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Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo UK Outlines September's Dazzling Zeld...:

In this comments thread. The grass is always greener, weather it is sales or Club Nintendo...

My thoughts on the 10% fan discount. A bit pointless when a GAME download code is highly likely to be cheaper than that and give you NNP points as if you bought it for £40. Then again you can not use existing NNP points at GAME.

OOT 3D Should be better as it has been at the past (disappointed it isn't). Then again given how physical copies still seem to sell well at a high price maybe that is reflected here (Amazon has gotten to the point where any copies new or used sell out a few times...except that one £200 used one)

30% seems to be the best discount they want A tier first party VC games (I should have gotten SMB2 when it was 50% off to celebrate the year of Luigi ending), excluding Link to the Past but that is a crappy 50Hz version so who would want that?

@Spoony_Tech It could still be $60. IIRC Pikmin 3 was and that was €50 here. Likewise WWHD was $50 but was €60. What I'm getting is while €=$ is the norm there are exceptions.

@ikki5 You should note earning 600 coins is a lot less (and easier) than spending 7500 stars. 600 coins is around 3000 stars if you compare full price Wii retail games. That means Europe has to work more than twice as hard...also consider the Platinum members also have those 600 coins to spend on anything they like. But none of this comes free which is probably why Club Nintendo is crashing and burning currently.



Starwolf_UK commented on New Nintendo 3DS Delays Planned Homebrew Channel:

Interesting thing to note or bear in mind. Playing an import game using region unlock hacks and going online with this may violate the Nintendo Network terms and conditions. Not sure if activation of streetpass or spotpass on these also does so (streetpassing via a Nintendo zone I guess uses Nintendo Network).

I guess if you have a spare 3DS such things won't matter though.

My only hope for Homebrew is a Virtual Boy emulator (being able to experience it minus the headaches would be great). I would have thought VB Wario Land would get a 3D Classics version (the cream of the crop of VB games, sounds like just the ticket) but it is clearly not going to happen officially at this point.

@retro_player_22 It is not OOT 3D. smealum gave hints that the game was cheap (OOT is not), on the eShop in some but not all regions (OOT is on all)...then got really made that people ran with this and speculated as to what the game was (as it is just making people waste money).



Starwolf_UK commented on Trust Us, You Need This Super Famicom Box Art ...:

I'm remind of a Japanese book of the Famicom (ファミリーコンピュータ 1983-1994) which contains photos of every game box and cart and a description in English and Japanese and some interviews (again bilingual). For a lot of the minor games it does cram several into a page (well how else do you fit 1252 games into 199 pages). I might try to get it one day, but it is long out of print and it looks like I'll have to use a mail forwarding company making it pricey.

@gspro15198 Given how it says "celebrates the Super Famicom's greatest games and box art, from obscurities to classics" suggests it is curated selection.

As for "I hope it will bring new fans to the 24 year-old console and its Japanese roots". Limiting it kind of defeats the purpose here.



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Download: 4th September (Europe):

Please mention that the 10% off Hyrule Warriors is only for the first week of release (19th-26th). Since I don't have time to get it then I guess this has steeled my resolve to wait for a sale.

The Zelda discounts are kind of crap though. OOT 3D has been 50% off in the past (better than this discount). LoZ 1+2 were also 30% in that NES remix promo a few weeks ago.

@Kyoto Probably not this week (apparently they are saying something tomorrow). If it isn't in the press release on the 22nd panic then.

@gurtifus NOE release schedlue released on Friday said 2014. Of course the developer need to finish the translations and submit the game to NOE first...without those NOE don't have anything release.



Starwolf_UK commented on Interchangeable Dashboard Themes Are Coming To...:

What does the Y button do? What do I mean? Look at the top screen on those theme menus. You see a box and a photo symbol activated by the Y button (replacing the left L+R camera one). Could this be a photo gallery, a background editor or a screenshot taker?



Starwolf_UK commented on Kirby Mini-Games Now Available on North Americ...:

"should you already own Kirby: Triple Deluxe and have StreetPass data for it, you can get even more content from the additional downloadable versions of the mini-games."
I don't like this kind of move. If you don't own the Kirby TD game you might be put off buying these because content is locked due to that while if you own Kirby TD the new content might not be enough for your to buy.

