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Tue 17th May, 2011

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Squid commented on New Pokkén Tournament Controller and Gameplay...:

Ugliest controller ever? :P

But this is all very interesting stuff. The fact that Suicune is playable means that basically any 'Mon could be too — it's not just restricted to Fighting-types or bipedals. I'm hoping that Sceptile, Mewtwo, or Garchomp could be playable, but there's many possibilities.



Squid commented on Animal Crossing Announcement Community Launche...:

Man, has it really been over a year since New Leaf came out? :/

Anyways I'm not sure this will be for any new Wii U game announcement, or at least any time soon. Likely it will have to do with the second half of the Mario Kart 8 DLC.



Squid commented on You Can Grab a Free Serperior for Pokémon O...:

@Fandabidozi No, that's not what I meant. (I wasn't very specific!)

I think when NL made the first article about this code when it was announced for Japan, they said the code could be used multiple times for one person, giving you unlimited Serperiors. I'm wondering if that's still possible or not.



Squid commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

Metroid Other M? Wow, good one. :D

Also, I had no idea Europe was getting Kirby's Return to Dreamland! I hope it comes to NA also — I still have a plan-to-buy survey for it on Club Nintendo. :O

I'd also like it if they put Rhythm Heaven Fever up there.



Squid commented on Super Smash Bros. Tournament Organiser Steps D...:

@TobaisAmaranth People shouldn't have to be direct with you if they feel you've violated their right to personal space. You shouldn't be so direct with them in the first place — just because you think you can tell how comfortable someone is with it doesn't mean you should anyway. That person likely wont want to interact with you anymore after that, which is why they're not going to be direct with you about it.

I also simply don't understand your part about furry conventions. Just because it's accepted there does not mean it should be acceptable for everyone, nor should you assume the same for anyone at those cons either. Everyone has different personal boundaries, and those boundaries shouldn't be invaded in the first place, no matter where you are.

And just because some of us believe those actions aren't okay means we're "touch-phobic"? You mean people can't be uncomfortable with strangers touching them, and if they do they're paranoid? And again about your furry con bit — what do you mean by "most people" and "most things aren't sexual"? I'm not making any judgments about furries but I would not be comfortable in such an environment, if you describe it like that.

It's also very ironic for you to say, "keep your nose out of my business"...



Squid commented on Video: TreeFall Studios Releases Its First Eve...:

For a developer named TreeFall studios they sure aren't very good at drawing trees... Or anything else really. :D

Also, maybe he should spend less time naming his team "branches" and use that creativity on the games instead. ;)



Squid commented on Gallery: Feast Your Eyes on the Super Mario an...:

These all look amazing, specifically Pac-Man, who I've been waiting for a long time.

I hope the quality will stay roughly the same as in these pictures; maybe Nintendo has made enough cash on amiibos that the figures will start looking better.



Squid commented on Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Edition Was The ...:

I wonder what exactly he means by "more Nintendo characters". Obviously it would be odd to feature Link or Pikachu when the title is Super Mario Edition.

Maybe by that he could mean characters that have their own separate series and fit under the catch-all 'Nintendo' umbrella, but are still prominent Mario characters. I'm thinking Donkey Kong, Wario, and Yoshi (obviously as he's on the box art).



Squid commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms Playable Star Fox fo...:

I'm definitely excited to hear Miyamoto-san even consider an F-Zero title — but no matter how bad the GamePad could be for it, that shouldn't keep it from happening.

After all, if they can make an F-Zero for the N64 and its controller, why can't they make one with the GamePad in mind? :)



Squid commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

This is a good list, I agree with it very much. I guess my only complaint would be to not have MK8 and Shovel Knight appear twice... they're both very deserving but it would be nice to see a couple others get a spot.

Regardless, what a great year for Nintendo! Here's to 2015! :)



Squid commented on Poll: Fake Wave 4 amiibo Images Make Us Dream ...:

Well we know that they will all come out someday anyways, just be patient for the one you want; and Nintendo would be stupid to not supply future waves better.

Those images are definitely fake, but I can' wait to see Pac-Man, Lucina, Ness, and Dr. Mario.



Squid commented on Review: Meme Run (Wii U eShop):

The worst thing about this is that there are young kids (and perhaps even adults?) who think memes are funny or awesome, and will pay $5 for this.

At the end of the day, no matter how awful this game is, the developer will still walk away with money from this game, which can be programmed by anyone with half a brain and an hour of free time. I guess that applies to most of the mobile market, but I digress.

Any words of wisdom to say about this review, @NinjaPigStudios?



Squid commented on Hidden Palutena's Guidance Audio Discovered in...:

Pretty late on this one... I see no reason why they can't have the voice actors come back to record. The announcer already needs to come back, anyways! I understand having a placeholder for DLC characters but it feels slightly lazy.

If it's true that it's a placeholder, then that means we should see more DLC characters than just Mewtwo. This conversation makes no sense for him, so if they were only planning Mewtwo then they could easily record a more specific conversation for him — this one must be vague for the intention of multiple characters. (But again I don't expect any more than 4 DLC characters so I don't see why new audio can't be recorded later)



Squid commented on Video: The Top Ten Worst Designed Pokémon Ever:

@LeeGarbutt Looking forward to it! Hopefully there won't be as much backlash along the lines of "why didn't you put X in there, that's my favorite!"

@randomlypikachu Yeah, I have to agree with you there. I don't really understand what's so bad about it. Honestly, of all the Mega Evolutions, Mega Alakazam's design is definitely not one of the worst offenders. Instead Mega Manectric or Mega Salamence come to mind...



Squid commented on Video: The Top Ten Worst Designed Pokémon Ever:

I'll give you some of these, like Jynx (mostly a bad choice as it was accused of being racist — I mean they couldn't have seen that and thought it would be fine at the time), Castform, or Rhypherior.

Some I think are decent, like Barbaracle (reminds me of a Mega Man boss for some reason?), Mega Heracross (Heracross is also one of my favorites! high-five), Druddigon, Shroomish, Crustle, etc.

I do like Tropius though, I find him to be one of the better ones; though he'd be better if he didn't fly. I agree he looks strange when he flies. Also, it would be a bit better if you were more specific with Gen V — I mean honestly, surely, the worst Pokémon ever imagined must be Garbodor right? Of every bland Gen V design, that one easily takes the smelly, stale cake.

But overall a good list, @AlexOlney! Even though it's a lot more subjective, think you'd make a Top 10 Best Designed Pokémon? Or simply your top favorites? :)



Squid commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

@Damo Your poll doesn't mean what you think it means. You've split the only options other than 'Yes' into 'No' and 'Maybe'. But 'Yes' is still less than the combined total of the other two answers, meaning that the majority of people don't want one or aren't sure.



Squid commented on Video: Teens Test Their Skills On Super Smash ...:

Man, you guys are so critical of other people sometimes. Not all of them are good at games but I bet there's something these kids are good at that I'm terrible at. And so what if they suck? At least they had fun.