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Re: Nintendo Applies For New N64 Trademark - Is Another Classic Edition On The Way?


Like others have said, quite a few of the great n64 games don't belong to Nintendo. Perfect Dark, Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo Kazooie, Killer Instinct Gold, Jet Force Gemini, Turok, Conker...and one of the killer apps for the n64 - Goldeneye.
A lot of them are Rare titles, so Microsoft might let it happen given their stance lately. And what about Goldeneye? Who has the Bond license? If Rare/Microsoft give the go ahead, can this even be re-released if they don't have the 007 license?
But otherwise, you get a bunch of games that Nintendo has re-released already (and in a better form for the 2 Zelda's)....only on a system that's not as tied to nostalgia as the NES and SNES are.
I have fond memories of the n64, but it has not aged well. Early 3D was pioneering a new age of gaming, but those early polygons are fugly and don't age near as well as old sprites.

Re: Review: Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (Switch eShop)


I got this mainly for 9 and 10. I only owned those on PS3 and are the only games I have played on the PS3 in recent years.
Getting these on Switch is pretty awesome. 7 and 8 aren't amazing, but they're decent enough I'll play them through time to time.

By far my biggest gripe with this collection is the omission of Mega Man & Bass. While it's not a numbered entry, it's still a part of the overall story and playing as Bass in that game was great (I like playing as him moreso than Mega Man).

Re: No Plans For Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 On Nintendo Switch, Treyarch Says


@Arcade91 Did the Bethesda games sell poorly?
Bethesda & Panic Button put a lot of work into making games run on Switch and they did a good job. Sadly, I think it's just more effort than most AAA developers are willing to do. It requires more than the bare minimum for an easy port, so they skip it.
Most will take the easy route. Like dumping a campaign entirely for a battle royale is lazy, in my opinion. It's just cashing on the current craze. Battle royales should be in addition to a single player campaign, not in lieu of.

Re: Resident Evil 7 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch In Japan


Nope. Will not be getting this in this fashion if it comes to the West. Digital download is one thing, but this is a step too far for me. I'll just grab it on Steam if this is the case as it's in my wishlist backlog anyway.

@Henmii There's probably some viable solutions, but using Blu-ray isn't one of them. People complain about battery life now, imagine having a spinning disc drive and laser running in it too. Not to mention the added bulk when people already complain it's too big as it is and want a "mini" model. Optical media is a terrible format, IMO, with it's only real advantage being that it's cheap.
If the cards were going to be such an issue, pushing more for digital would have been better than trying to get an optical drive in it, IMO. A lot more on board memory so it's ready to handle these huge games or doing something to negate the added cost of the carts, like you said.

Re: Nintendo Switch Only Accounted For 7% Of Ubisoft's Yearly Revenue


@NEStalgia This report is just Ubisoft sales.
There was a report put out by GamesIndustry in December that paints the picture as a whole.
They had broken down 2017 sales as PC gaming representing 28% of the entire gaming market whereas all the consoles combined represented 29%. PC gaming is anything but dismal in the larger picture and accounts for more than any singular console.
The rest of the market is represented by mobile gaming at 43%.

Re: Soapbox: Let's Give Nintendo Switch Online A Chance Before We Throw It To The Wolves


Nintendo's is just behind the curve. Xbox Live and PS+ have had time to evolve. Nintendo is only now in 2018 starting out with it's paid service, a decade(ish) behind the others. That doesn't mean they can't observe what the other services have done and take lesson from it, though.
It does seem though, that many people seem to think that what Live and Plus are now is how they were when they launched.

Re: The Mega Man Animated Series Will Be Called Mega Man: Fully Charged


"Do you think it’ll respect the source material?"
Well, the description alone is already not following the source material, so no, I have zero expectations it will follow it at all.
I'll still check it out, though. If it's too kiddie, I'll be out. I don't watch many cartoons, but I'd like something a bit more mature (along the lines of 4Kids TMNT, Gargoyles, 90's Batman..)
Also, that image of Mega Man is really weird. Somethings wrong with his face.

