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Male, 16, United States

Hi! I'm a (male) :) And I'm all about fun! I'm usually looking up news for Wii U all the time. Lol. Also I like Sony. PS4 FTW! Bye! Have a nice day!

Sun 12th May, 2013

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Superstick commented on Here's a Closer Look at the Evolving Prism Tow...:

I just got Pokémon X due to the March 3DS promotion. And I know this might sound kind of shocking, but Pokémon X is actually my first game in the series. XD I just got to Lumiose City, and I love it. I'm definitely looking foward to playing on this stage. :)



Superstick commented on Talking Point: Sonic and the Wii U Both Seek a...:

SEGA please don't worry! We're here for you! I'm pretty sure that when Mario Kart 8 releases there will be a decent amount of people who come to buy a Wii U. And guess what? I'm getting the Wii U and 3DS version of Sonic Lost World AND this game. I'm not sure how much my money counts towards your sales SEGA but still glad to help. XD I love Sonic! :D