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Fri 1st Oct 2010

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starfreakinface commented on Sakamoto Wants to Know Your Metroid: Other M T...:


Well guys, to pull something this dramatically different after Metroid Prime, you'd have to have some serious morph balls.

Keep this up. I enjoyed the hell out of Other M; I could very well say that it's one of the best games I've ever played. I think the thing I liked most about the game was the nostalgic feel; the Space Pirates being actual Zebesians instead of random alien species, the Zoomers and Wavers and Sidehoppers, the use of old and loved power-ups like the Speed Booster, and ESPECIALLY the return of the original Ridley. I loved how Samus wasn't the only fleshed out character; you gave Ridley life stages and made him evolve. I totally ate that up.

I loved the insertion of voice acting; in Metroid Prime 2, I found myself talking to U-Mos just to hear him talk, because it was so refreshing, even though he didn't say anything. I think the only complaint I have is with the length of the game. I beat it in a few days; it could have only taken me a single day if I didn't pace myself. I think it would be great if you made them longer.

But seriously, awesome game. I was drifting out of the Metroid loop until this gem came out, and now you've got me obsessed again. Thanks a ton, really.