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I like Nintendo. Now shoo.

Sun 30th October, 2011

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srhades commented on Splatoon:

Please Understand, we want Splatoon in 2014!



srhades commented on Review: Final Fantasy (Virtual Console / NES):

This is my first final fantasy, and I'd give it a 8.5 at least. I didn't find much difficulty, and I generally stink at old video games. But then again, I thought Majoras Mask and Mega Man 5 were really difficult games, and Super Smash Bros Melee was honestly one of the easier games I've played.



srhades commented on Nintendo Download: 4th October 2012 (North Ame...:

For all of you think $2.50 is much for 3 levels, that've be 84 cents per level, an if the ful game had 80-90 levels, then... it would be about 50-45 cents per level so... you'd be paying less than 40 cents more. Wow. A whole half dollar.



srhades commented on Reggie: Big Guns Focusing on Future Wii U Proj...:

Nintendo EAD: Zelda (2014)
Myamoto: New IP (Q4 2013, Early 2014)
Retro: (IF Nintendo gets BK IP) Banjo-Threeie (2014), if not then Metroid Prime U (2013), Donkey Kong Country 4 or Returns U/2 (2013), or Mario Kart U/8.