Re: The Virtual Console Isn't Coming To Switch, Nintendo Confirms


I didn't realize how many peoples lives hung in the balance because of VC. Because that's what it looks like here.
Even if this was VC, it'd be the exact same list of games, only they'd be $5 a pop. And people would be losing their minds about having to rebuy them yet again for the umpteenth time. Besides, it's not like the lack of VC branding is holding back any additions or add-ons to this. That's all VC was....a brand.

Re: Reaction: What are Your Thoughts on Nintendo Switch Online?


I don't like paying for online at all (I'm used to PC and Nintendos up till now free online, so paying for it will be a first for me).
The best part about it is cloud saves which, given that we can't back them up ourselves locally, should be a free service. But it's cheap enough that I'm in.

Re: Consumers Go Bananas For Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze In This Week's UK Charts


Glad to see DKC doing well, despite the constant negative ramblings on any Wii U port. It proves again people want these games on a better system.

Labo's not for me, but I don't hate on it. It's kind of a niche gimmick, so it's not surprising to see an initial burst then drop off. Besides that, it's more a toy than an actual game, so the comparison is not exactly fair. Being a toy, I expect its sales to plateau, rather than the up and down games have.

Re: The Man Behind The Wonder Boy: Dragon's Trap Remake Would Love To Tackle Zelda II


@XenoShaun I'm also one of the few that like Zelda II. I liked that back then sequels could be different and franchises weren't pigeon-holed into being the more of the same.
If it were remade, I'd only change some of the more cryptic stuff to be not so cryptic (some of this may be fixed with a better translation), since I probably take it for granted that I know were most everything is from multiple playthroughs.
I'd also make a better save system so that a game over didn't put you back to the Princess every time. Have it either put you back to the last town you were in or the start of the dungeon/cave/castle you are in (like the final castle does).
Otherwise, it's a classic IMO.

Re: Federal Government Is Officially Investigating Nintendo For Possible Patent Infringement


These two products aren't the same thing to me.
One is a self-contained gaming system that has removable controllers whilst the other is flexible add-on for existing tablets and phones.
I'm curious, are they also going after Motorola? Because, if anything, the Moto Gpad is more like the Gamevice attachment
Plus there are many others that make gamepad attachments for phones. Let me guess...Nintendo is the sole target here. Par for the course when a company has a product that sells really well.

Re: New And Improved Left Joy-Con May Be In The Works


Are there any actual stats on this? Or is it another one of those issues experienced by some but being reported as affecting a vast majority. Personally, I have 2 sets, both are fine.

I want them release an official left Joycon with a proper D-pad, sold separately on it's own, so I can mix and match it in my existing Joycon sets.

Re: Rumour: Capcom Has Listed An Unnamed 'Action/Adventure' Game For E3 2018


@electrolite77 That does hold up initially that it was designed for more powerful hardware, so the initial release didn't come to Switch. That doesn't hold up for why it can't happen later.
Doom and Wolfenstein were designed to run on much more powerful hardware as well. Now they also run on Switch. If it doesn't come, I don't think it's a conspiracy, I just think Capcom can't be bothered putting anywhere near the effort of making it happen like Bethesda/Panic Button has.

@westman98 It's probably already on PS4.

Re: Shuntaro Furukawa Is Nintendo's New President


I don't know anything about Nintendos inner workings or who most people even are that work there.
The only thing I'm taking away from this is that the new president speaks fluent english. Otherwise, I know literally nothing about him, certainly not enough to form opinions on whether its good or not.

Re: Check Out 20XX, A Roguelike Inspired By Mega Man X That Could Be Coming To Switch


From what I've read about it, this kind of game doesn't appeal to me. I love Mega Man X....but that's not what this is. I don't mind a good platforming challenge like Celeste (recently finished it), but at least in that you don't start the entire chapter over again and you can learn from your mistakes since the levels are pre-made and set. Repeatedly perma-dying in randomly generated levels sounds terrible.