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Thu 27th May, 2010

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t3gamenews commented on Working On F-Zero Wouldn't Have Been My Idea O...:

"Ward previously expressed disappointment at the way in which the Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted- which the studio had put a lot of hard work into - was ignored by Nintendo and EA alike and given little promotion."

Nintendo probably ignored Need for Speed MostWantedU because EA/Cryterion wouldn't make F-Zero for Wii U? Read carefully. Nintendo wanted them to make F-Zero for Wii U in 2011 & it was to be revealed with Wii U that E3. But EA chiose not to make F-Zero.

So Nintendo's been getting backlash from fans because they want F-Zero but Nintendo hasnt made it in years.

Then EA didn't release Battlefield on WiiU like promised that E3, & gave other consoles MassEffectTrilogy while WiiU just got MassEffect3 in 2012.

MostWantedU came in 2013 after WiiU launched. So Nintendo got pissed & ignored MostWantedU. & EA give other consoles newer NeedForSpeed games.

& this is why real gamers hate EA They don't care about gaming. They are just bought property by Xbox & PS. Imagine how things would be if EA wasn't so stubborn. WiiU would have been revealed with F-Zero. More people would have bought WiiU at launch because of hype & if EA kept there promis it be the console where we could play games like bayonetta 2/1, devils third, splatoon, smash bros 4, mariokart8 & games like need for speed(all of them), mass effect trilogy, battlefield, mirrors edge, & who knows maybe other 3rd party devs would have seen this & went oh lets make revilations 2, the devision, destiny, advanced warfare (& dlc for other cod games), & so on. Sucks always seeing the blame put on Nintendo solely when people have no idea what's happening in the background. Wow this post is long. O.o




t3gamenews commented on GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U Stock on...:

i think we can stop this form happening, no one buy the overpriced ones on ebay, gamestop, amazon. nintendo made there money from them so obviously we will get more just wait for them.

the people selling them for overpriced prices will get nothing and eventually will stop buying them in bulk and sell them for lower prices. therefor eventually they will be easier to find.