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Thu 27th May, 2010

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t377y000 commented on EA Outlines Its Reasons for Lack of Wii U Support:

more games = more popularity, if you release battle field 4, crysis 3, ect. come to other consoles & skip wii u then how are people gonna view wii u? how is it to be popular from that? it cant just magically become popular with everyone avoiding making games on it.



t377y000 commented on Rumour: Call Of Duty: Ghosts Will Be Spooking ...:

that'll be nice & all but the way they do us nintendo players in the past by teasing DLC in front of us but never giving? may not pick up at launch maybe used. besides im more into the bo2 story than mw story.



t377y000 commented on Satoru Iwata: Customers Understanding The Wii ...:

the wii u is a new next gen console, successor to wii.
most powerful console at th e moment.
the controller has a touch screen, also compatible with either 4 wii u controller pro, or every previous wii controller making a maximum of 5 players & universal control's.
how hard is it to just tell everyone that?



t377y000 commented on The Conduit Looks Set for Nvidia's Project Shield:

i want conduit 3 on wii u & a conduit on 3ds, if they cancell these for this shield crap than there going on my developers hated list.
like capcom cancelling assasins creed 3ds & megaman legends 3 on 3ds for no reason. -.-



t377y000 commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Development Landed on Wii...:

hmm tho it sawesome for 3DS wouldnt have minded the wii controlls mostly if they used wiimote plus.
walk around with nunchuck analog, point with wiimote, swing melee with wiimote plus controlls 1:1 shot with b. strool trough powers with dpad < & > & use with Z



t377y000 commented on Capcom: "No Plans for Resident Evil 6 Wii U At...:

capcoms becoming terrible at there work. :/
good that we got Resident Evil: Mercinaries 3D & Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS.

but they leave us out on resident evil 5 wii, they cancel Megaman: Legends 3 3DS, & now there not gonna give us resident evil 6 on our next gen Wii U console?

they better give us
Resident Evil 5: Wii U Edition & Resident Evil 6: Wii U Edition
& Megaman: Legends 3 on wii u if they want my support anymore..



t377y000 commented on Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy:

@starfly5000, @jayjay99
Assassin's Creed: Altaïr's Chronicles & Assassin's Creed II: Discovery. were released on DS, meaning this is the 3rd one on a nintendo console. now that the graphics have been revved up we can finally get them looking like the console versions.



t377y000 commented on THQ Cancels Saints Row: Drive-By for 3DS:

why? :(
this was one of the games on my list, what other gta like games are we gonna get on 3ds?
hopefully that talk nintendo had with rockstare encourages them to make a gta 4 like gta for 3DS, & nintendos next console.