@arielp It doesn't support multiplayer? My first thought when this game came out was "oh I guess if you have 2 systems you could use this for multiplayer and it is cheaper than buying a second Kirby TD"



Starwolf_UK commented on Ultimate NES Remix Coming To 3DS This November:

Am I the only person who feels NOA/NOE rushed this news out to try and draw attention away from the New 3DS. It would explain why the press release is lacking screens or really any useful information whatsoever.

@DestinyMan It might be a cut down version as those have 28 games between them and this is only 16. IIRC NES Remix 1+2 have 2 golf games so there is filler to be cut.

But honestly for the price of 1+2 I'd rather 1+2 for all their flaws (2 has some terrible challenges, which I kind you not, are to watch the title screen demo).



Starwolf_UK commented on Win a Copy of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wri...:

I'm no eligible to enter but I found the bit in the terms saying "Canadian winners must answer skills question" confusing. Looking up it seems they mean a 'Skill testing question' which is (surprise, surprise) a Canadian thing.



Starwolf_UK commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against Re...:

As someone becoming less interested in collecting cartridges and DVD cases (lack of room, becoming less convenient as libraries increasingly become digital) flash carts interest me from that perspective. But at the same time I don't play retro games very often so would be better off sticking with emulators.

@unrandomsam A bit off topic but I think the homebrew swiss for gamecube game be used without a modchip (using a Datel SD media launcher) and may also be able to force 480i (searching around finds forcing of 240p, 480p and 576p).



Starwolf_UK commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

I think more fuss should be made the NOE have decided that 12 Euros is now £11 when in the past it would be £10.80. Both rates are behind the times (which is less than £10) and there may be bigger concerns to be had when it comes to eShop pricing but I feel this is a step in the wrong direction and trying it on a tad...and it seems to be working because "wots 20pee" "£11 is gr8 valu" and other statements that seem to miss the point.

I also don't like how the character and cup select show them, it is the kind of rubbing in your face I'd expect from a f2p game. Made even worse that it'll be like that until next May even if you bought the DLC

Character selection is a bit eh (but that seems to be Mario Kart these days). Did anyone want a 4th Mario, a 4th Peach and a second Bowser? Birdo would be nice, especially as the Yoshi and Shy Guy colours are missing Purple (Brown and light green too, so close to all Mii shirt colours too).



Starwolf_UK commented on Talking Point: A Virtual Console Revival Could...:

I think the conditional buys NOE did with NES remix were interesting (first 30% off NES Remix 2 if you have 1) and given the vauge statment Iwata said makes me wonder if they want to do that on a whole other level (almost personalising eShop prices based on what you own to nudge you towards certain things).

But % off is one thing and tiered pricing needs to happen more. The 3DS eShop has it for their VC games (4 Euro or 5 Euro) but it did not really transition over to Wii U and the tiers can be rather more...adventurous.



Starwolf_UK commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

I remember on the DS I had the cheap Games and Music flashcart. The data transfer was too slow to stream data. That means games had to fit inside the systems RAM. This had the side effect of meaning retail ROMs would not run. I assume this exploit has a similar limitation imposed on it.

@JoostinOnline There were gamecube games in Korea. It was English games in Japanese style packaging (packaging has Korean text). At least that is what the one play-asia was selling a few years ago was described to be (came with wind Waker, Metroid Prime, Mario Sunshine). However the games were Japanese region coded so it might well be that these were made specifically for people who imported Japanese Gamecubes but wanted to play English games and it is correct that their Wiis do not support Gamecube.

@Nibelilt @unrandomsam Powersaves has DRM where you need to connect to their servers and all the cheats are stored on their servers. This protects the livlihgood of Datel and allows the Pokemon Company to issue cease and desit orders (which they have done ). You also have no way to edit saves yourself using that (this is something I miss from the N64 days of action replay when you could make codes yourslef). Problem is a Japanese company came up with their own tool which just dumps the saves and someone made a Pokemon editor for that. Obvious hacks are barred from online.



