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steamtrain commented on Weirdness: The Legend of Zelda's Master Sword ...:

I am finishing Mass Effect 3 for the first time, and as I am getting into the story it saddens me that this is proabably the last time I finish this game, as good as it is, because the game's real strength is in the story.

While I don't know how many times I've finished Fallout New Vegas, because it is a really fun rpg.

Movie games are fun now & then, but just because it's trendy, does not make the future of gaming.



steamtrain commented on Interview: Nocturnal on Flowerworks HD's Bloss...:

Looks good! But what's up with the high pitch sound???

I just want to relax and play the game, not have a headache...

Is it to scare away mosquitos, or players younger than 50 years of age?

I hope it's only the audio quality of the video, but the rest sound fine, hmmm...



steamtrain commented on Rune Factory 4 European Release Has Been Cance...:


I do my research at my own will.

All these games are influenced by an idea about how western civilization is, and that is really not what I am talking about.

Yes, it is sad, knowing there exists an english version of RF4 and that it does not get an european release. However this has actually little to do about region locking, but more to do about the game company.

Believe whatever you want.

I believe removing region locking will have some unforeseen unfortunate consequences, I am actually not arguing the case for region locking itself. Thank you, and good bye.



steamtrain commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

Before I bought my Wii U I honestly didn't think I would use the gamepad much, but now I only use the gamepad. And in 9/10 cases, I guess I would not bother playing anything if it wasn't around. It is great!

The point of it not being used to its full potential is not an argument for excluding it! And I think not utilizing it to its full potential yet is a very good idea anyways.

Also, as someone else has stated, a Wii U without a gamepad won't be that much cheaper. And it certainly won't convince the PS4/Xbone gamers who already think of it as a cheap & childish console.

As for the casual crowd, either they will bother to invest or they are too busy with their tablets, the price is fine. Any more irregular price drops and people will think something is horrible wrong with the product.

What we need is marketing, the word of mouth and some faith in Nintendo. There are many factors why the Wii U was unsuccessful, Nintendo being a minor one. It is easy to blame them in hindsight, but they did make a great console.



steamtrain commented on Rune Factory 4 European Release Has Been Cance...:


Well, you said I have no proof, and I have explained myself alot here, more than I generally care for. I think my explaination is proof enough for my beliefs for now.

Because Nintendo practically runs the entire Japans game industry. The games that people are angry about not being released in their region, they are mostly Japanese games.

I don't know anything about them hiding their reasons, I haven't really looked in to the matter. My stance is as before, because Nintendo has had region locking since NES, I don't think it is a good idea to change that without a thought.

Every spill from a cup starts with a drop, not exactly a saying, yes, but it makes my point. I tried to balance the opinion expressed here and offer a different perspective, but I get some seemingly very paranoid responses(not you).

If I explain myself alot I am sorry, but I have a problem with communication sometimes, and I just try to make myself clear.

The changing mind-thing, that was not intended specifically towards you, I used "you" as an example and should have used "people", I am sorry I did not make myself clear about this. I tried to make my point that I am not apart of the region locking good vs bad discussion or the consumer vs big companies discussion, so that arguing either way with me won't budge.

I'm glad to hear it, a healthy attitude!



steamtrain commented on Rune Factory 4 European Release Has Been Cance...:


I never said I had proof, I said I believe, and I said it will have some sort of effect.

Being free to westernize games is evidence for nothing. My argument is that a region free Nintendo might serve as an indirect "encouragement" for developers & investors to focus on globalization, and because of this in time, westernize. I am pretty sure this will happen to a certain degree, to what I am not sure.

Region locking software, is true. But then again, if there is any legal obligations for region locking, there is a reason for region locking consoles as well. I don't know if there is.

The vanishing "magic" I am talking about, is that we're all "consumers" and we all have a "right". Whatever happened to playing the game that is in front of you? Contacting some sketchy businessmen just to get a hold of an import? Playing hard-to-get games at a friends house? Or a friends friend? Or making new friends because they have got that one legendary game you have heard so much about? I am talking about a trend obliviating all culture & excitement into singularity.

I think that if your problem is that you can't get a game, you've got very few problems in life, but one big & hard one: Disappointment.

And I have always said I believe, there is no proof the one way or the other, because in Nintendo's case this has never happened. But you won't convince me I'm wrong just by arguing your case. I already know people want this game, and I already know people are frustrated because of region locking. I am sorry, I see it differently.



steamtrain commented on Rune Factory 4 European Release Has Been Cance...:


Yes, I am aware of this. My reasoning is still not flawed, I still believe it will affect the industry considering the home console region lock.

And region locking is of course about control, no doubt.

I believe in Nintendos freedom to utilize region locking, just as I believe in the consumers freedom to import consoles & games + voice their disapproval.

