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Mon 30th Mar 2009

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Stevie commented on Nintendo Life Now Has a Google+ Page:

I was really hoping Google+ would take off when it launched, but no one else seemed to be bothered, so alas i'm stuck with using Facebook, majority rules and all. Added anyway in the hope that Google+ becomes relevant one day!



Stevie commented on New Wii Design Could Go As Low as £80:

I guess there has to be such a drastic price cut to compete with the massive second hand market for Wii stuff. I was going to sell £1000+RRP of Wii stuff 6 months ago when cash was short, and would have struggled to get more than £150-£200 for the lot, so I kept it which is a decision I do not regret, I'm a serial hoarder who hate's selling stuff!



Stevie commented on These Games Sold Over a Million Copies Last Year:

I hear that Luigidude, I still have a Amiga 600 and a box full of copied games and although I still download some music (different argument for another day) I too am a reformed character who recognises if we don't pay for the games we play, there will be no games to play in the future. I mean look where Commodore is now thanks to me and you Luigidude



Stevie commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Coming to Wii:

I will put my faith in you one last time Sega, please do not let me down. I do have a good feeling about this one though, the signs are there that they have listened to fans this time and have kept it 2D as well as ditching unnessecary characters. I shall be keeping a close eye on this!!



Stevie commented on WiiWare Devs Call for More Advertising From Ni...:

Nintendo need to play on the positives of Wiiware, starting with showing the versatility in the selection of different games that there are, there are games to suit all tastes. Also they need to demonstrate to people how easy and cheap it is to get these games. I believe there is a big market for cheap games like what Wiiware offers, Nintendo are just frustratingly slow and inept to take advantage in the way companys such as Apple, Steam and Microsoft have



Stevie commented on Luigi's Mansion to Get Sequel?:

I loved Luigi's Mansion, I would like to see a sequel and NPC original, which if they are planning a sequel it would be logical to release the original with NPC for those that missed it the first time.



Stevie commented on Reggie: No New Console Successor Anytime Soon:

I'm glad about this news, I would rather Nintendo took their time with their next console and release a awesome, problem free console. With the cash they have made from the Wii they certainly can afford to take the time to make their next console even more ground breaking and amazing than before.



Stevie commented on UK Theme Park Getting Sonic-Branded Ride:

I'll be more interested in the SW6 (secret weapon 6) ride or Th13teen as I believe it will be called, from what I hear they are dubbing it a Pyscoaster and it will have a age limit of 13+.



Stevie commented on Nintendo Life Game of the Year Results:

Some good choices there and I couldn't be more happy with the readers choice result, I personally voted LKS purely because of how original its concept is, however I can't argue with a tie.

The results are definitely better than IGN's who for some bizarre reason have Madworld as winner or runner up for nearly every category, the only choice I disagree with is the Wiiware game of the year, Lost Winds should have won that but ah well.



Stevie commented on Nintendo Silence Talking Link:

'Another dead Link on the Internet.' -

Somebody on NL posted a link to this film a while back and I watched some of it and it is terrible, all I can say is that the people involved should learn their lesson and ask for permission next time before wasting hours making a film about/butchering copyright characters.



Stevie commented on Club Nintendo Australia Left Behind:

Strewth, Nintendo can be such nongs sometimes, on one hand they are a great company who have given me countless hours of pleasure in my lifetime, on the other they are stubborn fools who couldn't run a p-up in a brewery.



Stevie commented on Wii Fit Doesn't Improve Fitness?:

So if I did a study that shows going to the gym doesn't help you lose weight, as the people I did the study started off going 4 times a week for 2 hour but got bored so decided to go for a hour once a week, would that be seen as a credible report, or does it merely show the people I studied didn't have a good level of commitment.



Stevie commented on Feature: For Your Consideration - Little King'...:

@edhe - Did you not find the game difficult enough, I played through in easy and it was a challenge.

