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Tue 15th Dec 2009

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spuge666 commented on AiRace: Tunnel coming to DSiWare next week:

I agree with pixelman that it looks repetitive. Maybe too repetitive. I mean it looks cool and stuff and for 200 pts it's cheap, but it may be something you lose intrest in 15 minutes... I'll wait for the review..

And few times I found it hard to see which one was the obstacle and which one was the hole.



spuge666 commented on Review: Littlest Pet Shop (DSiWare):

Thanks for giving the review so fast. I would have bought this for my daughter had I not bought one of the retail versions already. But now that I have I won't be needing this.. "if your child already owns one of the cartridges, they'll want to skip this one" were the words I was waiting for and you said it. Thanks.



spuge666 commented on Littlest Pet Shop:

Hope you review it soon (before x-mas)!!! I just bought the retail version (LPS: Garden) as a gift along with DSi and I'd like to know should I pre download this into DSi as well or is it practically the same thing..

According to Nintendo Europe it's going to be released 18th of december in EU.