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Supermarioman commented on Masahiro Sakurai Provides Another Look at Supe...:

I was hoping for some Event Matches on 3DS, and then a completely different set on Wii U, but oh well. As long as there on one in the end I'm OK (Especially if they are more like Melee's) and there is plenty of content in the 3DS version to keep my busy for a VERY long time.



Supermarioman commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

I was happy to see Mario Kart DLC (Because seriously why not, especially with Link and Villager being in it!), and then I realized two things.

1. Still not a thing on the Battle Mode that could desperately use arenas, which makes me pretty sad considering how much I want traditional battle mode in the game.

2. They added another Mario and Peach before Bowser Jr, Birdo, Dry Bones, or Diddy Kong. I mean come on, adding Link and Animal Crossing stuff is one thing, but adding additional suits of characters we have if frustrating. I mean come on shouldn't those above be priority considering they were in Wii?

Regardless still going to buy it, which I guess says a lot about me...



Supermarioman commented on E3 2012: Nintendo's 3DS Software Showcase Live:

I guess Software Showcase was an appropriate title, since that's exactly what they did. Showcase the upcoming software for the 3DS. Nothing else major, and while I'm saddened by the lack of really any reveal (Minus Fire Emblem AFTER the show which erks me more then anything else), they showed some solid titles. My only real concerns with 3DS was the lack of mentioning any localization of titles like Monster Hunter 3G and the remake of Dragon Quest Monsters and then the big missing Animal Crossing which I was for sure was going to be one of the bigger games shown at this one. It worries me more then it should that it wasn't shown at all or even mentioned. What the hell happened to it. I'm willing to wait, but please acknowledge it still exists. Beyond those things, it was what I sort of expected with an extra 10 minutes of Paper Mario.

Basically I think Nintendo's biggest problem this year was the fact they took so much time explaining things that didn't really need it that took time away from other important showings or information that they could have given. No massive core franchises doesn't exactly upset me since we've seen so many of them released recently on the Wii with the exceptions of Starfox, F-Zero, and Wave Race. The rest of which have had solid fairly recent entries on the Wii which explains their absences. This year's E3 was a solid showing of the upcoming content this year, nothing less, nothing more......



Supermarioman commented on Game of the Year: You Decide!:

For the most part I have missed out on games this year.. Skyward Sword I haven't really gotten to experience, but from what I have played 3D Land takes the cake for using 3D to the advantage of the gameplay and just being an all around great game. I enjoyed it thoughouly.



Supermarioman commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Christmas Presents:

Most of my gifts came in the form of music related items, but as far as games go I still got some nice stuff. The 3DS and Super Mario 3D Land were waiting for me and some money which I bought a 3DS Card and Mario Kart 7 with. Also a bit un-related, but after a long Nintendo burnout the 3DS has kick started my love in the company once again!



Supermarioman commented on 3DS Drops to $169.99 from 12th August:

Well this is great, I was expecting it to go down maybe to $200, not $170. I'll probably be getting one much sooner then I would previously (Of course it doesn't help that Sony has been draining my wallet for the past year and Uncharted 3, Twisted Metal, and Skyrim are still on the way). The Vita has peaked quite a large amount of interest in me, but $249.99 is a little much with everything else as well. Also, despite all the hype from Sony, they've never delivered on their portable devices that much, I hope they prove me wrong though



Supermarioman commented on NES and Game Boy Advance Games Coming to 3DS V...:

To a certain extent it does frustrate me that the titles won't be availible, I'm not to dissapointed. I've got each generation of GB and of the GBA mentioned above I have 3, and the others I can easily get. Like some other comments above, I don't believe that this is a definite no GBA VC from Nintendo, but Nintendo has proven me wrong times before, so I don't know.



Supermarioman commented on Iwata: "We Need Big Games to Hit 3DS Sales Tar...:

Well if Kid Icarus and Super Mario are out by the end of the year, they'll be one closer to the goal. But Animal Crossing as fun as it was on the Gamcube and then the improvement of the DS version was great. Then City Folk came and ruined the dream, adding one thing does not equal a new game especially if I'm loosing portabiblity in the process. I need a big turn around to garner buying another Animal Crossing. As for 3DS, chances are I'll have one soon (Well between that and a 160 GB Ipod Classic, I'm a big music person and 8 GB doesn't come close to covering my library), but I'll have both by the end of the year.



