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Wed 29th July, 2009

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Stargazer commented on Renegade Kid’s 3DS Metroidvania Title Xeodri...:

@Spoony_Tech - same here. I played Mudds a decent amount just because the 3D effect was so new and shiny, but it certainly wasn't great. I'm afraid this game will be one of those 1/4 finished Metroidvanias that lasts 2 hours and has one boss fight, but I'd like to be wrong.



Stargazer commented on Review: Siesta Fiesta (3DS eShop):


There seems to be something a little off with the 3D effect. Sometimes it messes with my eyes on the right side of the screen. I'm not sure if I'm just tilting the system on accident or what...anybody else experiencing this?



Stargazer commented on Review: Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails (Wi...:


I haven't gotten super far but I assume some levels have a power up that fits that description.

I don't know what control options you need. Movement is on analog or d-pad, B jumps, Y shoots, L button changes weapons, minus button changes views, right analog moves the camera a bit for the zoomed in view.

The 'needless tips' try to take advantage of the dual screen set-up. You can use the zoomed in view exclusively if you like.

If you can show me a flash game with gameplay mechanics this good and level design this clever then please let me know. Everything seems to be designed with the utmost care to me.



Stargazer commented on Review: Abyss (Wii U eShop):

This game is very simple yet can be very addictive and mesmerizing. I think it's worth the $2, and the 2-player mode is fun.

I agree the jdarrell that the framerate could stand to be smoothed out a bit but it's not that bad.



Stargazer commented on Review: Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure (Wi...:

I got this because I really liked the Wii version and wanted to support the dev. I am baffled that you can't use Wii remote controls in single player. Maybe they will patch it, but with the no-doubt low sales I don't see it happening.



Stargazer commented on Remake Request: ActRaiser:

Loved this game. I still love this game.

I enjoyed the sequel as well (so pretty) but I never beat it. It was too damn hard, and I missed the world-building aspects.



Stargazer commented on Nintendo Confirms "Super Indie Connection Sale...:

Giana is pretty cool. Be warned that although it's beautiful, the framerate isn't terribly smooth. Could definitely be more pretty in motion, a la Rayman.

And they haven't patched in the fact that there's no gamepad audio. Supposedly they were working on this last September but it never got done.



Stargazer commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

The Wii took off because kids could go to their friends' house and use the Wii remote as a tennis racket or a baseball bat or a sword or a steering wheel. Then they would bug their parents to buy it for them.

The Gamepad holds no such allure.



Stargazer commented on Review: Unepic (Wii U eShop):

Really liking this game so far. The jumping bothered me at first (I like to be able to control the height of my jumps) but I got over it. Kinda gives it a Super Ghouls and Ghosts vibe.



Stargazer commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's 'Relevance' Is Abou...:

@ XFsWorld

On what planet is it cool to own a Vita? Sony's failures with Vita are similar to Nintendo's with the Wii U (poor name, poor advertising and marketing, caught in an awkward position where current efforts can't be easily ported to it, lack of compelling exclusives)