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Starwolf_UK commented on Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Could Have Been ...:

I remember when Skylanders was first announced I was like "eww, what an ugly Spyro" and then "Heh plastic crap, didn't crpativision learn from Guitar hero". I imagine many of you felt the same so you can't be all like "Nintendo should have picked it up"

@FineLerv That is the design they used in my Pokemon ranch. You know the developer Ambrella thought Polygons would be good idea for displaying up to 1000 Pokemon on screen with. Leaves you with very few polygons per Pokemon hence the art style.



Starwolf_UK commented on The North American Version Of Tomodachi Life W...:

Serious question. As much as Mexicans get a bit irritated by a Spain Spanish localisation being used surely that is better than none whatsoever.

I really don't get Nintendo at times and similarly can't see why both British English and American English can't be both used (the voice synth sounded better in the American version)



Starwolf_UK commented on Atlus Confirms Conception II DLC Details and M...:

@Jazzer94 After the last direct (i.e. 10 months after NOE said in a direct "SMTIV is cometg") I tried contacting customer services for Nintendo UK, Germany and ATLUS USA (Ghostlight was ruled out as they have previously said they did not announce it). Some people were told by Nintendo UK that ATLUS was the publisher (I was not though but I actually stated this to ATLUS USA as I felt it was incorrect and if they could comment this would help the missinformation but they never replied). Nintendo Germany had an interesting reply which used the if/when regarding release but was basically the "we have no information". In short NOE are irresponsible for saying it was coming in the direct without saying who is actually publishing it (as of now it has been a year since it was announced and we are still no nearer to a release date, heck we don't even know the publisher).

I have a feeling Conception 2 is being used as a test bed so ATLUS USA can avoid having to use publishers who don't care such as NISA Europe (3 use EOIV demo and printed about 10 physical copies, they won't give EOIV am eShop sale either because as they said on Facebook "it is not their game") or take an eternity to release anything.

Of course the bad thing coming from this is no localisation which ultimately limits your customer base and then there is the fact it is conception 2 which I wonder if it has enough demand to pay for the publishing bits (if it doesn't they might leave it to European publishers as before but I don't want to buy Conception 2 to inflate the demand).



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle for a Presence in UK ...:

Thing about a UK withdrawal is I think it would be gradual. More Inazuma Eleven 3: Ogre Tactics Emerald edition situations (Amazon and GAME never got stock of the physical release suggesting there were too few orders for a UK version to be printed, I would guess the version you can buy from the Nintendo UK store is not a green spine triangle UKV copy but a purple spine triangle EUR version instead).

@unrandomsam My local HMV has no Nintendo products (it is not the same store that @Laxeybobby has local to them). Unless you count Mario toys. Where the Nintendo games were there were books (who goes to HMV for these?) but now there are discounted LEGO and RC toys (who goes to HMV for these?).

So partnering with HMV seems like as bright an idea as Tesco last year (they mailshotted clubcard members who had bought Wii systems begging them to buy a Wii U, we'll give you club card points), Tesco responded by shrinking the Nintendo section down to one shelf and one chart (rather than separate handheld and portable ones).

I honestly have not bothered with the high street for years when it comes to buying games. I'll browse but rarely leave with anything.



Starwolf_UK commented on Tomodachi Life is Big on Character, But Modest...:

@Phantom_R I think a lot of it comes from working with smaller space their competitors in the past (N64 carts vs. Cds, mni-DVD vs. DVD, DVD5 vs. DVD9, DS carts vs. UMD etc...) and continuing to learn to use the tricks, even when they don't need to.

Though to be fair things that take up a lot of file space can be FMV and streamed audio (as opposed to sequenced).



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Download: 17th April (Europe):

@DESS-M-8 Yeah it came out on Wednesday. There was a news story on the German Nintendo site but it never got translated. One thing it mentions is you can buy 18 AR cards and the Stand for €5 through their online store:
I might ask Nintendo UK if they plan to do the same on their UK store (though I'm not that interested in it or trying Kid Icarus being left handed) as currently there is nothing like that on there.



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Launches 3DS XL "Recommended Software...:

When bundles started switching to digital downloads I wondered why they had to be fixed games and could not be a wildcard. It seems that this is a step in that direction.