As I have said, I think there is a substantial difference between Nintendo and the two other companies in the case of region locking.

WTO Ban? Very well, that is how you feel.

For me, it's not consumers vs. big companies. I am on neither side.

I feel that making everything available to everyone for the same effort diminishes the magic of it all.



steamtrain commented on Rune Factory 4 European Release Has Been Cance...:

I live in Europe too, I face the same problems.

In fact, I live in a small town in northern Norway, I don't have a car, and we only got two stores, grocery stores, in walking distance. If I want to go to the "big city" I need to take a bus for three-four hours, to come to a city of 50.000 people.

Now they are talking about closing down the postal office, which means I have to take a bus for a half an hour just to get the many packages I order from the internet.

Life is not fair. But I choose to live here, and I choose to not get a car. Just as you choose to not be satisfied with the many games already available to you.

If it were up to me, if I owned the rights of these games, I would give them to you, I don't care. But it's up to Nintendo, and sometimes it's not even up to them. And I respect that.

I don't care about region locking, but I think region locking is one thing for Xbox/PS, and another for Nintendo, and I think it is not wise to call out for a rash action just because someone wants something.

I don't know how it will affect the industry, and I don't think most people do, but Nintendo has been a big dog in the industry since NES, and NES had a region lock, it is no doubt it will affect something.



steamtrain commented on Rune Factory 4 European Release Has Been Cance...:


If it is nonsense, why? Don't take your frustration out on me just because I have my own opinion.

How a developer designs games is dictated by the culture.
With region locking, investment & production is dictated by regional trends.
Without region locking, investment & production may be dictated to greater extent by global trends.

Culture has always been bound by some imposed limitation, technical or artifical or whatever. That's exactly what a culture is.

Is it a good thing? Is the sea deep? I don't know.

I'm just saying:
1) The matter is more complex than:
"Nintendo want's you to buy two 3DS systems"
2) If the matter is more complex than what we are focused on (example 1),
it is not wise to do something rash (region free)
3) If you really love these games, the safest way to support them,
is to buy them the way they are distributed now



steamtrain commented on Rune Factory 4 European Release Has Been Cance...:

A region free Nintendo might mean a Nintendo free from those games you want so bad.

Region locking supports cultural diversity.

Xbox & PS games are generally western games even when sold in Japan, Nintendo however has its feet in two different worlds.

Game culture is very different in Japan than in Western countries.

With a region free Nintendo, Japanese game companies might worry more about the global market, and so, they may include more western culture.

And Pandora's box is opened.

And while you think, hey that's a good thing, maybe it ruins a great game, maybe in time it ruins a company, maybe a business, maybe a culture.

Where will it stop? Nobody knows...

Seriously though, what you might like about western culture in japanese games, is the ignorance of it.

When you are importing consoles & games, you are supporting Nintendo and the games you love.

It is a very safe bet.

If you really love these games, accepting the region lock, even with the extra effort it's probably the best you can do for them.



steamtrain commented on Mario And Zelda On Mobile Could Bring New Play...:

Why not make some cheap braindead & addictive smartphone only games with Nintendo characters?

It would be hit or miss, but it's worth the risk.

But for this to work, they would need to release a dozen of these.

At least it will keeep Nintendo alive in mind.

Maybe even some minigames of console software?

Releasing old games however, is a really bad idea. It will throw off retro gamers from buying Nintendo consoles. The idea/hope of a good & functional VC is one thing keeping Nintendo alive.



steamtrain commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata "Has Earned Th...:


I completely agree.

It's not a bad idea though, but smartphone gaming lacks experience in being more than a fad for now, and it will never be anything close to playing ie. local coop on a console.

Local coop is awesome, people may forget that from time to time, but it will never vanish.

There were many unforeseen factors for the lack of success, because the Wii U is not a bad console at all. It's actually the most fun I've ever had on a console, and I got my first console the SNES in '92 or '93.

It was a twist of fate, and it does happen, no matter how badly some people does not want it to happen.

But hey, Nintendo will live on, and I've never been a fanboy, but they're a really great company despite all the criticism.



steamtrain commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata "Has Earned Th...:

The success of Wii was not luck, but they did not foresee smartphone gaming.

Honestly who did? It was a stupid fad, and it reached its momentum long time ago.

The failure of the Wii U is mostly due to bad timing, and to some extent its release titles.

The Nintendo strategy is to be thoughtful, ambitious & diligent. How is that not a good strategy in any business, in good times or bad?

