expectations/wants?



taffy commented on Nintendo Has "Lost Its Way" But Should Never B...:

In all honesty.... he's right. If you compare the aesthetics of the Wii to the Wii U, the Wii is a much better looking piece of hardware (especially held vertically).

Out of all the current gens the PS4 defo has the most "sex appeal" (again I'm pointing about aesthetics) this generation which is no doubt helping with it's sales cause it is still more expensive then the Wii U.

Sony have done a really good job this generation with their hardware, no doubt about that but I'm sticking with my "ugly" Wii U



taffy commented on Latest PS4 Sales Figures Take it Past Wii U Li...:

@mch The two big hitters I was referring to are MK8 and Smash (which is going to sell more on the 3DS). I'm pointing out that X and Bayonetta will not increase the install base enough to combat the onslaught the Wii U is getting from the PS4.

And let's not forget that the Wii U had 1 YEAR HEAD START over the other consoles yet they are not suffering from the consistent software droughts that have become standard for Nintendo since releasing Skyward Sword on the Wii!



taffy commented on Latest PS4 Sales Figures Take it Past Wii U Li...:

" Nintendo's hope will be that by this time next year its home console will be on an upward trend and securing solid sales; there are big-hitters on the way to try and deliver that end result." - two big hitters, FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!?
Don't tell me that Bayonetta is going to sell like gangbuster when the original didn't exactly shift numbers on 2 seperate platforms with a combined install base of 100 million +, and don't kid yourself that X will do the same either. It'll sell decent but it'll struggle to hit 1.5 million.



taffy commented on Airtight Games Feels That Murdered: Soul Suspe...:

@SanderEvers And Mario, Link or Samus will not go to those platforms either. This is referring to a MULTI-platform game coming to the previous and current console by the competition but not the Wii U console.

This is News, good or bad, news is still news and NintendoLife should report it to us as such



taffy commented on NPD Data Shows More U.S. Gamers Switching to D...:

I would go all digital if the Wii U had bigger storage... I know, I know I can by an external hard drive but the other thing the gets my goat is that it's not 100% reliable. You can't get Darksiders 2 anymore on the eshop and I got Batman: Arkham City at a steal compared to the price to the price it still has on the eshop



taffy commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

Love how some people here are blaming everyone BUT Nintendo for all the bad sales. If it's not lazy developers it's biased journalism.

There are other factors to take into consideration but without a doubt Nintendo takes most of the blame. If they'd actually advertised the thing at launch it might have helped, atleast Sony and Microsft got that right. During the Christmas period it was choc-a-bloc with PS4 and Xbox one, and the only Nintendo adverts I saw was for Pokemon and ONE (I can actually count how many times I saw it) for Mario world.

But no, good job Nintendo you've done nothing wrong at all that's why your system is selling like hot cakes and you have LOADS of third party support, these "journalist" at Nintendolife should be ashamed for reporting facts!



taffy commented on Edge Of Reality Working On Transformers: Rise ...:

All these people getting a mardy over Highmoon not doing the game seem to forget that they did Dark of the moon and Deadpool, so it's not like they have a perfect record either.

And this is NOT a movie tie in but bridges the gap between bayformers and the cybertron games. I think I'll make my mind up about the game when more information comes out rather then make my purchasing decision because a studio with a spotty track record isn't making it!



taffy commented on Nintendo of America Issues Refunds After Warne...:

Wow that's sucks bra! Dem lazy third party developers not supporting the console, cause Nintendo has published and developed tonnes and tonnes of games for it, and on top of that they've been releasing loads of VC games for the Wii U too.

Nah Nintendo's kewl, they've done nothing wrong at all with the system. Let those lazy developers put DLC on the other crappy consoles cause nobody buys third party games like they do on der Nintendo.

Now I'm going to go back and play Splinter Cell Blacklist with all 98 (that's right 98) people online, cause we love that third party support!!!!!

*waits for some plank to complain about lack of local co-op in the game



taffy commented on Satoru Iwata Admits The "Wii U Isn't In Good S...:

IF we get a Direct this month (getting close to the end of the month and still nothing). Let's have a bet how many times Iwata says "please understand!"

1 time - 10/1
2 times - 7/3
3 times - 4/1
4 times - 2/1
Too many times to even care anymore - not listed