@XFsWorld Nintendo do sell batteries for $15 at their store ( I think shipping is $5 from there making it $20. It beats spending $200 on a new system in any case...



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle for a Presence in UK ...:

@Peach64 Ace Attorney has never been big presence in the UK (it does not help that most fans would import the games for far cheaper...kind of happens when they are budget releases in Japan with full English text) and as for Professor Layton? Many fans never transitioned onto the 3DS (and now that Layton has ended they probably won't either). Marketing is going to get things so far really, still it technically being a Layton title it is odd there has been little push.



Starwolf_UK commented on Super Mario 3D World Double Disc Soundtrack Ar...:

@Klunk23 If you take into account the person who said 500 stars for Wii U games is wrong (it is 250) and Americans get post play surveys to puff up their coins it works out very much the same. But you can't really use item prices as a metric (it is only buying power, like a big mac index) the items are priced to get rid of your stars/coins (as these pro grammes run on a certain budget). If most users have a lot of coins, then the items cost more. Likewise you see how it is cheaper in Australia as their service is much younger so far fewer users have very many stars.



Starwolf_UK commented on You Can Now Pre-Order eShop Games Via Nintendo...:

I have a feeling if anyone buys this that you will get a code after the eShop update (Nintendo probably don't send out non-review codes before eShop updates after the Pikmin 3 incident with GAME) which means it is no faster than getting the game off the eShop yourself but if you want to give someone a gift and want to pay early for some reason this is the only real way.



Starwolf_UK commented on Super Mario 3D World Double Disc Soundtrack Ar...:

I still want an option that requires me to directly spend money on these and other soundtracks. Paying someone £50 on eBay who paid Nintendo 3000 stars is not what I mean. I'm talking download stores like google play, Amazon MP3 or even ugh, iTunes.

@ejamer @TheWhiteFalcon Roughly 1 coin is 5 stars. So 600 coins? But I say roughly because Club Nintendo America nearly always gives post play surveys (here in Europe you need to register at release for these), intend to buy surveys still exists (these were around and then there is the fact that platinum prizes exist which give you freebies just for earning 600 coins in a year (no such thing in Europe, but slips that expire 3.5 years from release and earned stars expire after 24 months making it hard to earn many...which is intentional). Then on the European side you have things like double stars for first party retail games downloaded via the eShop (makes up for the price hike, maybe).

@Mk_II 500 for Wii U games? Are you sure you are not mixing up the double stars for eShop retail downloads in to that.



Starwolf_UK commented on Subtle Character Design Changes Spotted for No...:

Personally I'm more concerned with the game coming out in Europe. That aside, given this change is noticed I think the best way to celebrate it is to have the other version kept available as an unlockable (think Expert mode in Star Fox 64 or Ultimate Difficulty in PSO kind of graphic changes).



Starwolf_UK commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

I'd have loved to try it only there was never a patch made for the European version of Brawl (no idea why, isn't this just patching files on the disc to be read off the SD, and when unofficial "how to get Project M to work on European Wiis" guides include the step "download the NTSC Brawl ISO" that is not making it work but just ignoring the problem).



Starwolf_UK commented on Super Smash Bros. Online Code of Conduct to La...:

@ferthepoet My glimmer of hope is Sakurai did not say NNID was mandatory which makes me think. Since NNID is not mandatory for the 3DS, the 3DS could just use the Mii and system name for when people lack it. I certainly hope so (its not my fault I can not get NNID, it is Nintendo with their needless locking you to one eShop policy that comes with having an NNID, maybe they could have designed NNID not to be crap in the first place...but it is designed by Japanese people who only have one country on their systems Japan, why would they care about anyone else).

As for constant self destructs. Say you play team mode and your team mate decides to suicide constantly because they're trolling, turning the thing in 2 vs 1. You can see why that kind of behavior would be detrimental to enjoyment.



Starwolf_UK commented on Wii Classic Controllers No Longer Being Manufa...:

@outburst If you're playing Virtual Console some games bought on the Wii side in Wii mode you need a Classic controler. Well SNES and N64 games.

The difference between CC and CC Pro is ergonomics and the original has analogue shoulder buttons (which I believe are unused). The golden CC Pros are quite easy to find due to the bundling with Goldeneye. It is just these kinds of new stories start up panic buying which increase the price in the medium term (short term as cheap sellers run out then everyone else thinks they are suddenly rare due to being discontinued so put their prices up).