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Confirms Loads of "Veteran Fighters" ...:

@ChessboardMan DK94 is more than slightly different to the NES DK.The first 4 levels look familiar but it is a great fake out as it launches into almost a different game which is more like a puzzle platformer (think Toki Tori).

@AJWolfTill Better story that those two. Not the best story the franchise has ever had but it provides a good backdrop to the action and I certainly feel that their world is more alive (Awakening feels really like they couldn't be bothered with that). The forced tutorial in the first act is a bit irritating to veterans though (especailly when it forces you to promote a character at a low level) but it was nessecary for the series success.



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Confirms Loads of "Veteran Fighters" ...:

The Fire Emblem deals are good. Not sure I like Awakening enough to double dip on a digital copy, especailly as I currently have no way to access the save ttransfer tool. FE7 is going to feel odd playing without the (US) Mario Kart DD Disc items.

The Mario deals are a complete and utter joke. Here is an illustration. NSMBU is £20 in John Lewis and Shopto. This eShop sale makes it £40. The eShop needs a sale to be twice as expensive as the best reail deal...missed opportunity to highlight Mario's Super Picross (it is the most unconventional Mario game I can think of on the VC).

Donkey Kong 94 is nice and all but there are only NES Donkey Kong as well (we got MM1-6 last week, DK 1-3 is not a huge leap) and that isn't even getting into DKCR.

Pokemon and Sonic are a complete waste of space, bad spinoffs (3DS rumble is okay I suppose but not for £26) and bad games respectively. That space could have gone to good Zelda, Metroid or even Wario games.

@Jmaster 3D Classics Kirby's Adventure is the one to buy. It fixes the cripling slowdown and flickering the NES game is notorious for (it really pushed the envelope on what the NES can do). Also being in Europe the Wii U VC version runs in 50Hz only (because it was translated into German, why the non-German verisons have to suffer in 50Hz I do not know) and worse than it did on the NES as the TV refresh rate remains 60Hz so the game is really jerky and stuttery (as the system outputs 50Hz as 60Hz by duplicating every 5th frame). Why Nintendo Life choose to gloss over this critical failing I never understand (maybe if there was more pressure Nintendo might fix it for good rather than the fixed when there is no German translation and a US release we have currently). I don't know.

@rjejr America has not had these sales. On the other hand Europe did not get the sales durinmg E3.



Starwolf_UK commented on Wii U System Update 5.1.2 Takes Stability to A...:

@unrandomsam Not really sure but some people started having problems they were not having before. I think for some people quick start won't work at all for games (the menu loads fine but loading the game won't work) or weird issues where some games do work but others do not for no reason. Maybe the Game & Wario problem @Chaos_Eevee is having is related.



Starwolf_UK commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS File Size i...:

@Chaos_Eevee Well thing is a 4GB 3DS cart costs a lot more to produce than a 2GB one (especially when you are talking millions of these made). I think this game is 2GB cart with the extra 0.1GB the eShop release takes up being due to the save file.

As soon as they mentioned on the direct about the 3DS version only having 2 music tracks per stage I knew it was a space limitation.



Starwolf_UK commented on Wii U System Update 5.1.2 Takes Stability to A...:

Guys, if we keep making stability jokes they'll tell us for sure that nothing really changed :P

But it is frustrating as I'd like to know if the hard drive issues 5.0 introduced have been fixed or any useful enhancements (like that time when LAN connections got a speed boost).



Starwolf_UK commented on Footage and Details Emerge of Mega Audino in P...:

@ModestFan93 Mega evolutions don't seem to give more EXP than regular versions so you just waste time watching the transform animation. As for traininers, battle Chateau Furosade girls only carry Audino, great EXP.

Wouldn't mind having an Audino horde though as Battle Chateau can only have 10 trainers inside and if it isn't the class with the Audino or elite 4 there is no point using Chateau.



Starwolf_UK commented on Princess Zelda A "Heroine in Her Own Right", L...:

Hyrule Historia has a version of the character height guide but with Mario characters on it as well. As for this book. I can't take the page-by-page teasing anymore, just dump the whole thing...

