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Starwolf_UK commented on Shovel Knight amiibo Confirms "Evolving" Relat...:

The gold base confuses me because the one NoE are showing has a purple base:

Anyway. I don't like stuff being locked behind these figures especially when no cheaper alternative is offered like I don't know, a card?

As for the it is nice figure argument, you have to understand amiibo are only good if you want the figure. If you don't care about the figure they are just expensive DLC. That cuts me off from a lot of the amiibo content. I personally don't like the Splatoon figures (can't stand the colours used, though when it comes to poses etc they are a lot better than most of the SSB range) but would have loved to have played the challenges by say buying a few cards for a couple of € each (heck I might even be crazy enough to go up to €5 each) but since the option isn't there (maybe Nintendo are scared the figures won't sell?) Nintendo get no money and they get customers disappointed instead. Which is just a lose lose situation.



Starwolf_UK commented on iOS and Android Receive Pokémon Shuffle Mobil...:

In the beta version of this you saw things like some stages costing more hearts to retry.

The thing is the stamina system in this game offers no level of progression via increasing max stamina. While it is nice that all stages cost the same (in the 3DS version at least) being able to earn a higher stamina cap is a must for these sorts of games as you can time manage better by not having to sign in all the time to use your stamina.



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Download: 27th August (Europe):

Devil's Third is €60? I guess NOE see there is such a small market for this game that they might as well price it at the max as they won't sell more copies at a lower price. Then it has microtransactions on top of that. Oh man...

I guess some people would argue, you can buy eggs to skip the grind of earning eggs so having no buy option is worse here but it really rubs me the wrong way given you're paying €60 just to enter.



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Download: 20th August (Europe):

The thing about Wario master of Disguise is I remember hearing the European release was a lot better when it came to the recognition on the touch screen. Which makes a paragraph of the old review a little less relevant. Still the other issues do remain.

It could be turned into an interesting co-op game a little easier than you could on the DS I guess.



Starwolf_UK commented on Splatoon's Rainmaker Mode Is Coming Tomorrow:

I just hope this "the connection is unstable" problem gets fixed (nothing on my end will work and it wasn't a problem prior to v2.0.0). Disconnections during turf wars are annoying but in ranked it is a serious stuff as it means you send yourself and your team that bit closer to the pit known as C rank.

@rjejr I seem to recall when tower control came out it was always that mode for 24 hours. Not too different to new stages always being in the rotation for 24 hours.



Starwolf_UK commented on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Hits The ...:

300Yen=£3.49? These exchange rates get worse by the day...

At least it is better than the £20 Argos was saying at one point.

I still have a feeling USA is going to be the place to get these from (card distribution makes more sense for completing the series)



Starwolf_UK commented on Here Are Some Handy Tips for Viewing Splatoon ...:

Should the equipment stats display all weapons you've used? If so looks like I've only used 9 weapons. If I ever get to play the game again I can fix that (accursed "the connection is unstable" problem happening during matches and which nothing on my end can fix and only started happening with the v2.0.0 patch).

@Spoony_Tech Those symbols are ガチ (gachi). A quick search finds:
Since the mode names translate literally to gachi area and gachi scaffold I guess gachi adds that bit excitement. The HTML of the Splatoon page itself lists it as earnest as well.



Starwolf_UK commented on Fire Emblem Fates Looks Set to be a Single Rel...:

Remember when Amazon UK said all copies of Bayonetta 2 came with the first game and then it was announced only the special edition would?

Well in that case Amazon got bombarded with customer support complaints but eventually upgraded everyone to the special edition free of charge. In the interim some people got upgrades while others were would told it would not happen and so canceled their orders (they were kicking themselves when the upgrade took place).



Starwolf_UK commented on The Legend of Legacy is Coming to Europe... in...:

Well at least there will be plenty of US impressions to go by.

Also I'd be happy to forgo a physical release for a quicker release (yes I know SMTIV took ages but Conception 2 did not) and actual eShop sales (something NISA Europe seem to be allergic to, I honestly find this point to be worse than the slow release dates, it is really hard to get excited for EO Untold 2 when I know America will be able to regularly get it for $20 if not $15 by the time it comes out in Europe and we will be expected to take £35 in the face like the mugs we are, sad that this game could well the same fate).

@Kogorn733 I don't think NISA have ever released a game in Europe that is in anything but English. The manuals are mandatory but the standards practically non-existent. There are still things like ratings and lot checks.



Starwolf_UK commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

So how do you lock onto enemies?

Reset gyro being left stick down? B, X and Y better do something here or I'll feel robbed (or is that Rob 64...).