Like with all Wii accessories, just each out for badly made Chinese counterfeits.



Starwolf_UK commented on 3DS eShop Exclusive Nintendo Pocket Football C...:

@Gunblade_Hero Same reason there is yet to be European versions of Devilish Brain Training, Chibi Robo and Rusty's Real Deal Baseball. Different Nintendo subsidiaries prioritise different games.

Anyway, considering the North American region includes Brazil it seems like it should be released some time soon. But then again, NOA doesn't care enough about Brazil to even open the Wii U eShop over there.



Starwolf_UK commented on Review: I am an Air Traffic Controller Airport...:

What is it with Airport based games on the 3DS being frantic, stressful and hard (I'm thinking of Aeroporter)? I guess you can't say it is unrealistic

As for long levels with no checkpoints. Bit.Trip Beat comes to mind here (though you can make more mistakes but it is the same frustration of getting halfway through to lose at a certain point and have to start again). I was only able to see that game trough to the end thanks to the Easy mode (present in the Steam and retail release).

@6ch6ris6 Not sure if you are thinking cheap or expensive but the Japanese retail release was over $50.



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Download: 10th April (Europe):

A permanent price reduction on the worst port of Myst.

@SilentHunter382 You missed the sale a few months ago on Liberation Maiden? (when Weapon shop came out) That sucks. Having played the game I'd say, keep waiting for a sale. The story mode is literally 45 minutes (but going for unlockables which explain more of the world, will take some time).



Starwolf_UK commented on Review: Rusty's Real Deal Baseball (3DS eShop):

@bizcuthammer I'm not sure if F2P comparisons are worthy here. There is a finite amount of content to buy for one thing (which makes it DLC or a game having a free demo to draw people in and then a full version IAP purchase). I would think of it more as a bulid your own collection. I'm not sure if a slippery slope will follow from this. This and Steel Diver (btw, Rusty came out first in Japan) are Nintendo tipping their toes in the idea of F2P (but have yet to show interest in the infinite purchase F2P that is so wrong with the industry) and as a result it may not even go anywhere (the AR cards and games that came with the 3DS were a similar toe tipping).

Speaking of which the review was kind of lacking on what exactly was available in terms of games but the review was pretty lengthy. But it is just kind of weird to see the game pushed aside in favor of the buying mechanic (which let's be honest here is why most people have an interest in this).



Starwolf_UK commented on Super Smash Bros. Direct Will Bring the Hype o...:

I really can not get any excitement from this new Nintendo direct time (I'm in bed by then and no I can't just "stay up"). Shame it looks like it is here to stay. Oh well at least I get to skip watching the direct.

But thats the problem with a simultaneous event, the time is going to be unsuitable for some people no matter what happens. I'm just a bit upset this looks more like it is the official time now.



Starwolf_UK commented on Kid Icarus AR Cards & Toad Folders With Bookma...:

It would seem they are already out of stock.

Anyone know if these were "AKDE" they should be (Australia and North America got the "AKDE" versions but for Europe NOE teamed up with Panini with a different code). I know someone trying to complete the "AKDE" set, (they need 8 cards out of the 405).

For the "AKDE" is actually impossible to have a complete 001-412 set because 405-412 (except for 407?) were only for Japan and super rare at that.

@C-Olimar You can't even blame Panini much here as looking at the missing stickers pages it is clear the Kid Icarus cards are a lot more expensive, but then cards are more expensive than stickers. Still 6 in a £1.50 is a bit much to swallow (though in my day I was ripped off by local comic stores in paying £7.50 for a Japanese Pokemon card booster pack...those things were like 200 yen, you could probably get them shipped from Japan individually for that sort of money...)



Starwolf_UK commented on Wii U System Update 4.1.0 Available Now:

It is sad Nintendo does not feel the need to post actual changelogs. Did you know that the connection speed you get from an Ethenet connection (using the USB adapter) is vastly improved (i.e. not throttled) in the current Wii U when compared with the launch firmware?

Likewise on the 3DS did you know that after a certain firmware problems in Bit.Trip Saga and Rayman 3D were lessened.

I guess Nintendo feel that these are like a "it shouldn't have launched like that" but its better than generic text every time.



