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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Steviis_Father commented on E3 2014: Ubisoft Admits to Holding Back Comple...:

Sorry to ressurect this post... But...

This bit of news just in:

Basically Rayman is "sort of" implied to be playable in Smash. But that's not what got me thinking. It's what Sakurai said (at his last pic of the day) when he received the model from Ubisoft to make the trophy (see below):

"...We were expecting to receive 2D drawing references for Rayman, but to our surprise, they sent us data of a brand new 3D model that they rendered for this game!!" - Sakurai

If Ubisoft rendered a brand new 3D model... Then maybe, perhaps, possibly & quite likely... That new game their holding back is a NEW 3D HD Rayman game!!

Does that make sense to you?!



Steviis_Father commented on Review: Pop'n Twinbee (Wii U eShop / Super Nin...:

Insane! This has finally arrived on the Wii U Virtual Console! Seeing it in glorious HD (and being able to play it using Off-TV play) is awesome! This game is pretty rare to find in cart form (both SFC & SNES), so you guys definitely should pick it up if you fancy cute-shmup fun with a friend!

OT # 1: Meanwhile, Konami has been waking up a little with bringing their back catalog to the Wii U... they currently own ALL Hudson Soft properties (Bomberman, Load Runner, Star Soldier, Adventure Island, etc.), so I do hope we get a Bomberman release real soon!! Getting the chance to play the old SNES 4-player games will be incredible on the Wii U!

OT # 2: And if the "powers that be" are listening... maybe Konami can share those classic Hudson characters as DLC for the Smash Bros games coming this year!! O_o



Steviis_Father commented on Review: 1001 Spikes (Wii U eShop):

I went out and purchased the WiiU version and I'm loving the game itself. The plumber costume in Golden Vase multiplayer mode is a nice bonus exclusive to the WiiU version.

One gripe.
In that mode I mentioned, the only controllers that can be used are the Wii U Gamepad, and... The Wii U Pro Controller. Wii Remotes CANNOT be used. Now who really has 4 Wii U Pro Controllers, let alone 4 Gamepads.

That sorta immediately makes gives the other PS3/PS4/XBox360 versions an edge since finding extra controllers is pretty simple. Wii U Pro Controllers on the other hand (NOT the Wii Classic Contoller/Pro) are expensive, and usually purchased as a single and for just one game. Wouldn't make sense now to purchase 4 new ones (or 3 if you wanna use the Gamepad as a Contoller) just for this game. Most PS3/360 users have 4 controllers already for other games.

Man, do I feel like I've been duped a bit. They could've just allowed Wii remotes to be used, even if 4 buttons are required. I think gamers would prefer to adapt to a strange Wii Remote layout than shell out cash for 3 new Wii U Pro Controllers.

In Luke's words to Obi-Wan, "Why didn't you tell me?"



Steviis_Father commented on Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition:

@SeanOrange Yup! Shortly after I left a comment, I saw it for sale and snatched it up quick on my Wii U! Hahahaha! Thanks for the clarification nonetheless.

*Hey, Sean! Just listened to the latest episode of you & Vink on the #FamicomDojoVideoGamePodcast. Waiting for the next drop soon! Thanks for defending Total Recall's depth at the last minute!

Twitter: (at)8bitJedi



Steviis_Father commented on Review: Yumi's Odd Odyssey (3DS eShop):

Ok!! This game is on sale (less $10) on the NA eShop until June 15, 2014!! That's a fine deal for a brilliant game... Especially for one that never had a release outside of the Japan!! Don't fiddle with your line & just reel this catch in!



Steviis_Father commented on German Ratings Board Leaks Another World: 20th...:

Depends on the price point. I've downloaded the trial version on the OUYA (USD $4.99 for the full game) & it looks incredible, outputting at true 1080p thru HDMI, with a very easy control scheme on the controller. One especially nifty feature is a dedicated button JUST to toggle between high & low resolutions. It's incredibly fast, & smooth to play, unlike the 90s ports. I love nostalgia & I grew up with the SNES version, but at the end of the day, play a properly presented one; Another World is too good a game for it's story to suffer through slowdown & loading screens.

Anyone here know if the WiiU version :
1. Has the Resolution toggle via button press in-game?
2. Has Gamepad support for extra features besides Off-TV Mode?
3. Has any major differences (content-wise, control-wise) from the other platforms?
4. Will cost more than USD $5?



Steviis_Father commented on Review: Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Myst...:


I just felt I ought to post about this issue since I haven't found anything on the Internet about this yet...

For those of us opting to play this game on Wii Remotes only, the default control scheme is this:
1 - JUMP,
B - USE.

However, if you look in the controls options screen, it shows a completely different button layout:
1 - USE

The problem lies in the fact that CAPCOM mixed up the button assignments for the Wii Remotes. Gamepad, Classic controller & Pro seem just fine. It's only the Wii Remote buttons CAPCOM messed up.

So for everyone's benefit, I am here to inform you that you CAN design your own button layout for Wii Remotes. You just have to use this legend below to figure out which button corresponds to the remote buttons:
A on screen is 2 on remote [A=2]
B on screen is 1 on remote [B=1]
1 on screen is B on remote [1=B]
2 on screen is A on remote [2=A]

It really hurts the head to have to think of a button but mean another button, but for some reason CAPCOM testers missed this mistake. (*it's most likely that testers just used the default and learned it, not diving into control options to customize.)

Hope this helps!



Steviis_Father commented on Guide: 3DS XL System Transfer:

Hope this wasn't brought up yet...

