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Hi! I'm a (male) :) And I'm all about fun! I'm usually looking up news for Wii U all the time. Lol. Also I like Sony. PS4 FTW! Bye! Have a nice day!

Sun 12th May, 2013

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Superstick commented on Mario Kart 8 Sales Increase By Nearly a Third ...:

@DarkCoolEdge facepalm My last message was supposed to be directed at you but it forget to include your name. Lol. Anyways, I don't think Nintendo would make it too expensive. They got it right with Pikmin 3 and I'm sure they'll get it right again. And about Fire Emblem Awakening, the DLC (at least where I live) is about the same price as a new 3DS game. Yes, it's costly if you plan on buying them all, but for only about 1 or 2 packs, they don't really look as expensive anymore.



Superstick commented on Mario Kart 8 Sales Increase By Nearly a Third ...:

Yes, those are some pretty costly DLC's... I'd like to have free DLC, but I don't think Nintendo is really going to make all of it free. They got it right with Pikmin 3 though so I'm only hoping Mario Kart 8's DLC isn't too expensive.



Superstick commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

Anyone else getting both versions day one? Oh, and can you believe that we're finally getting Smash on a handheld! So awesome! I can play Smash on the go with awesome exclusive stages and then when I get home I can play a whole new Smash Bros in HD. It's like a dream come true. Non Stop Smash!



Superstick commented on Talking Point: With E3 Long Gone, Nintendo Sti...:

What they'd better "reveal" is third party. I've said it countless times before and before, if the Wii U doesn't get more support, no matter HOW many exclusives it has, it isn't going to sell. Smash Bros is already on the 3DS and Zelda has never been a big seller. I don't see Bayonetta 2 doing any big improvements, and Hyrule Warriors will be lucky to even get 2 million within the next few months. If the fate of the Wii U really is in the hands of Mario Kart, then that's sad. Because the steam from that game isn't gonna last that much longer.



Superstick commented on Parent Trap: Amiibo Charts A Fresh Course In T...:

These are basically just toys. Except they have an actual purpose other than just sitting on your shelf. I can definitely see this being good with children. I am probably gonna wait until they release the Mario Kart 8 amiibos, but this is definitely a good idea. :)



Superstick commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Beware the Slip...:

I don't care what nobody says!! Mario Kart 8 DLC should happen! Just think about it. What if they put out new cups for Grand Prix like say, an N64 retro cup, or an all new cup with new stages? We could get more characters like Kamek, Bowser Jr, Dry Bones, etc. And battle arena stages? This Mario Kart can be the most expansive ever if we just let Nintendo know. Come on now guys. Just because you don't like a certain car or whatever doesn't mean that everyone else doesn't! I'm more than willing to buy DLC and I don't want it to be ruined by some people who are too cheap to buy some additional content!! :(



Superstick commented on GameCube-Style Wii U Controller, the WaveDash,...:

No offense, but I really dislike the Gamecube controller. I would take the Wii U Pro Controller over GC anyday. The thing has weird button placement, oversized L and R bumpers, and a basically useless C stick. It's also shaped weird.



Superstick commented on Mario Kart Month: Mario Kart 8 Character Profi...:

Daisy is one of my favorite Mario characters! Although, I never really got into the Mario spin off games, I recently picked up Mario Golf World Tour and... Man, her voice is annoying. I see what people were talking about. Lol. XD But she's still cool. :)



Superstick commented on Here's a Closer Look at the Evolving Prism Tow...:

I just got Pokémon X due to the March 3DS promotion. And I know this might sound kind of shocking, but Pokémon X is actually my first game in the series. XD I just got to Lumiose City, and I love it. I'm definitely looking foward to playing on this stage. :)