Starwolf_UK commented on Australian Ratings Board Reveals Portable Cast...:

I'm worried that circle of the moon is being skipped because it can't be released for some reason. I guess it might be jumping to conclusions as after all it could be a case of both games being submitted at the same time but the rating board is still looking at circle of the moon.

@Xilef Climax is the one that was not released outside of Japan (and has a course editor). Mainly due to GP legend selling so badly (apparently off the record in North America it was the worst selling first party GBA game) but maybe also due to being after the events of the anime that flopped everywhere (I think 4kids stopped dubbing it after 13 episodes). I managed to get a sealed copy of it for £2. These days sealed copies are not hard to find for less than £20.



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd April (Europe):

@djcaetano I thought the eShop was available in Brazil on the 3DS but the prices were worse for retail (and similar for VC) so everyone just set their 3DS to Canada (or made a Canadian NNID on the Wii U). Maybe that was Mexico though. As for countries without eShops. Most of the list in European systems (which includes Africa, some of the 'stans and India) are all the ones it is available on:
UK, the Republic of Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Russia, South Africa, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Australia. Limited 3DS eShop in Turkey.

Limited means patches for games (except Pokemon), Nintendo video, Youtube and swapnote (you now need a Nintendo network ID to get these last 3 and lock yourself into Turkey eShop, which nobody will do). About a year ago South Africa and Czech Republic were also limited. If a country lacks an eShop it will may not even be capable of streetpass. At least both the eShop and Streetpass Mii plaza will refuse to open saying "this service is not available in your region".

It is quite annoying as this includes lots of places that are technically countries hut not really associated as such. For example; Guernsey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Vatican City.



Starwolf_UK commented on Tomodachi Collection: New Life Tests Western W...:

@LexKitteh The Vivian thing It is weird when you consider Birdo (though that being kept might have been a consequences of "you can't fight women"in these seal of quality" games). Also Vivian retained his gender in some European languages (as they were translated from the Japanese script).



Starwolf_UK commented on Feature: Looking at the 3DS Revolution on its ...:

I'm sorry I'm going to be negative as sometimes a slam into relaity is needed. The hardware is sub-par and Nintendo managed to mess up clam shell designs (both original and XL can scratch the top screens due to the bad design, yes the XL, my upper screen was starting to do that, I added some rubber feet to resolve this). The $40/€50/£40 pricing is starting to do more harm then good (a player's choice line would be great, hell even an eShop permanent discount on things like Pilotwings and Nintendogs). Software sales are non-existent for third parties outside of licensed games. Region locking now exists and the release schedules still make no sense; Europe will never get Devilish Brain Training (a sequel to one of the best selling DS games), America will need to wait months for Ace Attorney vs. Layton (as they only just got Layton 6) by which time Shin Megami Tensei 4 might have a European release date.

NNID is bolted on terribly. To go from an eShop with a seperate wallet to each country (something I took advantage of to get content not available in my country) to an account with one wallet that locks you into one country and is glued to your hardware is a step backward. Then to have the cheek and demand people have this to get free content is ridiculous. I can't use Pokemon Bank (good thing I only put 20 hours into Gen 5 then) or play Steel Diver Sub Wars because I care about owning and being able to download all the content I bought (which ironically is why many advocate such account systems in the first place).

I like the system inspite of these flaws but it would be a lot stronger without those. It looks unlikely to topple the DS Lite and I'm starting to think it won't be better than the GBA for me .

@unrandomsam You do know that holding down select when starting up a DS game on a 3DS disables the scaling. The displayed screen size on the XL is about the same as the DS lite too. I still use a DS lite though due to being able to use the rumble cart and play GBA games.



Starwolf_UK commented on Rusty's Real Deal Baseball Gets Into the Swing...:

Its free so I can't get it (due to the stupid decision to require a Nintendo Network ID and to lock this to a single eShop, progress it meant to go forward not backward...I'm so stockholm about it that I'd be willing to pay rather than be completely locked out). Then again I'm European so am not even at first base yet (game not yet announced).

@Artwark I took the comment of @epicdude12302 meaning they hope the reviews will tell them which of the DLC games are worth buying.



Starwolf_UK commented on Your Support Is Needed To Make This Lego Metro...:

The Zelda ideas have made it past the voting stages a few times but then got shot down by LEGO for either unspecified or cost reasons.

