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Mon 31st Aug 2009

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Superman commented on Review: ClayFighter (MD):

ClayFighter isn't uninspired. Mario is uninspired. ClayFighter has loads of potential, it's like a Saturday morning cartoon with all the wacky voices and annoying sounds. I contacted Interplay a while back and asked if I could buy the series from them. They told me it would cost a few million, because, as I said, they saw huge potential in it.



Superman commented on Golden Axe:

It's not really that much better than the Genesis version. I've beaten both, and can't find more than a few superficial differences. I just wish they'd let you switch between characters after you've lost a continue.



Superman commented on Nintendo Download: Winds, Warriors, Dinosaurs ...:

The blues...

That's what some people will be singing, the blues. Others will make excuses for Nintendo, and say that this was a good update. Those people will also highlight the number of games released, completely ignoring the quality of said games.

As for me, not surprised in the least. This is standard procedure for Nintendo.



Superman commented on Fight in the Street on Virtual Console Later T...:

This game is awful, but not as bad as Street Fighter II. One thing I can't stand is an overrated piece of crap. The characters are horribly imbalanced (Balrog and Blanka's throw moves take away so much health, and Zangief hits ridiculously hard), and the fights end in seconds. It's terrible. You want to play a good fighting game, then ignore the first few Street Fighter entries and pick up Street Fighter III: Third Strike. It's the only Street Fighter worth playing. Or, just play one of the following:

1. The King of Fighters XI
2. Killer Instinct 2
3. Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star)

Talk about a satisfying meal.



Superman commented on Features: Metroid's Metal Makeover:

Metal? Is this some kind of joke? Nothing, and I mean nothing, that Nintendo makes can ever be Metal. Nintendo isn't for kids, it's for dumb, fat kids with no imagination.

And Omega, you really shouldn't flap your yap about things you don't understand.



Superman commented on Nintendo Download: Monkeys, Rattles, Fantasies...:

The Virtual Console is such a disappointment. Week after week we are forced to endure this garbage. It's a shame too, because it has so much more to offer.

The Wii is just as awful. Never before have I seen such an abysmal lineup of video games in my life. The Atari had more soul than this piece of crap. The Wii is like one long, boring, unfulfilling horror movie.

I'd play the XBOX 360, but that's actually worse. That console's lower than garbage. The PS3 is clearly the best piece of hardware out on the market.

The last generation of consoles was far superior to this one. The only thing out these days worth investing in are the DS and PSP.