@DestinyMan I'm guessing the rep meant Twilight Princess. There is a boss fight against Zelda. Oh dear did I just say spoilers :(



Starwolf_UK commented on System Update 8.1.0-19 Now Available on 3DS:

eShop and NVer seem to be the only files that got changed. NVer does what it says on the tin (so always changes).

eShop last changed with firmware 8.0.0-18 (note 8.1.0-18 is the previous firmware to 8.1.0-19) released at start of July.



Starwolf_UK commented on Wii U System Update 5.1.1 is Now Available:

Makes me wonder if certain hard drives playing up since 5.0 is being looked at or can even be fixed. If I were Nintendo I would have feature updates in place and held back so when security patches happen they can brush it off as "lol no it was this"

What kind of features? Simple things like folders or being able to change the colour of the wara plaza or something...



Starwolf_UK commented on Looks Like You Can Only Install 300 Games And ...:

@KnightRider666 System settings manual page 20. It is written right there. Why would Nintendo lie in their own manual. From a memory management perspective in programming it is a very important thing to do (it you could have more icons than memory to load them in you can into nasty segmentation faults and other bugs).



Starwolf_UK commented on Looks Like You Can Only Install 300 Games And ...:

@2Sang Memory allocations for icons. They all load at once so that is the space limit here. Possibly for the data management screen in system settings as much as the system menu (I'll get to that).

@KnightRider666 Considering page 20 of the system settings manual where the 300 limit is mentioned talk abouts the data management screen there are 2 things that don't appear on that screen but would appear on the system menu:
-Bulit-in stuff (eShop, System settings, face raiders, mii plaza, 3ds sound, ar cards etc; these are can't be deleted and are internal)



Starwolf_UK commented on Looks Like You Can Only Install 300 Games And ...:

IIRC on PSVita is 100 apps. On Wii it was 200 on the SD card channel (I think you could keep downloading but would not display them).

I'm guessing like the Vita app limit it is due to memory in the OS to display the icons. Apparently the 3DS starts to get really sluggish at booting too after 100 (the Wii menu is bad after about 20 of the 48 slots filled)

Edit: It seems PSVita was updated to support 500...



Starwolf_UK commented on Ocarina Of Time Began Life As A Remake Of Zeld...:

Didn't know about the sound trivia stuff. Nintendo is really good at hiding things which become obvious when slowed down/sped up (Gamecube menu =FDS, Mario end stage=Mario Power up). Won't be able to unhear hear slightly Engerish Minda now though.



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Download: 31st July (Europe):

I wonder if Pop'n Twinbee Rainbow Bell Adventures coming so soon means Parodious might be coming soon. Shame NOE continue to needlessly ruin these by forced 50Hz then have the cheek to say the sound is the correct speed (almost as if the someone at Nintendo thought sound was the only complaint about 50Hz). It is a SNES, you did nothing, music always plays correctly.

@Anguspuss The problem is people only buy when it is on sale. If that was the normal price people would not care. That is what happened to JCPenney (in 2012 they dropped inflated RRP and the like, their reward was about a 30% drop in sales).



Starwolf_UK commented on 3DS System Update 8.1.0-18 is Now Live:

Must make highly origfinal stability joke.

The Japanese Pokemon Global Link site is saying that communication errors were hreported to be happening in battles and they are hopeful this update fixes those. Anecdotally, some people were saying they were getting a lot more communication errors as of late when wonder trading etc...

Elsewhere on the web I can find "CVer and the HTTP system-module were updated. Both of these titles still use the original NCCH encryption.". Gobbledegook to me but maybe that is related (I would imagine battle communicate via the HTTP module so if the encryption messes up that would lead to errors).



Starwolf_UK commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

Nintendo is distancing itself from the WiiWare past of dictating the pirces, dictating when the game would come out (to some extent they still do as lot check still exists but once that is over the developer is free) and trying to force quality by only paying developers once they sold enough copies which only served to completely deter developers from the service as hardly anyone put their Wiis online.

Everyone having a go is a consequence of this but if it leads to more and better content being on the eShop the service will be strongher as a whole. It is the open and inclusive image they are gunning for that I mentioned in the opening (sadly, gagging their main eShop guy from Twitter possibly because he said something negative about region locking is not helping this open appearance).

