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Spoony_Tech commented on Yet More Hyrule Warriors Details Coming This Week:

A lot of people tend to think WW will be well represented. I won't get my hopes up though as they probably won't translate as well going from toon to adult non cell shaded. Unless they have a nice surprise up their sleeves.



Spoony_Tech commented on Review: Glory of Generals (3DS eShop):

@gurtifus Now that I understand. Some people will read a comment and see what I meant right away while others see every flaw in your comment and not read it the way it was intended. I often and I do mean often make mistakes because I don't proof read my comment before I send it. My phone made that correction and obviously it was wrong. Me personally, I would never do this as I know it's wrong. If i sat here though and pointed out everyone's mistakes I would never get enjoyment out of reading posts. I usually read them for what they're suppose to be and don't see the mistakes though because I'm not looking that close tbh. Sorry if I've ever given any confusion.

Oh and to further add to what he did, he was rude! If he did see my intent then it's his fault. There is a nice way to do things and a wrong way!



Spoony_Tech commented on The Link Outfit and Gear in Monster Hunter 4 U...:

@Genesaur I'm more of a long sword great sword user personally. I'll do the hammer as well sometimes but don't usually very from those much. I'll give it a try but it just sometimes takes so long to take monsters down with it. To me S&S are more of a support weapon for multiplayer. Great for status effects.



Spoony_Tech commented on Skylanders Trap Team on Wii Will, Surprisingly...:

They should just give the game away as they will more then make up for it in figures alone. If anybody has a code to sell I might be game for it. I might also just buy the Wii version get the code then sell it back to Gamestop. I'm sure I could get like 25$ back for it so I'd only pay 25$ for it. This is strange indeed!



Spoony_Tech commented on The Fantasy Life Adventure Begins in Europe on...:

@sinalefa I've seen them more wrong then right on dates though. For instance they had Watch Dogs for the U as the same time as the other releases even weeks after they released. Another instance I seen was when the posted the European release date for Bravely Default then when that date past had to put the NA one up days later. We could still see reviews for it from Europe but until that date hit in NA it wouldn't rate it overall I believe.



Spoony_Tech commented on The Fantasy Life Adventure Begins in Europe on...:

@TheWPCTraveler I sent Atlus a reply email yesterday to the one they sent my on Persona Q. Don't expect a response but I have received one in the past. It basically said I'm protesting the 50$ price tag and thanked them for bumping Fantasy Life to the front of the pack! It said a lot more but that's the short of it.



Spoony_Tech commented on The Fantasy Life Adventure Begins in Europe on...:

Thank you Atlus for over pricing Persona Q. This will fit the rpg void nicely and I'll save some cash to boot! Really looking forward to this one now.

Yep, that video is how I remember it from 2 years ago. All these wonderful classes and I haven't a clue where to start?! I keep say with each new one ooo I want that one lol. That will be my toughest choice but a welcomed one at that!



Spoony_Tech commented on Official Hyrule Warriors Screens Show Ocarina ...:

@Goginho I hear ya and totally agree. My hype keeps growing daily and I think it deserves an 8 just because it's Zelda related but I'm also sceptical of the game play but boy does it look beautiful and to revisit OOT in hd just might be the selling point for me. Still I'm holding back excitement due to the gameplay.

All those saying it's more then a button masher will be proven right or wrong soon enough. My one experience with the series was a button massing experience. Can't remember which game I played but it was fun for only a little while. It was at least 10 years old though.



Spoony_Tech commented on Video: Atlus Unleashes the Persona Q: Shadow o...:

I've been a day one 3ds Atlus gamer since day one of the 3ds. However these 50$ price tags are starting to get to me. Not saying it's not worth it but why is Atlus the only one here in the States trying to get away with this. I want to play this game just as much as any other on my 3ds but I also want to send a message that I won't pay that much. I will get this on a sale down the road as I really want to play it but Fantasy Life just got bumped ahead of this because of the price for me!

At least SMT IV had more to offer plus the eshop credit as well but still cannot for the life of me understand how the eshop price was also 50$



Spoony_Tech commented on Wii U Purchasing Intent Doubles In The Wake Of...:

@Montegarde I highly doubt anybody will get a system because of a vast library of VC games. It might be icing on the cake but they need a more valid reason to take the plunge.

To my surprise I was talking to one of my old gaming friends the other day and he said he was saving up for a Wii U. He was bashing it 2 years ago and saying it looks stupid. He's hooked on Mario Kart 8 and at least some of the outside looking in people are getting an interest now!



Spoony_Tech commented on Wii U Purchasing Intent Doubles In The Wake Of...:

That picture of Reggie should be on every cover box for new Wii U consoles!

Intent doesn't mean they will ever purchase it so unless we see those numbers actually rise I won't get my hopes up. Let's face it 3rd parties are gone for Nintendo this gen. The only way they're coming back is if Nintendo does something to compensate them for it!



Spoony_Tech commented on Timespinner Looks Like an Awesome Pixel-Based ...:

@Josaku Goes to show that most psxbox owner wouldn't know a good game if it hit them in the face. The current gaming industry sickens me with all the fps and the like. What ever happened to games just being games and not glorified interactive movies. I pity kids growing up without having played some of the classics!



Spoony_Tech commented on Poll: Which is Your Favourite Super Smash Bros...:

I think the consensus says more outside characters are needed. Yes I picked Mega Man twice and if he wasn't there I would've picked Pac Man twice.

Why UBISoft hasn't pushed for Rayman to be playable is beyond me. It could definitely add sales to the current game and make people more interested!



Spoony_Tech commented on Puzzle & Dragons Z Has Shipped Over 1.5 Millio...:

@C-Olimar Without a doubt! Even if they just made a mere 30$ off each copy times 1.5 million. That's not chump change. Sure it's not 3 million a day but that a ton of money none the less.

The problem lies with are they cutting into micro-transaction money by releasing a full version. Some of those people are no longer doing micro-transactions. The best time to release would be when profits start dying down.



Spoony_Tech commented on Nintendo Download: 17th July (North America):

@Barbiegurl777 @Zodiak13 Thanks for the answer on my part and yes it's that good. At first I just couldn't get into it and thought it was a waste for my time and money. Found out I was playing it wrong. I was just digging everything up looking for stuff and in the dark might I add. Later on I was told I was a fool ok not really but I gave it another shot after a friend told me to dig paths and not just everything up and boy did the game open up like night and day. To this day it and Shovel Knight are by far the 2 best offerings on the shop. Not saying there isn't good stuff there but they're in a league of their own!