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Thu 15th November, 2012

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SuperCharlie78 commented on Miiverse Browser Version Has a Minor Update:

"more opportunities for everyone to see drawings of Nintendo characters."
This made me laugh, but actually there's no other point in looking into the web browser version of Miiverse instead of common forums.
But minor adjustments (and stability of course) are always welcome, aren't they?



SuperCharlie78 commented on Site News: Tom Has Evolved Into A New Form: Ed...:

"The man is a machine."
You're right man.
And guys you all are so awesome, thank you very much for your hard work, you really are present in my life every day, keep on forever!
Congratulations Tom, I appreciate so much what you've done so far, you are a super talented writer and I enjoy your articles every day.
Charlie, from Italy!
Mamma mia bro!



SuperCharlie78 commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

The only thing annoying me is the fact I already own most of these games on my 3DS, when I buy something from Sony they allow me to choose the system where I'll play, so Nintendo should really, really stop this crap, not to mention the prices of VC games and the lack of discounts, they are losing customers this way, and they just don't realize it



SuperCharlie78 commented on Koji Igarashi Discusses Leaving Konami and Bei...:

The lack of Metroidvania games from him is what makes the DS' line up better than the 3DS one.
I'm excited about these news though, just give me 2D Castlevania like games and call them as you wish, I don't mind if you call them Mighty N. 10.
Konami is diyng softly and he made the right decision, now let's Kickstart something cool.



SuperCharlie78 commented on Talking Point: Important Steps to Bring the 3D...:

"Another point is tha I would like to upgrade from my 3DS to a 3DS xl (that means buy a new console, nintendo) but I have a lot of downloaded games on my 3DS so that is not going to happen (non more money to you, Nintendo)."
Well actually you can transfer everything from a 3DS to another one through the proper trasfer option.
It will transfer even your diary data, friend list, Mii Plaza puzzles, everything.
You need the two 3DS near to you and connected to the internet.



SuperCharlie78 commented on Talking Point: Important Steps to Bring the 3D...:

I'll add something in response to Kerry's article.
If you are a PS Plus member and a PS3 owner only, since they featured the Vita you could have downloaded (or just tied them to your PSN ID for that matter) a ridicolous amount of Vita games (Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice, Wipeout, Lumines, well more than 30 games), and if you go and buy a PS Vita you would find all of them in your download history, but this is not helping Vita sales in the west.
Just saying... And thinking about it, why not a Nintendo Plus among all the other things they should definitely do?



SuperCharlie78 commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Web Framework and ...:

"A common thread in the Framework games shown off to date is that, compared to some of their upcoming Wii U eShop contemporaries, they're relatively basic experiences."
And that's exactly why I'm not interested at all.
I respect your point of view, but I wouldn't consider this kind of experiences even on my (wife's) smartphone, I'm just too busy with more complex videogames, and I love indies today.
I'm keen to spend money on the eShop, even if they put all the games in the next Humble Bundle, like they actually did with all my eShop games, but I'm not interested in basic experiences.



SuperCharlie78 commented on Interview: We Chat to BNC Design Studios, A Ne...:

"In terms of games we're currently confined to smaller eShop friendly titles. We do have a secret weapon however which is our end all but that's something of a much larger scope and scale and we may not get to tackle that for a few years now."
Ok now I'm getting curious °_°



SuperCharlie78 commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

I didn't expect such an article from you guys, I just can't believe it.
To hope that third parties would bring their games is stupid, they will not cause tu a bunch of reasons, and none of them includes the Gamepad.
Plus, the Wii U's premium sku (the one with NL) is now 250€ at Gamestop, and you can find it easily at that price everywhere, by removing the Gamepad the people out there would only look at it like a useless console, more useless than before I mean, because it will continue not having FIFA, Battlefield, and soon CoD and Assassin's Creed, no achievements/trophies, poor online features, it would be definitely doomed.
And let me say this, to have the second screen running the same stuff while playing on the tv was something entirely stupid in NSMBU, and they would've fixed that.
Boy you really know how to worry me.



SuperCharlie78 commented on 3DS Hardware Sales Pass 15 Million Units in Japan:

The 3DS will sell just like the GBA, if this trend continues, which is just half the sales of the DS (80M vs. 150M).
I'm not saying it's not selling well (look at the Vita), after all it's the best selling system of 2013 worldwide, but I suspect Nintendo is not that happy.



SuperCharlie78 commented on UK Retailer Argos Drops Wii U Premium to £179.99:

I don't think the price is the issue here, you can find a Wii U for that price everywhere, some days ago I've seen a pic from a belgian Mediaworld where they gave it away for just 99€.
Here in Italy you can find it easily at 250€, the premium one I mean.



SuperCharlie78 commented on Talking Point: Is The Castlevania Series Finis...:

I can't actually vote since I'm not interested in spanish development for the series, sorry.
In fact I own a PS3 copy of LoS but I didn't purchase the 3DS entry at all.
The lack of some Igarashi's Metroidvania goodness makes me terribly sad because I love the DS trilogy so badly, sigh.



SuperCharlie78 commented on Guide: Using Miiverse And The Nintendo Network...:

When you are about to create a NNID on the Wii U the system asks if you want to use an existing NNID. Now, since you can't log in with your ID on any Wii U but the one where you created it, maybe now I can understand that question and believe this is going to work when you do the "use my existing 3DS NNID" thing.
So, you are not able to use your ID on two different Wii U systems or two different 3DS, but you can use the same ID on both.



SuperCharlie78 commented on Nintendo of America Announces StreetPass Weeke...:

We should talk about HomePass...

and the four DLC games are awesome, I'm looking forward for more content.
BTW, here in Italy, since the 6 hits upgrade, you take hits from all regions and sometimes from other european countries.



SuperCharlie78 commented on Super Mario 3D World Struggles Against PS4 Tit...:

Let's hope in 2014 Mario games then.
Because they're going to release them, along with Zelda.
5 Mario main games in last 2 years and half (3D Land, NSMBU, NSMB2, NSLU, 3D World), 4 Zelda games in last 3 years or so (Skyward Sword, OoT 3D, WW HD and ALBW), and I own each one of course.
It's about time to do something new Nintendo.