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Tue 15th Jan 2013

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star-fox commented on Konami Removes Its Listing from the New York S...:

@edgedino, I agree. Just wished 3rd party publishers gave Nintendo a chance and that Nintendo was not so hard headed.

If you notice, 3rd party publisher problem exacerbated during the industry boom that was the Wii.Some made a killing with the 'AAA' like Activision but not all. Most publisher believed, probably, that if they could not make money on Nintendo hereby closing a whole market to themselves.

Yes some were burnt but it is not like all games released on the Xbox 360 & PS3 met with resounding success. Just imagine the decision of capcom not to release RE: Revelations 2 on 3DS which could have guaranteed them at least a million in sales.

Well, I hope Nintendo can gobble them Konami & Sega up effectively making them it Ninty...



star-fox commented on Konami Removes Its Listing from the New York S...:

I still think a lot of industry analyst underestimate the impact of a shrinkage in Nintendo's business as well as the rise of the "AAA" model.I believe a vibrant Nintendo ecosystem would have acted as a pressure release for some of these publishers by earning them some money to cover lean periods such as Capcom with RE: Revelations & Monster Hunter.

However, there initial focus on the "AAA" model was unsustainable with only few companies benefiting with at most 1 or 2 IPs. Konami has now been caught in this web with Capcom probably to soon follow.

With the way the industry is going Nintendo might end up been the only 'traditional' game maker left. Even they are hedging their with the DENA deal.

Heartbreaking, isn't it? Sega, Rareware, Akklaim, Midway, THQ, etc....It seems our gaming past is being defragmented and overwritten....:-



star-fox commented on It Doesn't Look Like Bungie's Next Epic Is Com...:

We Nintendo gamers like to whip ourselves into unnecessary frenzy. Games like this tend not to come to a Nintendo system even at the height of the Wii boom (forget the causal console nonsense).

Well, I hope that the hubris being displayed will not come back to haunt them ala 38 studios. Well.......let us wait and see



star-fox commented on Developer States That Wii U Woes Were a Focus ...:

I wish I was a fly on the wall pre the Wii era when 3rd party studios & publishers were banking on the Wii been obliterated by the much more stronger competition. I hope the decision of the big players in the games industry do not come back to haunt them.

I hope that their faith in the nextbox and PS4 will be rewarded with a lot of $$ and will usher in a new era of unprecedented wave of creativity and growth. If not, then lets prepare for more studio closures, more sequels, less creativity and risk taking, more guns and I hope not, one or more sp called big publishers going bust.



star-fox commented on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Approache...:

You see Ubisoft,

It is not about the numbers. Delaying Rayman under the guise of satisfying PS360 owners has to be the greatest BS of all time. Sonic has sold as much on a 3m system in comparison to over 70m systems respectively.

These are the kinds of games guaranteed to sell more on NIntendo platforms. If Sega had done a Wii version, they would have sold more.

Disney did this with Epic Mickey II, by going multiplatform from a Wii exclusive, with disastrous results and I hope Rayman does not suffer the same fate.



star-fox commented on EA: Excited About New Generation Which Is "Yet...:

@Reala His comments are not fair, they are at best cynical. This is to get back at Nintendo for refusing to make EA the sole online provider for the Wii U.

@Peach64 I kindly disagree. Capcoms's MT framework was able to deploy games from the PS3 down to the IOS with different configuration. To say that system capability is the problem to ignore the real issue. I agree that the PS4 and Nextbox will probable share almost same assets but Nintendo has ensured that Wii U is capable of handling scalable games.

EA, in addition to other 3rd party publishers, are trying to use their influence to ensure that Nintendo gets out of the hardware market. Nintendo is also aware of these and has decided to go the conservative cum casual route because no matter how powerful a Nintendo console is, it will be shafted for one reason or another.

I the Wii U will allow for the emergence of medium sized publishers, if not we might be staring at the prospects of having the likes of EA, Activision, Take Two, Square-Enix (in the almost-devoid-of creativity-form) etc being the only viable publishers in the industry. I shudder to think of the lack of creativity in such a time.



star-fox commented on Talking Point: Wii U's Beginnings and Challeng...:


I agree with you. It's a point I felt should be raised as I have also read someone complain about such on another beloved site. We should not allow media sound bites distract the focus of the Nintendo community.

Keep up the good work and more power to your elbow.



star-fox commented on Talking Point: Wii U's Beginnings and Challeng...:

I just registered on this site today to make a point.

This site like some others such as wiiudaily, gonintendo e.t.c. are oasis for the average nintendo fan in a gun filled-graphic loving videogame world. However, it is increasingly becoming depressing to come to this site and read such article as above and some others on this site.

This site is increasingly playing the devils advocate and trying to 'balance' opinions about the WiiU. However, it is sounding more like IGN everyday (to me at least). I come to this site to escape the vitriol of N4G, cynicism of Neogaf, indifference of Gamespot, sacarsm of IGN and the likes.

If I were a new person to gaming, I will hardly be convinced to buy a WiiU from articles such as these and the 'Patcher' articles featured on this site especially as this is a Nintendo fan site. e.g.,

Come on guys, I have already read my fill of such piece on other mentioned site. I want to come here and be told that regardless of current situation, Nintendo is still on top and not to come and read the latest Patcher commentary.

The body of the articles might be balanced but the headings scream 'tabloid' to me. I really loved this site and others during the build up to WiiU's launch but now it has become depressing. It seems the editors have lost the energy to push Nintendo enthusiasm.

Forgive my rant. I just want this site to be like Miiverse, positivity all the way.