LKS has my vote, as much as I love NSMB this game is just so original and engrossing that it had to get my vote.

I hope the vote doesn't need to be rigged but if so you know what to do James



Stevie commented on Sony Boss: All Your Sales Are Belong To Us, Ni...:

I don't understand why he is boasting about this, the Wii has out sold the PS3 by that much of a margin in the last 3-4 years that even if they stopped selling the Wii tomorrow, PS3 sales would still never catch up.

I do agree on the fact though that PS3 software sales should sustain longer, as Damo mentioned a lot of people who purchased the Wii will not invest in a lot of games, maybe just playing Wii Sports every now and again and thats it. It reminds of the slogan you see about people getting dogs at Christmas then abandoning them when the novelty factor wears off.

A Wii is for life, not just for Christmas!!!!



Stevie commented on Review: ANNO: Create a New World (Wii):

I am pleasantly surprised that this turned out so well, I've always loved Sim games right from the original Sim City through to Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 which I still play.. I will definitely keep an eye out for this,



Stevie commented on New Copter Crisis Gameplay Trailer:

Do people only ever need rescuing by helicopters in Canyon's in the world of Copter Crisis and did I see the Copter shooting down a turret with a rocket, what kind of Rescue Helicopter is this.

If the story turns out that you are rescuing Soldiers from Canyons in Afganistan I will let it off.



Stevie commented on Britain's Best Nintendo Gamer 2009 - Report!:

@Pro - Damn, I feel a bit bad now.

As for the interesting final fact, if I had won that competition I would have told them to forget the bag and proceeded to run round the streets of London with my king gear on.



Stevie commented on Nintendo Download: Ninja Gaiden, My Zoo, Rock ...:

Well as all the other Brits are claiming to be from Southport I will too,
I am from south of the port at Newcastle.

Nothing that interests me this week, I was hoping for Excitement of the two wheeled variety but ah well, maybe next week/month/year.



Stevie commented on Review: Excitebike: World Rally (WiiWare):

@bboy2970 - This is Wiiware though not a retail release so there is a lot less risk and monetary outlay to worry about, it will be released, when is the question.

The optimist in me is saying that if this sells well in the EU we may see Excitebots.



Stevie commented on Britain's Best Nintendo Gamer 2009 - Report!:

Nice pics SILENTMOUNTAIN, just one thing, why is Mario taller than Luigi

I see British Rail was as reliable as usual James, at least you got to meet the Martinetor, Congrats to the Josh the winner.



Stevie commented on Game Boy Granted Access To National Toy Hall O...:

I would love to see Nintendo use the Gameboy name again in the future for one of their portable consoles, looking back it was quite a brave move to drop the name after the success it has garnered over the years.



Stevie commented on Review: Carnival King (WiiWare):

I've always been a fan of the wackier shooting games such as Point Blank so am happy this has turned out to be a good game, I will consider getting it when/if it comes to Europe.



Stevie commented on Review: Chibi-Robo (GameCube):

Another game I never played that is added to my ever growing lis of games I need to buy, Thanks for putting such a strain on my wallet guys and gals at Nintendo Life



Stevie commented on Old Cart on the Block Has the Right Stuff:

The sarcasm ouzing from this article amused me no end.

I do fail to see how a box that never actually contained a game has got so damaged, I can understand a little wear and tear if somebody has been taking the game out of the box and back in for the last 15 or more years. I'll just assume it has been treated like the piece of garbage it is for the last 15-20 year



Stevie commented on Rumour: GAME Group Not Stocking Muramasa?:

I shunned the high street stores a few years back now and order all my games online, the majority from Play or Amazon, I have never experienced the delay's mentioned above and on more than one occasion have received a game the day before the release date. Its about time more people updated their game buying habits and let high street game stores sink in to the abyss they deserve to. Did I mention games are nearly always cheaper online and you don't have to put up with the BS game store employee's are forced to subject you to. (Rant over)