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Wed 6th Feb 2013

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tabushi commented on Nintendo Direct: Animal Crossing Developers Re...:

I just got back from visiting Japan for the past 2 weeks, and you not only wouldn't believe how many StreetTags I got, but almost EVERYONE IN JAPAN is playing this game!! Of course, it goes by a different name in Japan ("Doubutsu no Mori": Animals' Forest). By the way, apparently there were some limited-time exclusive StreetTag Puzzles only available via SpotPass in Japan (i.e. McDonald's and ANA)

Man, everyone in Japan (especially at busy train stations) are carrying their Nintendo 3DS so you get a million StreetTags a day; like you do at anime conventions, except EVERYDAY. I miss Japan already!!

By the way, a fair warning: Imported games from Japan work on the original Nintendo DS, but NOT on Nintendo 3DS. If you want to play imported games on N3DS, you're going to have to buy a Japanese version of the system.