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Wed 20th March, 2013

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stingeragent commented on Talking Point: The Problem With 'Old' Wii U Ports:

They charge more money for a Wii U port because they have to pay people to port it. They can't just re-burn the 360 version to a wii u disk and ship it off. Stuff is different. I am not a game designer so I don't know all the full details of what has to happen for a port, but there is clearly some work involved. That means people have to do it, and those people have to be paid. They already got paid for their 360/ps3 work when the original game came out at full price. They have to pay these people again for the porting work, and releasing a game at 20 bucks isn't gonna pay the salaries. Sure you can get it on 360 for cheaper, and if thats what you want, but a 360 and play it on there. Not everyone has a 360 though. This could be a brand new game for a lot of people.



stingeragent commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Leake...:

This is a great game. I played it when it first came out on PC. I've also played the original and the second one which wasn't all that great. The first one was probably the best of the series, as it had a lot of innovation going for it at the time. The third one was good too though. For the guy that asked what its about, its a FPS, set in a sci fi universe. It also incorporates rpg elements. Your basically a human that can get nano upgrades which allow you to do certain things ( invisibilty, robot control, IR vision, etc etc). Its a somewhat open world game in a sense, as your basically free to roam all the areas and do as you please. I no longer have a gaming PC, and just have a wii u. I'll be glad to pick this up though. A couple guys on here suggested square is doing this so they can say "look wii u sucks we won't do any more games for it" That is simply not the case. If that was the case, they would just not put out a port for it period. They clearly spent some money making changes, upgrading whatever it is etc, so they clearly have interest in the console. There are plenty of other publishers completely ignoring Wii U. Square doesn't have to put out an old port to justify ignoring it in the future. They could just do that from the get go and be done with it. This is an older port, but I'm sure there are tons of gamers that have never played it, and possibly never heard of it. I loved the first one when it came out way back when on PC, but all my friends that played pc games, or xbox or whatever had never heard of it. It isn't the mainstream COD after all. So even though it is older and some have probably already seen it, if they market it well, they will surely get a good reception. I personally think people should calm down on the Wii U bashing. Nintendo has it rough. They went from the Wii, which was mainly a family oriented/ group console. They knew to get a bigger market share they would have to reach a larger audience (AKA the FPS crowd, uncharted type of game etc). I'm sure they sent out notices to all the big publishers/developers to try and make the launch line up as strong as possible but there was clearly hesitation on the publisher side. They probably didn't want to risk developing games for this new system after seeing how their previous system was catered to the less "hardcore gaming" crowd. If I had a company developing tissue paper, and then decided I was gonna build guns for the military, I would probably have a fairly tough road ahead of me getting government contracts until I had established myself. That may not be the best analogy but surely someone will get my point. Once some solid games come out for the Wii U, and publishers/devs start to see that "hey this is a viable system and not just meant for little kids" we will start getting better games. Also of note, good AAA games usually aren't developed over night. It takes time, unless you want a buggy incomplete game that will get terrible reviews. The games and support will come. Nintendo made the launch lineup very clear, and minus a few delays they have delivered on it. We can't expect brand new titles to just be dropping left and right 6 months after release. Nintendo is still working out the bugs with the system, which is common for new hardware launches. As things improve, support will improve, and everything will get better.