"Oddly enough, and as far as I could tell, all the dialogue was directly lifted from Star Fox 64, verbatim."
I think that is because most of it is. I would think that is due to the English dub not being started. Take Treehouse live where a mission was played with the voices in Japanese (text was in English).

I remember when Star Fox Assault was shown at E3 treehouse dubbed it themselves. Maybe that would have been better than re-using Star Fox 64 3D lines.

It is just I see a lot of people picking up on this point and I'm not sure how relevant it is.



Starwolf_UK commented on Exclusive: eShop Publishers Are Dropping Relea...:

On Wii U at least you can just create another user in a different country to be able to purchase the games unavailable to you. It is not ideal splitting purchases across multiple NNID. Especially as it could have implications for Club NintenDeNA *or whatever the new membership scheme is).

You can do the same on the 3DS, if you never linked an NNID to it (this is actually a reason why I'm so annoyed at Nintendo insisting on having an NNID for so much these days on a 3DS, it is also changing the rules halfway through the game).

All that said the 3000 sales part is a really worrying part. As that can be compared to post 2009 WiiWare.

@1wiierdguy @Mario_Fart Initially the games were not rated for Australia (maybe the ratings were submitted and the ACB took too long). Looking at the ACB now they are rated now (including the unreleased Streets of Rage 2) so I really have no idea why they can't come out.



Starwolf_UK commented on ​The Prices of the Remaining Physical Goods ...:

So here I am in Europe waiting patiently for 3DS Game Card Case to come onto the catalogue (it should happen given America and Japan both had them in updates) only to see it get a price drop implying there was not much demand in America.



Starwolf_UK commented on Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush Fails to Brea...:

Part of me wonders if the effect of mainland Europe imports is also playing a part. If I'd purchased Puzzle and Dragons for instance I could have gotten it for sub £20 from Spain. Why would I want to pay £25 or more for a UK version?

Maybe one day NOE will wake up and notice it is not 2008 anymore.

@CreativeWelshman Look at the DS versions the titles reference. It was Canvas Curse in America, Power Paintbrush in Europe.

European titles (especially of Kirby games) tend to be more literal and dry. I feel the reason is because some customers won't have an excellent knowledge of English.



Starwolf_UK commented on Hacker Produces Region Free Exploit for Curren...:

@HopeNForever Since Super Smash Bros Melee Japanese and English have been both Japanese and US versions for Super Smash Bros although the options to switch have not been included since Melee.

As for why the Japanese SSB booted into English it is to do with how languages in games are handled. The default language is probably Japanese (testing on non-English system settings would be the test here) but the English system menu demands English where available so that boots up instead.

As far as the system goes all systems have English, Japanese and Russian alphabet support but not the Korean alphabet (see Streetpass Mii Plaza, I got one Korean pass and it just said ??????).



Starwolf_UK commented on The Legend of Zeldo: Lonk's Awakening is an iO...:

I much prefer Lunk. It would be a flappy bird clone as well...

A more concerning matter is that the game wants to know your location. Even while the app is not being used. Sometimes location data is used for targeted advertising but there is not need to harvest the info while the app is not running and there is no advertising here anyway.

It reminds me of how many free apps on the google play store just harvest information because they can (why does a flashlight app need to copy your contacts list for example).



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Download: 30th April (Europe):

@Mario_Fart Super Star and 3D classics Adventure (stay away from NES VC version poor technical performance and 50Hz) are great 2d Kirby games. All the spin-off games are solid too so it depends on what you are after. Golf - Dream Course. Match puzzle game - star Stacker. Breakout - Blok Ball. Pinball - Pinball land.

@ShanaUnite The 3D classic version is not crippled by constant slowdown.



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd April (Europe):

Oh boy 10% off Kirby and the Rainbow Curse...or I could just buy the disc version for £25.

@Einherjar Sadly they edited the title screen on the 3DS so that will probably carry over. Also Yoshi here in Europe had the title screen edited to be Mario & Yoshi.

For your oddities you need to buy Super Probotector in Wii mode and get the upgrade fee for Contra 3 on the eShop.



Starwolf_UK commented on Here's Why The StreetPass Bunny Couldn't Care ...:

Shame the only official response we will ever get about Rusty is a "Nintendo Europe has nothing to say at this time. Go away" when an upfront discussion like this could take place.

@andrea987 They could change the game content somewhat though. Something like a €10 game where you get the next games by doing the stuff you normally would to haggle plus getting a good score in the minigame (so similar to earning plaza tickets in Mii Plaza). You keep all the story bits but change the money element to an up front one removing the concerns.