What if we have this scenario:

  • 3DS (2GB SD card, with eShop apps, eShop games, game saves)
  • 3DS XL (4GB SD card, with preloaded Animal Crossing, game saves)

If I wanna transfer everything from the 3DS to the 3DS XL, how do I go about copying and pasting stuff from the 2GB SD card without messing up the preloaded stuff (saves, etc.) on the 4GB?



Steviis_Father commented on Soul Blazer:

Are the chances of seeing this game on Wii VC becoming slimmer and slimmer as games are beginning to be pulled from the Wii Store..?



Steviis_Father commented on The Famicom's Biggest Rival Is 25 Years Old:

I love this little guy so so so so so so so so so so much.

Anyone who mourns the disappearance of Hudson Soft should either track down and obtain a unit for themselves, or download some VC games on Wii. It's a good chance that these two options may be the only places left to experience Hudson at its finest... And whether you're a fan of the system or not, simply because Akumajo Dracula X: Chi No Rondo (Castlevania: Rondo of Blood) was released for this system, and Nintendo decided to release it on VC, Wii owners SHOULD download this gem before it gets pulled off the Wii Shop permanently.... then the game goes back to being extremely expensive and rare.



Steviis_Father commented on Guide: 3DS XL System Transfer:

Sorry if this may seem obvious, but since it hasn't been brought up yet in this thread, can someone please confirm and guarantee that this transfer process ALSO ensures that the Mii & StreetPass Data (acquired puzzle pieces, completed puzzle boards, acquired hats, Find Mii achievements, acquired StreetPass Miis, Friends in the Friends List, Swapnote messages, etc.) are all transferred to the new system? I'm seriously on the fence about buying a new 3DS XL. Being an Ambassador & having my 3DS this long has already earned me a WHOLE LOT of data, accomplishments & saves that I'm not prepared to lose...

Any thoughts and clarifications about the StreetPass Puzzle/Find Mii/Mii Plaza/Swapnote data would be a big help.



Steviis_Father commented on Metal Slug 3:

If you can find Metal Slug Anthology for cheap (bargain bin, eBay, thru a friend, etc.) that collection has this game and all the others. Great deal!



Steviis_Father commented on Chronos Twins:

Is this game exactly the same as the US DSiWare release? Do any of the DS versions (not Wii) have any differences?



Steviis_Father commented on VVVVVV Update Released on eShop:

OT: When I went to update my VVVVVV, I noticed that there was an update for the copy of METROID (NES) I got from the Ambassador program. Anyone know what is new with this update?



Steviis_Father commented on Three Turbografx-16 Games Dropped from VC:

And so it begins...

I will seriously shed a tear once Rondo of Blood gets pulled from the VC lineup.
Seems like only yesterday that such wonderful games were being offered on the service. I pity anyone who might have wanted to play these games, but missed an opportunity to buy them.

I recently picked up MUSHA Aleste (MD) on the VC, just for my own peace to know I have this wonderful game (albeit expensive in physical form). I also was happy to have picked up Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES), Gunstar Heroes (MD), Battle Load Runner (PCE) & Lords of Thunder (PCE SCD).

As we approach the Wii U launch later this year, I urge EVERYONE to scan the VC library (alongside the very, very helpful nintendolife VC reviews section) and pickup all the games you always wanted to get, but passed on to do on a later date. While classic VC games begin to disappear, you never know if WiiPoints cards may begin to become harder to find in stores...



Steviis_Father commented on Review: Pyramids (3DSWare):

I was thinking the exact same thing! Solomon's Key! Hahaha!

But I loved that game, (Both Key for the NES & Quest for the Gameboy), so this game should be good.



Steviis_Father commented on Review: 3D Classics: TwinBee (3DSWare):

Great game! Music in this particular TwinBee (NES) offers some of the better offerings - if not the best in the series - with a perfect mix of upbeat tunes to match the hectic gameplay, as well as particularly melodic anthems to get your head bopping along. The sprite work here, though simplistic to the later games in the franchise, is still very well designed. The palette doesn't become too "cotton-candylike" to the point of being overly childish, and the variety of bell-power ups gives it as much depth as its side-scrolling cousins, Gradius & Life Force/Salamander. In fact, much like how Super Mario Bros. still plays well when compared to SMB 2 & 3, this NES port of the arcade original offers many of the series' distinct staples, so much so that it's easy to see this game on many "Top Games of All Time" lists, simply because of how well it holds up. Hope a whole new generation gives it a try, because it's a wonderful little game with a lot to offer.



Steviis_Father commented on Capcom Refused Inafune's MML3 Contract Proposal:

If Satoru Iwata is listening... I say Nintendo should hire him.

Then create a new character & game called Nama Gem (Mega Man backwards) about a similar character, who uses the weapons of bosses to advance. He gets instant support from Nintendo failthful. He gets an automatic inclusion in Smash Bros & Mario Kart games to come. And Inafune still gets to draw, create & envision a character. He can even be blue-colored.

We all win. Except Capcom.

Make it happen Iwata-San! The world is in your hands.



Steviis_Father commented on First Impressions: DOT MAN:

Oh my god! It's basically an update* on Dodge 'Em, one of my all-time favorite ATARI 2600 games!

It was simplistic, yes, but so was Kaboom!, and other twitch games of the era. That's what made these games so addicting.

*except now you can make u-turns, which is pretty cool. But if this plays like Dodge 'Em, this game is a great game! In fact, Super Mario Kart (SNES) had a multiplayer stage that mimic'd the original Dodge 'Em set up of 4 quadrants with lane shifts between them.

Again, if it plays anything like Dodge 'Em, and feels like a spiritual successor, this should be good.