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Wed 12th Jun 2013

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stephenmunn commented on Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei Confirmed For...:

Excited. I had assumed there was no chance of this coming here since almost no Langrisser games have, and I'm a fan of the series. I still own my original copy of Warsong and I still play it.

I watched a chunk of that video to see what people were complaining about and sure, it looks a little unrefined compared to a big budget blockbuster like FE, but it's pretty consistent with what we had from the series 20 years ago and I look forward to trying it, especially if they do a good job with localization.

I honestly was surprised to hear the VO from Kerensky on that YouTube video going, "wow, this is bad!" It is? He's complaining about units bursting and vanishing when they are defeated? Maybe I'm old, but I don't see the problem as a significant one.

The soundtrack is not out of place. This is the style of music this series has.

Reviews from people who understand the language similarly dislike it, so I'm concerned:

I'll look forward to a professional reviewer giving it a try, or a demo to try it myself.



stephenmunn commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

I avoid downloading on Nintendo platforms unless it's either the only option or I've gotten it at a serious discount. The lack of adequate storage or a real account system make it a definite no. I wanted to try fatal frame but there wasn't enough room on my WiiU. I'm not curious enough to buy another external hdd.



stephenmunn commented on Nintendo Download: 13th August (North America):

I'm somewhat excited about I Love My Dogs for 3DS but I'm going to hold out for the rest of the series so I can pick it up in a compilation with I Wish I Got Cats Instead, I'm So Over My Dogs, and What Was I Thinking When I Got More Than One Dog?



stephenmunn commented on Talking Point: The Majora's Mask 3D Reveal Sho...:

I never did manage to play through Majora's Mask. I had all but stopped console gaming by the time it came out and didn't even own an N64 until years later. I tried playing through it on Gamecube but the lousy job they did on the port, combined with the frustration of feeling like I was being robbed of all my progress every time I had to time travel, made me stop playing.

Here's hoping for a generally available (not extremely limited numbers only at the Nintendo World Store) special edition of some kind in North America for this game.



stephenmunn commented on Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow to Complete GBA Tr...:

I'm tempted, but with all three of these on my shelf already and a RetroN5, there's no point. The features when playing them on the Retron are better than VC. It's stopped me from buying any of these Castlevania games on VC since Dracula's Curse.



stephenmunn commented on Video: This Hyrule Warriors Launch Trailer Aim...:

@jazo152 I may be wrong, sure. But while I've seen many first party Nintendo games inexplicably retain their value in the past in many cases, I've seen this "fail and reduce" happen time and again with other third party developed Nintendo-published games in particular. Wonderful 101 comes to mind this generation. I'm not interested enough in this game to pay full price for it, since I don't enjoy Dynasty Warriors games. Instead I have pre-orders in for Bayonetta 2 and Smash WiiU, even though Bayonetta 2 may also fail and be slashed in price as well.



stephenmunn commented on Video: Hyperkin RetroN 5 Review - King Of The ...:

@Nintenjoe64 Assuming that's not a joke:

Blowing in cartridges never actually helped, it was the removing and reinserting that sometimes resolved bad connections on the NES because of the springy contacts. Contact cleaner or glass cleaner on a cotton swab is the way to clean carts without introducing saliva, which can eventually corrode the contacts.

That said, some of the cart slots on this are very very snug, so they seem more reliable than the NES. I've had to pull and reinsert a couple of carts but the system software tells you to do this before you even boot the game. So, not too bad so far.



stephenmunn commented on Nintendo's Scott Moffitt - Upcoming Wii U Line...:

Despite Nintendo killing PS3 and 360's sales last generation, I'm skeptical they can pull out a turnaround based on the software they had at E3. I do have hope, though, considering that by the time PS4 and Xbox One launch, there should be a number of quality titles on WiiU, and the competition will still be offering launch-quality software (which is nearly always unfinished garbage on every platform, Nintendo's included). If past generations are any indication, it will take at least another full year before either PS4 or Xbox One start offering any good games at all, at which point Nintendo's first party stuff on WiiU will be seriously impressive... we'll all be playing Smash Bros and Zelda and whatever else already.



stephenmunn commented on Miyamoto: Consumers Should Have Access To Thei...:

@SetupDisk Yeah, if you bought them while they were available, you can redownload them in the future. However, under some circumstances, people who lost their consoles and called Nintendo were credited currency in the Wii Shop Channel instead of the games themselves, which meant they couldn't get the now unavailable games again.



stephenmunn commented on Ubisoft Scaling Back Support For Wii U, Expect...:

Anyone who buys a Nintendo system for anything but Nintendo games is wasting their money. It's been that way since the launch of the N64. Even with Wii dominating last generation, few third party games sold in the millions. Still, they profit every generation (virtual boy excepted) on their own software, and that's fine by me. Every generation we get people claiming Nintendo is in trouble and they do great anyway.