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Spoony_Tech commented on Ubisoft Expects Watch_Dogs To Be One Of The Bi...:

Well let's see on consoles alone no not happening. As of right now you're looking at around 15 or so million from the big 3. That means every single person that owns next gen will have to buy it. GTA5 sold what 18 million at the snap of a finger. You are limiting yourself by not bringing it to ps360!



Spoony_Tech commented on Atlus Confirms Conception II DLC Details and M...:

@Starwolf_UK I have to agree with what you said. I said it a while ago I believe this is a test run for future games to be brought over by them. Too bad they picked such an odd game to do this with. My guess is it needs to sell about 25 to 50 thousand to get noticed and I doubt it will get 10k tbh! Good luck to you guys on this!



Spoony_Tech commented on Review: Conception II: Children of the Seven S...:

@Zipmon Your reviews are always so detailed! I love the fact you get to review a lot of the Atlus game as I'm sure you like that as well?!

I'll take a shot in the dark and assume you will get the new Persona game as well?? Looking forward to that review hopefully from you!



Spoony_Tech commented on Video: Atlus Serves Up an Early Look at Person...:

Love the EO series and have only played the very first Persona so this will be new to me. This is a no brained since I own everything they've brought out for the 3ds thus far. They're more a 1st party to me then Nintendo! Keep supporting the handhelds Atlus and I'll keep buying anything you make. In my eyes you can do no wrong!



Spoony_Tech commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd April (North America):

I wonder if these will ever come to Club Nintendo and how much they will cost us in coins. I'm just getting Advance Wars more out of curiosity ththen anything. Great games but don't have the time for them honestly.



Spoony_Tech commented on Review: Advance Wars (Wii U eShop):

@mrchills @losingtheplot Well I didn't mean to say it was by any means lite. It's just a lighter version compared to story and permadeath. There's is good strategy but not quite as much as later in the series.

Not sure, have you tried it yet? I can play any of my Wii games on my U but you have to transfer over the data first.



Spoony_Tech commented on Review: Advance Wars (Wii U eShop):

@rjejr I can't compare it for you but thing of this as Fire Emblem lite. Have you ever play Military Madness on the Turbo? It's very similar to that. I don't think you will be disappointed if you do this.



Spoony_Tech commented on Site News: Tom Has Evolved Into A New Form: Ed...:

you know I can always tell when Tom's on a vacation because the site seems to be on stand still till he gets back. My favorite person here on the staff and looking forward to hopefully great thanks from him and Nintendo. Mostly Nintendo since I know he will be fine. It's Nintendo I'm more worried about!



Spoony_Tech commented on Square Enix To Focus Less on the 'Global Aspec...:

And yet a title like Tomb Raider if it doesn't sell more then 6 million copies is considered a failer. Figure that one out!

Stick to your roots and market towards the right systems and forget about micro anything and you should do fine!



Spoony_Tech commented on Renegade Kid Confirms a Console Game Kickstart...:

Not really a big fan of theirs. Mutant Mudds was not all that good imo. Slow, boring, and unfun for me. I don't even think it would make a good nes game back in the day. Only things that interest me are Moon Chronicals and Cult County!



Spoony_Tech commented on Preview: Mario Golf: World Tour:

Believe it or not this is my most anticipated game of 2014! That we know of anyways. Really looking forward to this as is seems they've done it right. I'm guessing they used the extra time wisely??!



Spoony_Tech commented on Super Mario Bros. 3 Is Warping To North Americ...:

@Unca_Lz That's probably too high but i can see that.

Still can't believe they're doing ds games considering you can walk into any Gamestop and pick up a copy pretty cheap! The only thing this might be good for is games like 999 and or TWEWY of which are priced pretty high still. That's even if they ever see the light of day as digital releases.



Spoony_Tech commented on Super Mario Bros. 3 Is Warping To North Americ...:

Yeah like was said the price point is kinda weird! Seems they're picking and choosing by popularity. With that said only the first weeks offerings and Golden Sun look interesting to me. Still with these priced so high imo what will ds prices be??



Spoony_Tech commented on Two Tribes Shoots Down the Possibility of Toki...:

For all we know it sold ok on the U but bad on PC. This was on my radar but I'm thinking he made that comment to all Wii U owners as any 3rd party would and it didn't sell because it's Nintendo and the user base is low. Frankly if it sold more then 100k I think that is really good.

This is another reason the U just needs more demos. What's with the stingyness with the demos people. The 3ds has tons of them and the U has like 12???