You can translate that as being slow, ignorant & responsible, but in times like these for the future sake of Nintendo, is it better to be rash, selling out at lowest price & giving away all responsibilites to the next schmo?



steamtrain commented on Nintendo Has "Great Games" But Is Facing A "St...:

If Nintendo become more like PS4/Xbox, or become a third party, they will face even worse consequences in the future, by forgottenment & the death of general console gaming.

But today Nintendo consoles are not general consoles, but something else, and that's what they need to capitalize on, even with its ups & downs.

Being something else, they still have the opportunity to be the next big thing, while offering a childhood nostalgia making experience, and that's a really good deal.

Sure they need to change a couple of things, but slow & steady wins the race.

I think if the Wii U in its present form, was released this fall, it would be much more successful.

Casual gamers are now bored with smartphone games, but are too afraid to invest in a Wii U because of the bad reception.

But Nintendo is not in the money business or the game business, they're in the empire business.



steamtrain commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:


How is it, they're cannibalizing eachother?

Nintendo handhelds has always been their best success.

I bought a 3DS XL first, then realizing the great product[The 3DS: Nintendo] and seeing advertisement for Wii U on its eShop, I bought a Wii U.

I don't regret it, I have stopped atm playing my 100+ library of unfinished premium PC games and my 10+ library of 3DS games.

Sure, they can capitalize even more, much more, by making the handheld interactive with the home console, and make more benefit from owning both systems, ie. discounts on games owned on the other system.

But the truth is that good advertisement for the 3DS means good advertisement for Nintendo, which means good advertisement for Wii U, if not then for a future home console.

The point I try to make is that there is nothing wrong with Nintendo products or their general business strategy, the times have changed yet again, and with Wii U it was bad timing.

Poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople happens. But Nintendo is still a name we remember tomorrow, and the day after. The question is how to capitalize on that.

Wait and see what happens to Microsoft & Sony when teenage gaming & media station is done on easy install personal consoles.
Please watch the profanity — TBD

Edit: Sorry, I did not realize it, it was a casual remark. I will refrain from it in the future.



steamtrain commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

1. Wii U is a great system
2. The great success of 3DS has an effect on Wii U sales
3. Wii U has many great games, and they will continue to come
4. People are still reminded why they love Nintendo

1. Cellphones have taken over casual gaming
2. Wii U had a bad start, gamewise
3. This combined with the hype of the new PS/Xbox
4. Wii was the family console, families already own it, and don't see the need for a new one atm



steamtrain commented on 3DS Tops US Hardware Sales as Wii U Achieves "...:

We already knew the Wii U was doing terribly, so that forecast is not a surprise at all.

What is a surprise, is that, thankfully, alot of people are ignorant to these figures, and they are still buying the Wii U.

And they will not be dissappointed because of the flow of supreme Wii U-only games, and because of the amazing features of the Wii U.

It is the Nintendo difference, and it will define the future of Nintendo.

Word only needs to get out, and we sadly might not see it for the Wii U, I don't know, but at least it's an investment in Nintendo's next generation consoles.

I think the Nintendo difference is very different now than from the times of N64/GCN, I didn't care to buy either of them. But Because of the Nintendo difference, if there is a console I will buy, it will be a Nintendo.

And this still matters to alot of people, despite the numbers. And that is ultimately very positive.

So tell me, what does it help to only spread negativity?



steamtrain commented on Review: World Conqueror 3D (3DS eShop):

Shameless clone? It is nothing like Risk!

It is fun, it is cheap, it is worth a buy.

But it lacks variety and customization in gameplay, complex strategy & multiplayer.


We need TripleA for Wii U/3DS!



steamtrain commented on Pokémon Bank Withdrawn From 3DS eShop in Japa...:


Well, I remember a Steam sale not very long ago, the servers were overloaded for at least one day, maybe even three, but it felt like a week.

So it is to be expected.

And that's why Nintendo should've been better prepared, and the customers should be patient.

It is like when you go to the store to get the latest fad toy i.e., and you know somebody will not get it, and you have to prepare mentally that this might be you.

Sure, now almost nobody got "it", but you are not frustrated for anybody else but you, and in some time everybody will actually get "it".

Be thankful for that possibility.

I am sure that Nintendo is both embarrassed and disappointed.



steamtrain commented on Review: World Conqueror 3D (3DS eShop):

There it is another board game called Axis & Allies, which from the looks of it reminds me of.

Apart from playing with dices, units and a board, Axis & Allies is nothing like Risk.

I will not dismiss this game because of this review, because if it is anything like Axis & Allies, it takes a good deal of "getting used to" before you can even say if you like it or not.

It's like saying you don't like chess, because you only know the movement of the pieces and the outcome is confusing.

Of course you can say you don't want to invest in learning this game, that is another matter, but not an attitude that qualifies for a review of it.

I may give it a try.

Although lack of multiplayer, is a BIG loss for this kind of games.