Then part of me wonders if there is still bad blood between LEGO and Nintendo over N&B blocks (Nintendo's LEGO clone in the 1960s) then again LEGO City games are Nintendo exclusive (though I don't know if LEGO is directly responsible).

There is also the existing Mairo Kart K'Nex sets. Does that mean Nintendo is exclusive to these or just Mario?



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Australia Confirms Game Boy Advance W...:

@RedYoshi999 They are cheaper than SNES games everywhere but the UK (who still uses the Wii shop prices for SNES games which makes them cheaper, the Wii shop was €10=£7 while since the DSi Shop it has been €10=£9, financial crisis and stuff*).

*-It is kind of like how the DSiWare games are €1=$1.5 AUD while more recent eShop games (such as these) are €1=$1.3AUD



Starwolf_UK commented on Modern Final Fantasy Tracks Confirmed For Thea...:

I knew about the SaGa tracks from a few weeks ago. Did not realise they were DLC. I knew it having no DLC was going to turn out too good to be true.

As for other non-FF stuff. While SaGa can be considered a sister series (hence its inclusion) I would like some Mana or Chrono tracks (these are more cousin series, I know).



Starwolf_UK commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

This is a lie. Advance Wars has hot seat multiplayer where you pass the system to your other players when it is their turn so should still be players 1-4. Its better than saying all of them lack multi player...

@gojiguy :( We can still cling to the hope it is an option they've not shown us (did the GB VC one 3DS show any screens of the 1:1 ratio green screens?). Otherwise it is one of their weird ugly things nobody wanted like the motion blur on Game Boy or whatever they did to NES games on Wii U.



Starwolf_UK commented on Capcom Shows Off Graphical Improvements In Ace...:

@Ernest_The_Crab The background in the courtrooms improved a lot (16 colour palette only allows for so much detail). The music did too.

I hope they fix the iOS HD version bugs too. For the second and third games they use the GBA music instead of the DS versions. This means Pearl is missing her character theme and all the other music sounds worse. The first game has the DS soundtrack. Probably as the existed iOS version used that.

As for the frames of animation missing in the HD release. I feel those are going to stay. The HD animations were based off the original artworks and maybe the missing frames were spritework and so too hard to recreate (as there is no artwork, only low resolution sprites and any imperfections stand out more at higher resolution). Maybe the HD art being downsamped and put on the 3DS screen will make it harder to tell the existing problems



Starwolf_UK commented on Hori is Bringing Some Awesome Mario Kart 8 Gam...:

Meanwhile in Europe (or at least the UK) our official licensed wheels are the most generic pieces of crap you could come up with (they're free with GAME pre-orders say all you need to know). The Super Mario Kart Racing Wheel. Best thing is we don't even know what the back looks like yet.



Starwolf_UK commented on Club Nintendo Adds Some Awesome Premium Mario ...:

@Kolzig In about 6 European countries it started with the Gamecube launch and was called Nintendo VIP 24:7 then (it had an achievements system on the profile...oh and free stars for daily visits but they seriously lacked things to actually buy as whenever anything went up it sold out quickly). I think end of 2007 they re-branded to Club Nintendo. Some countries like Australia and Russia got it far more recently.



Starwolf_UK commented on Mario Kart 8 Pre-Orders from Amazon Japan Get ...:

@HyperSonicEXE There exist forwarding services for Japan (you get the item shipped to a Japanese address they forward it to you) to get around only shipping to Japan but these do cost a fair bit plus you have to then to get rid of the useless Mario Kart 8 game. If only this were 2001 when still shipped videogames internationally. I'd say keep an eye on auctions or marketplaces (or try to set up some sort of alert for Mario kart 8 card or trump) such as eBay (will carry a premium from more people viewing) or Rakuten Japan (more of a shop front and has expensive shipping).

@ledreppe Even if you contact them they can't give you any measurements info :(. Heres hoping it is an adult small and not a child small. I did also point out there is no digital download with physical gifts option but it sounded like they didn't use this info at all.



Starwolf_UK commented on Yoshi's New Island Makes UK Chart Début in 12...:

I'm quite surprised as I thought the mixed reaction had killed all hope for this game. Seems pretty similar to how Mario Party did which had a similar reception.
Edit: Looking at guesstimated numbers Titanfall One is like at over 110,000 while Yoshi is less than 5,600.

