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Mon 16th Nov 2009

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srkelley commented on Wii Music Plus Possible?:

I'd love a Wii Music+. I've wanted the original for a while, but a plus should have more content. I'll wait them out.



srkelley commented on Nintendo To Bring 3G Connectivity To The DS?:

I actually see Nintendo using this in future handhelds and home consoles. It would be more so for their benefit then ours. User stat tracking. For a relatively small fee they can keep track of every users usage statistics. What games are they playing, how are they playing? Do they connect to the internet, do they what a few weeks before buying games? How long before the average person quits a game? With special programming they can even find out how many people completel or play a game for a significant amount of time. They can find out what features to work on for their systems and which to ignore. We could see a Nintendo that truly reacts to their users in a huge way. We could also see better advertising and better targeting for it. It would be called Nintendo Connect and would be shown to users as Nintendo's take on Facebook and Twitter.

At least that's what I'm imagining they would do. Online stat tracking that we care about, further stats we don't see that they use, and some status updater and semi-match-maker/chatter that brings in revenue somehow to offset costs. Maybe they continue to release stuff like FlipNote Studio, but charge for premium tools or additions that people would actually want? I can see it happening. I'd even welcome it if they could increase the size of the audience for games I like. Games like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars.