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Sat 30th November, 2013

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Stu13 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Brings Circ...:

I'm not afraid of this happening to me, but I'm still going to be super bummed if you cannot use the d-pad for character movement in the full game. I've been playing a lot of Kirby Fighters and this type of game just feels so much better with the d-pad.



Stu13 commented on Review: Kirby Fighters Deluxe (3DS eShop):

Was on the fence about this since I have Triple Deluxe, but this review pushed me over to the side of purchase. My copy of TD is a physical one so it will be nice to have this even when the full game is not with me.



Stu13 commented on From the Forum: To Buy or Not to Buy? SPIKEY W...:

I totally get the angle of this. But here's the thing, most consumers are.... not smart. And they wouldn't understand parody if you beat them over the head with it. So games like this end up being the image that is projected for the download service on your Serious Gaming Console.



Stu13 commented on From the Forum: To Buy or Not to Buy? SPIKEY W...:

This game has every right to exist. Should it exist on the eShop? Hell no. There are platforms for this, but it ain't the eShop. You recently had Miyamoto saying how they no longer cared about the casual market and then here comes SPIKEY WALLS flapping it's way onto the storefront. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by having this game available on the Wii U.



Stu13 commented on September's Club Nintendo Reward Details Are C...:

I had already started giving half-hearted, two or three word answers on the surveys after the platinum reward debacle. I think I'm just going to start typing complete nonsense now.
Please tell us in your own words what you thought of the game:
'Auke octane if he yard dang'



Stu13 commented on Review: The Fall (Wii U eShop):

Different tastes, folks. The voice acting was actually one of the game's highlights for me. And I did not find the controls for interactions to be bothersome at all. This was one of the best and most gripping games that I've played in a loooooong time. I've been continually thinking about it ever since completing it and I feel like it is something that I'll end up replaying many times.



Stu13 commented on Nintendo Direct on 4th September to Reveal Mor...:

The timing of this does seem to point to something Bayonetta related popping up in the eShop update. If they gave me Bayonetta 1 to play before the new one releases, I'd be one very happy customer. That's probably just wishful thinking, though.



Stu13 commented on Resident Evil Revelations 2 Confirmed By Capco...:

I'd love to say that I'm protesting this by not getting the rest of the Gargoyle's Quest series when it comes to NA, but I'm still totally getting those games. Because my principles are often overriden by action platformers.



Stu13 commented on Nintendo Download: 28th August (North America):

Gunvolt and Steamworld for me. I voted Steamworld because I figured it would get less love than Gunvolt and X3. X3 is kinda weak, by the way. Just a little heads-up if you've never played it and are assuming that it's as good as the first two.



Stu13 commented on Review: SteamWorld Dig (Wii U eShop):

I find the whole 'system is not in place to give you a discount' argument to be rubbish. As stated above, Nicalis did it with 1001 spikes. Also, 3DS games show on your Wii U wish list and vice versa so the systems are obviously aware of one another. Will still buy this again to support these dudes, though. Love the game and can't wait to see it on my television.



Stu13 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

If I had the money to spend, I'd have a PS4 just for Gran Turismo, Batman and MGS. The Wii U was the one with games that I simply could not live without, though. Once the price drops I may still yet own a PS4 at some point, but for now I have plenty to play on the U and 3DS. The other thing holding back that purchase is that the used PS3 I picked up a couple years back straight up died on me and the lack of backwards compatibility on the 4 is a real kick in the teeth.