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Wed 18th Aug 2010

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stompy commented on TIGA Calls for Clarification on Download Sales...:

This is a complicated argument which most people can't see both sides of (partly because of Nintendo's secrecy).
Nintendo are totally amazing in their support and belief in indie development. The tools are brilliant to use and the hardware is not too complex to understand. Devkits are really good value for money and tech support from Nintendo is top dollar.

The marketing of Wiiware is non-existent and the shopping experience is terrible. The lack of proper card transactions and the ability to transfer points from Wiiware to DSiware is embarrassing.

All game development market places follow the oldest law of business which is that supply will match demand. On iPhone there are 400,000 apps because lots of people want to buy apps and it is easy to do. On Nintendo's European service there was not a single Wiiware release this week. You do not need sales figures, good games or bad games to tell you what this means about European Wiiware sales.

Are Nintendo at fault? Yes kind of but actually Apple doesn't publish sales figures for individual titles. Developers should be allowed to share info and to be honest Nintendo are probably ashamed of the sales figures.

Is it all bad? Things might be getting better Nintendo have just brought all demos back online in the US. This for us at least tips the balance and we will be releasing more games for sure (but only in the US). I have this kind of idealistic hope that Wii will live on in its sunset years as more of a digital platform. I guess this was the last Christmas of 1st party Wii disc titles.



stompy commented on Icon Games Breaks WiiWare Sales Figures Silence:

Wiiware is hard, the sales just aren't there, the QA is really tough (in a slightly pointless way) and the payment terms terrible. Saying that we are still going to release at least one more Wiiware title!



stompy commented on Monsteca Corral Competition Winners:

Congratulations to all the winners we will contact you on Monday to sort out the gifting process you will need to have your Wii Friend code to hand.



stompy commented on Interviews: Onteca Studio Visit - A Monsteca C...:

@LuWiiGi I agree we don't think the game is ugly, the game has a certain style much of which is dictated by doing an 'open world' 3d game for Wiiware. There just isn't room for lots of textures. Most (all?) of the other Wiiware games are either 2d, 3d on rails or 2.5d platformers.
We decided to make a game where your ability to roam was pretty complete. Plus we are religious about running at 60 fps which gives us half as much drawing power to play with.
We followed Nintendo's lead and used strong single color characters and buildings. There are loads of nice particle and other graphics in the game and it all comes together well.
The Stompies are kind of based on Toddlers who walk as if they are wet themselves (because often they have). It is partly about making the player want to look after them and partly because it is funny.



stompy commented on Interviews: Onteca Studio Visit - A Monsteca C...:

Just to say thanks to Jaime for coming over to the office, he enthusiasm for 'classic' gaming is inspiring and it was great fun in fact I think he stayed all afternoon. We played some two player together but got a bit scared of the CPU.
@WolfRamHeart, the ending I referred to in the Interview is the 'battle' with the CPU so you have unlocked the whole game. The attract mode will now show you some other parts of the Monsteca world but they are just to look at.
We did create 3 extra worlds which were going to be unlocked on completion but they were moved down into the main game. Hence the 23 levels on the game tree rather than the 20 advertised.



stompy commented on Review: A Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs. Robots...:

Hi thanks for the review. It is one of the dev team. The camera problems the reviewer experienced are due to one of the stompies getting too much gas and flying away it is easily fixed when playing just a quick shake of the controller and he will fart the gas away. We should probably have created some kind of on screen warning whoops.