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Wed 28th November, 2012

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SteveSnowmn commented on Nintendo of America is Cutting the Price of Fi...:

I'd like to have MK7 digitally but $30 is way too much to double dip. Probably won't play it much after 8 comes out anyway. DK is the only game on the list I don't have, but I've played the Wii one enough that I don't feel like double dipping on that either.



SteveSnowmn commented on Review: Wii Party U (Wii U):

I have this + wiimote preordered on Amazon for $39.99. Sounds like a great deal. I'm curious though, can you play TV party completely without the GamePad or do some minigames require it? I really hate sharing my pad since we can't buy extras yet :P



SteveSnowmn commented on Retro Studios: "After Donkey Kong Country Retu...:

I think a lot of the disappointment would have been nipped in the bud if they had revealed the game at last years E3. We've had 2 years of rabid speculation and many Nintendo fans assuming that whatever Retro was working on, it would show what the Wii U can really do from a graphical standpoint. DKC:TR will be a great game, the announcement was just a bit of a let down for those that let the hype get the best of them.



SteveSnowmn commented on Special Edition Pikachu 3DS XL Shows Up In Nor...:

@Pixelroy I doubt we'll see the standalone white based on Reggie's comments. We might get the Animal Crossing bundle though, that's pretty close. I'm absolutely praying the Pikachu actually gets released. I almost caved and bought the Pink recently because the inside is white. So glad I waited! And the nipple thing really doesn't bother me lol I can't believe that would make or break a purchase for someone :P