Starwolf_UK commented on International StreetPass Week to Bring New Str...:

@GauBan They tend to use SSID and IP addresses (for country purposes, no getting free themes from German McDonalds unless you're in Germany) as I really doubt the providers of the hotspots keep a list of MAC addresses.

As my nearest GAME store is ridiculously far away I hope the SSID gets revealed as I would like the special Mii (it has been about 6 months since Europe got one).



Starwolf_UK commented on Fossil Fighters Frontier Roaring Into Europe o...:

I don't get NOE. Let's put nothing at all out in April (bar a New 3DS exclusive port of a game) then have May completely and utterly overloaded. Well at least it is actually coming in Europe, unlike the previous entries of the franchise.



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo DS And Nintendo 64 Games Finally Comi...:

In Europe, Mario 64 is 60Hz and DK64 is 50Hz. I was hoping these 50Hz games would actually end...

@wizzgamer The £:€ exchange rate changed quite a lot since 2006 including that time in 2008 when 0.90p=€1...which NOE still use today. Currently €10 is about £7.20. Since paying in € is a lot better might as well make an Irish NNID and just pay €10. 20p extra to play Mario 64 at the correct speed is worthwhile.

Still what is strange is the SNES and NES games are priced like their Wii Shop versions were.



Starwolf_UK commented on New StreetPass Mii Plaza Games Incoming, Along...:

The really need to explain VIP room better as it almost sounds like there was more to it from the Direct.

@iphys Just waste your time like I do militantly deleting Miis once I get near 1000...or spend $5 to save 100.

@Sakura The plaza is full at 3000 but 2000 of those are "met by invitation" so can't be used in the games. After 1000 the oldest are demoted to "met by invitation" the exception being special miis, they just get deleted completely. I know because I've lost most my old ones to this (LM2 Miyamoto, about half of E3 2013).



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd April (Europe):

@RJBurgess About a week. When it launched they had some glitches like labeling all GBA games as being for 3DS; not Wii U. All but Zelda Minish Cap would only redeem on a Wii U though. Minish Cap was then removed from the stars catalogue and brought back (so it is safe to assume that "glitch" is fixed).



Starwolf_UK commented on UK Retailer GAME Opens Marketplace to Sell Gam...:

As with any marketplace why would I want it? I suppose in the case of this GAME one it might be easier to browse gaming merchandise or something. But as for it supplementing their goods well...I do find it a bit sickening they Chinese counterfeits for sale such as these:
The controllers are highly likely to be junk tier and as simple as a USB hub is that could also easily fail.



Starwolf_UK commented on Video: This Harmless Exploit Will Help You Gra...:

@Kolzig Special Miis do come via spotpass. The problem is Nintendo of Europe rarely ever send out special Miis full stop (given the Chibi Robo Photo Finder puzzle panel is missing for no reason they really don't care about puzzle swap). The last one I received was about 6 months ago (some Game Freak employee) and I've yet to receive 10 (I've had the system since 2013)

Meanwhile America gets one every other month it feels. As for Honest Abe. Well it is promoting Code Name STEAM so in May, perhaps?



Starwolf_UK commented on All Theatrhythm Dragon Quest DLC Set to be Free:

BMS stages look horrible in Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (notes scrolling vertically means less response time and the zooming perspective makes it harder to time them) though which makes me hesitate even if it does come out.

But I need to know more about the base package I can't see this having 220 songs with 80+ DLC so it might be something like 70 songs with 50 free DLC (so more on the scale on the original Theatrhythm Final Fantasy than Curtain Call)



Starwolf_UK commented on 3DS System Update Shuts Off Web Browser Exploi...:

I think people are giving Pokemon Shuffle too much credit here. The Gateway launcher itself using the same entryponit (and the code for all the others being reverse engineered from it) is much more potent (as that allows to pirate whole games rather than bypass optional IAP which you can already mostly bypass with streetpass or having some patience) as are the stuff prior to shuffle (e.g. VC games, backing up Pokemon and saves and inserting these bypassing need to buy more Pokemon game cartridges or subscribe to Pokemon bank). But I guess everyone wants a scapegoat and wants to blame the hack they don't like for getting rid of ones they do like.

@GhotiH Nintendo can't selectively block so their hand is forced here really.

