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Sun 5th May 2013

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superturtleman commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

I agree with you 100%. I personally have no desire to participate in any kind of violent crime even in a virtual world. Also, media like GTA appears to make women nothing more than objects to be used however one pleases.



superturtleman commented on Feature: Celebrating Ten Years of The Wind Waker:

When my little brother and I saved up our pennies to purchase a Gamecube we were fortunate enough to snag one with the Zelda Collector's Edition bundled inside. We played to Wind Waker demo included on the disc for hours and hours. I could not wait to play the real thing. After another round of penny saving we bought the full version and were immersed in an adventure unlike any other I played before or since. I beat the game numerous times, and I don't know if I will ever enjoy a game as much as I did Wind Waker. It remains as my favorite game of all time. Even now as I work on designing my own games, I look to Wind Waker for inspiration.