Supermarioman commented on 3DS Launch Sales Have Been Breaking Records Wo...:

I'm pretty sure the gamecube had a few other titles come out after Twilight, most likely all sports, but you've got to look at it from a different point of view, the gamecube was not that successful compared to everything else Nintendo has put out with the exception of the Virtual Boy. The PS2 on the other hand was a huge success, and I think is currently the second best selling handheld after of course the DS. If something is hugely successful, you don't want to pull it immediately or else you risk alienating the audience or giving them a bad taste in the mouth being forced to forget about their older console and having to pay for a new one. The gamecube just wasn't profitable after the Wii came out.



Supermarioman commented on Nintendo Power Claims Sonic 4: Episode 1 Will ...:

DANG IT!!! Why did you all have to bring this up again, I've tried my hardest in the past to settle people down about prices, but still I gotta hear you complain again, wow your some fan if you wont pay $15 for the product and a pretty big tightwad, once again is $5 extra gonna break you bank? Most likely not, so if you do like the series pay $15 for it, I promise it won't kill you.



Supermarioman commented on Nintendo Download: 12th July (North America):

Please stop complaining that VC is dead 2 weeks and everyone thinks it is the apocalypse and when they release something that may be half way decent if you gave it a chance, I still here moans from a ton of people, its rather frustrating to me and honestly if you want a game that bad, buy the damn thing already it'll save you a few years of waiting. But I'm happy to see Pop Island and I'll be off playing Sin and Punishment and Monster Hunter for a while so I'll remain happy. Just please stop complaining.



Supermarioman commented on E3 2010: Reader Questions - Day One:

Since you say you played Zelda: Skyword Sword, did you experience any of the problems that were present during the demo on stage or was it just a stroke of bad luck for Miyamoto? I know that it will surely be fixed, but its best to see how big of the problem the controls are at the moment.

Thats my first question which is the one I would perfer to see answered over the following if any, but heres my second:
Did you like the new style of Zelda's gameplay with MotionPlus, the graphics, and the weapon system?
If you could answer the first question it would be great, but I'm glad your giving the feedback you are. Thanks Corbie



Supermarioman commented on E3 2010: Editorial: Nintendo's Competition:

Microsofts conference was boring except one part, the new Slim 360
I promised myself I would buy only Nintendo and Sony games as long as Microsoft kept free Wi-Fi out of the 360 at standard price, and now this happens. F#$@ You Microsoft, right when I need to save for the 3DS, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart 3DS, Donkey Kong Country Returns, KIrby's Epic Yarn, Goldeneye, Zelda, InFamous 2, and more, plus my massive list of games I've yet to get Now i'm really up S#!t creek without a paddle or a boat, any suggestions? Please and Thank You

P.S. Sorry for profanity, at least I didn't type the real words



Supermarioman commented on Red Steel 2 Blunted After Poor UK Chart Debut:

Its doing fairly well in the US as far as I have seen it, I can't find it in many stores right now and when I was in Gamestop just to be piddling around, I saw 3 people come in buying something for Wii and saying they just bought Red Steel 2. So I say it just might meet that 500,000 copies it needs.



Supermarioman commented on Nintendo Download 22nd March 2010 (North America):

Scottie: Translation Maybe? Nintendo of Europe holding out for some reason. Sorry about that, I couldn't fully say, but at least you get Sin and Punishment 2 about a month before us (if that helps at all). I really hope Cave Story turns out good, it looks pretty darn good, now I wish I hadn't preordered so many games Need more money



Supermarioman commented on Nintendo Download 22nd March 2010 (North America):

What no VC!, I'm going to sit around and play all the good games I have yet to beat and enjoy my games, that'll teach Nintendo! Oh Wait.......
Seriously people don't complain, if anyone has downloaded all 350 VC games THEN you can complain, if not download something else or play something you already have and if somehow you do all of that, then and only then will your complaints be valid. Be happy one of the most hyped games is here which has had a review from Nintendo Power and they loved it to death, so download that if you already haven't or just play something else



Supermarioman commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

Oh and Tetris Party wasn't another rip-off. Same price, difference is instead of having it freely available, you've probably owned it for years already or maybe even got it free somewhere on the internet. Seriously 200 extra points from the price you expected isn't bad. They've put more then enough in to the game to make it worth the price (Or At least in my opinion) and yes I understand that maybe you had been holding out on the game with 1000 Wii Points and your mad, but you should have expected it to be more, especially considering that Nintendo got on board with the game. I'm honestly surprised that it isn't 1500 Wii Points. But I'm with others 300 Points less is always great

But seriously this is quite possibly worse then the L4D2 boycott, I'm dead serious.