Much like XNA this might lead to a treasure trove of hidden gems but there is yet to be enough of a flood for people to be lucky dipping in this regard.



Starwolf_UK commented on Mario Kart 8 Sales Increase By Nearly a Third ...:

There are rumors of people having games revoked by Mario Kart abuse (one person with 5 games had 2 taken away, seems a bit wrong to me and not a way to get good PR). I also hear someone who recieved a phone call regarding it (but I guess this can only happen if you have such details in your CN account). Technically they could ban your Club Nintendo account though (in terms and conditions about one person can only have one account).

A thing to really take note of if Pokmon Gen 5 went from out of the charts to high (Individual formats) by just doubling sales then sales must be pretty low. We are likely back to numver 1`is 10,000 units where we were a few months ago.

@Jazzer94 Look at how many copies of Watch Dogs CeX has. Now thats what I call a lot. Though to be fair Watch dogs is Ubisoft so will be £20 in about 6 months. At the same time it is important that Mairo Kart is unusually high numbers when compared to anything else on the Wii U (on the PS4 other games like killzone also have 1000s).

@sinalefa Gen VI needed grinding? EXP share meant I was getting too much EXP and had to rotate a team of about 30 to keep my levels getting high. If you mean postgame stuff then there are trainers with Audino in Battle Cheteau (and black writ makes them 20 levels higher which can give a max of about 33k EXP a kill). I did like Gen V for trying different things like the dark patches of grass and the general set up of giving you an optional area around most Gyms (which tended to have types that would help).



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Download: 24th July (Europe):

US version of Mega Man Battle network is because the EU version has an Ubisoft logo/splash screen.

Hmm the NES discounts I take as an admission that the prices should have been tiered to start with. Why else would SMB and LOZ being 30% off while the rest 50% off (when Nintendo typically gives 30% off). If they were all 30% off the "lesser" teir would be €3.59 instead of €4.99.



Starwolf_UK commented on Review: Pop'n Twinbee (Wii U eShop / Super Nin...:

The fact it is 50Hz completely puts me off the game (the fixed scrolling must look terrible on the gamepad as it judders to a halt 10 times a second). I think it is a critical point that deserves to be in the review (dpends on what the review should be, is it a review of the game itself or the package it is in, I personally think it should be the latter).



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo of Europe Distributing Tomodachi Life...:

I got the code on 26th June so rollout of these must be slow and in batches or something. I guess they want to extend the legs of the game so they don't want everyone to recieve it at once.

@WiiLovePeace I too was happy to see this. Speaking of NNID links, that Super Mario Bros DX promotion a while back. An Australian made and linked a UK NNID to their 3DS. For some reason the Super Mario Bros DX code they got given was an Australian one (remember how Australia have different download codes to Europe for some reason) which being stuck on the UK eShop they could not actually use.



Starwolf_UK commented on Yumi's Odd Odyssey Hooks In Permanent Price Dr...:

Agatsuma Entertainment have never put Code of Princess on sale here in Europe (it is the only game they've published on European eShop). Then again NISA have never put Etrian Oddysey on sale (this one irritates more seeing it for $15 in America now) so the antics of Atlus USA can't be used as a gauge.



Starwolf_UK commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

@SonataAndante Here is a list of what you get for things in Europe:
Basically 250 stars a game most of the time. The opening up of 3rd parties for 3DS and Wii U helps greately too. It should be noted post play surveys are very rare though (only if you register in first week, appear about a month after release and vanish a month later, no reminders or anything sent out). 3DS eShop and Wii eShop exclusives give out 50 stars when a survey is done (DSi Shop and Wii Shop no longer give anything). Stars earned expire after 24 months (so it is a good idea to hold back slips until they are close to expiring that way you are never forced to spend too many stars at once) with regisration slips for games expire after 3.5 years of release (barring reprint or budget versions which extend them to unknown).

It should be noted Japan is utterly brutal. I think 2 coins = 1 point is the conversion but Japanese games not only expire but fall in value too (as in give way less points 6 months after release). It would be helpful when sites post rewards to break down the relaity of them as that would stem a lot of the grass is greener that tends to happen.