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Republic Of Korea

Sun 21st Feb 2010

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sparkx commented on Features: Don't Touch my Samus: Metroid's Cont...:

Metroid Other M was the first Metroid game I've played since Super Metroid. Maybe because of this, I found Metroid M to be very faithful to the original concept. Yes, the cut scenes were too long and I wasn't a fan of permission upgrades but I loved the 2D/3D aspect of it. Felt like a perfect blend of old and new.

After finishing the game I decided to check Prime Trilogy. While playing I kept wanting to switch to 2D mode....the whole experience just felt...incomplete to me. I know its blasphemy to say around these parts but the Metroid Prime games felt like nothing more than mediocre 1st person shooters.

I'm really looking forward to see which direction they go next with the franchise. I just pray they don't scrap the 2D/3D gameplay. It made the game so much more interesting and dynamic.



sparkx commented on Review: Art of Balance (WiiWare):

I played through this game all weekend. It's clean, stylish and incredibly addictive. The gf and I cracked open a bottle of wine and decided to play a couple games before going out. 5 hours later we were still playing and complete blew off our original plans. Her comment "this actually kinda feels like we're in a club. Except this is better!"

My only criticism: the game is way too short. Once you get through level D, thats it. Kind of a bummer. But I concur with the 9/10 rating. Physics are perfect, music is hypnotizing, atmosphere is engaging. One of my all time fav wii games.