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Sat 13th Aug 2011

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stevenshearing commented on Talking Point: The Great Nintendo 3DS Price Dr...:

@45 Ok right away you don't understand , games which you like is just a matter of opinion and franky i agree that mario and zelda are great but so is nova and many iphone games. Opinion dont count at all as all gamers like different games!.

The games cost for 3ds is an outrageous compared to the phones/tablets and even the old psp, a psp game sells at £10.00 give or take afew pounds.

Iphone 4 cost £400 then games cost around £0.69 each,1 game a month for 12 months is £8.28
Total is £408.28 for the iphone4 +12games(also counts as a phone )

3DS cost £115(tesco price) and a game cost £39.99 and if you buy 1 game a month for a year thats £479.88.
total for the 3ds+12games is £594.88

There for the 3DS cost more then a iphone4 and which games are better ?, well thats just a matter of Opinion and can not be counted.

I will not pay the high cost for video games, i wait for pre-own'd and sales.



stevenshearing commented on Talking Point: The Great Nintendo 3DS Price Dr...:

Im a nintendo fan but to tell the truth i still own the the original ds and never upgraded for a few reason.s

1) the upgrades have not really be worth it , in other words ds lite games etc still run on the old the original ds so its ponitless to pay out.

2) psp games go for around £15 instead of £30-£40 which is much more affordable.

3) a hand held consle should not cost more then a gaming consle such as the wii,xbox360 or ps3, it should cost around 1/4th of the price of a consle. Rember many familys have atleast 3 children and this adds up fast, so tesco at £115 is really £345 with no games thats a lot of money.

4) graphics are very poor compared to the psp even the n64 and sony has a new hand held on its way which can provide graphics near the ps3. Now its true that graphics dont make it a good game but think how much more sucess you would have if mario galaxy graphics was on your handheld.

Tesco does the best deal at £115 but i think ill wait for it to drop more, im sure nintendo will make the 3ds-lite or something soon which will force the price down lower.

Its not a world which every one is made of cash, most people earn just over the minium wage and can not afford such goods. Cheapen it down to around £80 and you have a deal.

Ill stick to my pre-own games like every one else