Supermarioman commented on Ask Steve Wiebe:

#1. I was wondering what other arcade games that you hope to one day take the record for such as Donkey Kong 3, Mario Bros. , and Pac-Man amongst others and if you look to someday take the records for other arcade games.
#2: Do you feel that you should face Billy Mitchel face to face in a competition for the Donkey Kong high score and see how Billy acts with you right beside him, both trying to get the highest score.



Supermarioman commented on Live Text: European Gamers Summit 2010:

Wait you get, Sin and Punishment 2 a whole month early? Well thats crap I was wanting play Sin and Punishment 2 while we have the big tests at the end of spring, but oh well I'll just be playing Monster Hunter 3, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, and hopefully No More Heroes to hold me over.



Supermarioman commented on Sin & Punishment 2 Coming June 7th:

Corbie: I've had 5 wallets do that to me since E3 09, I better go check to see how my other one is...............................Well Time to go to the wallet shop again and hope it lives longer than a week. Well I've never played the original but love Ikaruga which Treasure also made and I love them in general, so I'll pick this up on day one.



Supermarioman commented on Capcom Reveals Everything You Want To Know Abo...:

Damn it Nintendo, I was gonna try to save my money for something really big like a new console since I get all my money in the summer, but now I have to preorder this for April 20th , Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the May 23rd, Sin and Punishment 2 for June 7th, and finally Metroid: Other M for June 27th for June 27th, its a good thing that I'll be making $20 or more a week in the summer.



Supermarioman commented on Super Meat Boy Coming to Xbox Live Arcade:

@SoulSilverIV: We've tried to lock him up in the past, but every time we try he pulls out a ban hammer and goes ballistic, our first attempt was a complete failure and 250 people got banned, only 25 people survived with several injuries and hurted feelings.

On Topic: I don't mind that the game is going to the 360, but I hate to see another "Wii" exclusive go.



Supermarioman commented on Super Meat Boy Coming to Xbox Live Arcade:

Corbie: Sometimes I wounder what dimension you came from, you are on a Nintendo based site, yet whenever something goes to the 360 you go all happy. Its people like you who are causing the Wii to die, the poor thing what did it ever due to you besides having bad online! Don't be mean to the poor 3 year old. (Sarcasm From Beginning to End!)



Supermarioman commented on TimeSplitters 2:

You know I expected to see a review of this game when I posted the comment almost a year ago, if the site wants a review I'd be glad to make an official one, I still play it to this day and I almost would go as far as to say it is in my top 5 Gamecube games.



Supermarioman commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Need to Exercise ...:

No. Nintendo doesn't need to do this. Its not like the NES days when the market was unstable and Nintendo wanted to make sure they could prove that their games were quality and they looked at the games then to get their reputation. However now after they have cemented their reputation as a company they don't have to make sure what everyone makes is quality because its now up to the third party's to start determining if their games are quality or not, they need to stop leaning on "The Seal of Quality" as their crutch and make stuff thats worth crap. Also the shovelware is there for casual gamers because they will sell with casual gamers and they will usually enjoy the game even if in reality it is crap. Its not up to Nintendo how a developer makes their game and if its quality its simply if they are allowed on the console and Nintendo wants to let everyone try out their games are their system with its cheap costs to develop on and learn from their mistakes. The third party's need to learn form their own mistakes and start doing things on their own.



Supermarioman commented on Miyamoto Hints Towards Next Console:

JimLad: That would be a great release date , becuase thats would be my birthday!
But on topic I couldn't justify a new console at this point, I actually wish that video games would be crap for a year so I could actually buy all of those games that are on my list. Plus 2010's already got me in the hole with my parents once (Just $20). I Have a lot of games I need to catch up on PS3 and Wii and a lot to buy that are coming out this year, so in short a new console would be too much to handle at this point, I say let it come late 2012 and let us all hope that they don't make 200 awsome games in between now and then for our wallets sake.



Supermarioman commented on Dead Space Extracted From Wii?:

Well I don't know how the sales for the first Dead Space were, but I'm pretty sure Dead Space dosen't have a massive fan-base, so its not likely those players aren't going to buy a Rail Shooter as opposed to their FPS or even get a Wii just to play the prequel. However for all of you who like Dead Space 1 and own a Wii and like Rail Shooters, Shame on you for not buying it, yet....



Supermarioman commented on Review: No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle (Wii):

I wish the series wasn't so violent!!!!

And its not because I oppose it, its just I'm not supposed to play M-Rated Games (Though I've snuck a pretty portion in! ) But glad to see this game turning out great and a great review. And to any fanboys who say that the Wii is kiddy, look at this game and tell me if you still think that!