But, you missed the real headline. Xenoblade, Boom Street and Rhythm Paradise Fever at numbers 1,2 and 5, respectively...of the Wii budget chart:
Behold. The power of the Argos. Yeah, apparently the controller bundle of Xenoblade is a "budget" game, whatever chart-track.



Starwolf_UK commented on Review: Inazuma Eleven (3DS eShop):

@datamonkey Level-5 think we want the bad British dub that the cartoon that hardly aired anywhere had and since this game does not have it (they made something up about download size limitations) we can't get it:
Contact level 5 about it (I did a while ago, they never even replied. charming, certainly made me think twice about about supporting their products).

Speaking of dubs, I think this download game has a different English dub to the episodes on the US eShop so it is like "oh dub inconsistency for America no problem, Britain big problem. Ireland no problem"



Starwolf_UK commented on Club Nintendo in North America to Remove Post-...:

So does this mean this years platinum prizes will be bad and download games will be even more expensive as everyone rushes to build their coin horde with all these post play surveys.

@unrandomsam They have to have a factory making these and given the extremely low volume they will be putting out the parts will cost a lot more so it is not worth them getting your money.

@MEKsLP This reminds me, I don't think you can actually redeem DSiWare rewards on a DSi...

@Unit_DTH Gamespy provided the tech for Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. They recently got a new owner who likes to charge too much for services. Given Nintendo's current financial state it is not worth paying the Gamespy ransom. Given Nintendo network is wholly Nintendo made maybe they saw this coming. Also, Nintendo can see how many users are using the service. The wi-fi connection website used to have this info visible until early 2008 and even then all but the most popular games were becoming ghost towns outside of the weekend.



Starwolf_UK commented on Review: Inazuma Eleven (3DS eShop):

@unrandomsam For other games not available in your countries eShop you get an error when trying to redownload them (software unavailable) so I would imagine the same would happen here. This is exactly the reason why I never signed up for a Nintendo Network ID.

I would try contacting gamesrocket first to explain the situation before you buy as it is likely you will need a refund if it does not work. Then again the download needs to start for the code to be redeemed (I found when my SD card was full I redeemed Mario & Luigi and it did not appear in my download history so I cleaned up the SD and re-entered the code).



Starwolf_UK commented on Wii Sports Club: Golf Adds Resort Course as a ...:

Isn't a course in golf 18 holes...wait I read up, it can be 9 holes too.

It is great these are added but shouldn't they have been present in the first place. It would be like saying they've updated bowling to add Motion+ support.



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Download: 13th March (North America):

@rjejr They moved that maintenance to Monday yesterday without specifying a reason.

@Ambassador_Kong While Iwata took a role in Nintendo of America I'd look at the Japanese virtual console and weep. That actually gets a healthy dose of content weekly. If only there was a way to get Square-Enix to care about outside of Japan (Square, Enix, Taito all held hostage by them...) and NOA to release things...



Starwolf_UK commented on Club Nintendo Adds Some Awesome Premium Mario ...:

I'm a bit worried all the glitter would come off, it does warn you in the description :(

Measurements are probably 58mm*89mm as other playing cards Nintendo makes are that.

I'd say I'm a maybe on buying them. I do have stars expiring so this would give me another year without expiring.



Starwolf_UK commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

Ah the supermarket own brand. Sometimes it is a perfect substitute but sometimes it leaves something to be desired. It makes me start to wonder if the original Yoshi's Island was a fluke or heck Yoshi Island DS for its faults...

@DiscoDriver43 You mean Yoshi is supposed to be like the artwork and not have giant feet?



Starwolf_UK commented on Review: Pokémon Link: Battle! (3DS eShop):

There was no mention of the streetpass feature in the review. Given how other impressions I read criticized how some of the Pokemon are only encountered by bringing specific ones to specific locations and the game gives you no info on these conditions (I'm getting memories of Mew in Pokemon Pinball now...); the streetpass might help in this respect.

@Olaf-symbiote This happens a lot with games Nintendo releases in Europe. Sometimes it is done to make the English title a bit simpler (if you use that title throughout Europe and some people speak English as a second or third language). Then again there are odd ones likeg Sakura Samurai > Hana Samurai (they're both flowers, right?).

Speaking of which the UK website alternates between the two.