@Tobo9279 No eShop (so no getting updates so say MH4G will be offline for life for example). Cartridges only and even sometimes those don't work. The fact games not working remains a possibility and the fact you essentially need a second system now would make me feel more comfortable buying one of those in the region I want to play imports from (although that isn't great advice if you want to play ones from multiple regions let's say Puyo Puyo Tetris from Japan, Maplestory from Korea and Inazuma Eleven Go 2 from Europe for example) and also you might have objections to purchasing multiple hardware.



Starwolf_UK commented on 3DS Browser Exploit Hackers Bypass Pokémon S...:

Surprised it took so long. A couple of RAM dumps tells you the address the hearts left are stored and from that you just make a tool to edit that value.

You can do the same thing with Candy Crush Saga using Cheat Engine on a PC.



Starwolf_UK commented on Review: Flap Flap (3DS eShop):

@JoakimZ I found a pre-order on Amazon Germany and the box art on the Nintendo of Europe website. Apparently the retail version is €20 but either way it is published by Big Ben Interactive so you probably won't be able to find it in any case.



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Are Releasing Stylish Pokémon Omega ...:

You can order these on Amazon Japan (very cheap too at 540 yen; things like the Zelda and SMB ones are twice that). However, the shipping is so expensive you would need to order several for it to be worthwhile (and/or use a forwarding service) and I'm not sure if they actually toys outside of Japan.

The XY cards are also there at 385 yen but are add-on items only (you need to spend 2500 yen to be able to put them in your basket).

Just to be useful a link to the Sapphire cards:

@tudsworth That reminds me of some of the licensed Pokemon games out there including:
Pokemon Uno:
Pokemon Pom Jong (it is basically a kids version of Mahjong):



Starwolf_UK commented on You'd Better Get a Bigger Micro-SDHC Card for ...:

@nacho_chicken It is not half the size. The Japanese Wii release of Xenoblade barely fits on a single layer DVD (which this one is a bit smaller than but not by a great deal). To have both Japanese and English audio the western releases are a dual layer disc.

Of course pre-order download sizes have been terribly wrong in the past (remember 2.1 GB SSB 3DS yet it was only 1.2 GB when the game came out?)



Starwolf_UK commented on Pokémon Shuffle Available to Download Right N...:

@gspro15198 Not at all. It is a slow paced match 3 game rather than a match 4 action game. Graphically it looks similar but there are lots of gameplay changes.

Link Battle had a fairly low skill celling but the game never gave impossible to clear boards (as in there will always be a way to enter link mode and an even number of what is left plus it will throw a few Ditto at you for mercy) while here you are at the mercy of the RNG giving you a good layout or generating enough things off-screen to do things in the move limit (let alone in few enough moves to make captures have a high chance). With character levels in the game I'm worried that you will have to grind later on.



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Download: 19th February (Europe):

I suppose it could be worse than Kirby. It could be Punch-Out or Sin & punishment 2; the two games easily found for <€20 (I look forward to those two months).

That said I've got enough games to get on with so there is no reason for me to buy Kirby yet.



Starwolf_UK commented on IronFall: Invasion Single and Multiplayer Mode...:

Am I excited? It requiring an NNID has forced me hand here (I assume only the free version will be on the eShop) to not care now as I can't get it. I won't link an NNID to my 3DS as locking it to a single country is silly from a content point of view (especially as I own content not available in the UK).

But it being f2p is probably better for the game as a whole though multiplayer might get annoying if you're stuck playing the same map over and over.

Anyway the NOE website says it is £8.99 a mode now and points out clearly that you save nothing by buying them together.



Starwolf_UK commented on UK Supermarket Giants Wage Wii U Price Wars to...:

@6ch6ris6 I'm in the UK and never see such sales either. Why? Because there are about 5 of these in the entire country. Quite literally the end of the end of the line.

I'd much rather a slightly worse that anyone could pick up such as the $200 refurbished Wii U that Americans turn their nose at.



Starwolf_UK commented on ​Sakurai Considered Having All Fighters Unlo...:

I still like how F-Zero X did it of offering an unlock all button press code for those of you who don't want unlock all the characters conventionally. That way you can please people who like to be rewarded with unlocks as well as please those who want to start playing the game at its fullest.



Starwolf_UK commented on The Hyrule Warriors Majora's Mask Pack DLC is ...:

It is a shame V1.5 has made the loading times on the levels twice as long.

Some people think it is artificially extended so that the full loading animation is seen but IIRC just idling on a done loading screen did that anyway.

I'd really like a media outlet cough Nintenodlife cough to try and find out if this a bug in the patch or an intended feature. That would be typical intended "feature"; a 2 minute mission now takes 35 seconds to load as opposed to 15...

If I could go back to v1.4, I would but now going back means v1.0...