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Tue 29th Jan 2008

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SpaceBooger commented on Review: Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters ...:

Just in case anyone was going to get the Wii version of this game make sure you read the above review because they are the same exact game.
I have the Wii version and was surprised that these two games are 100% the same (minus the 3D). Most of the still shot cut scenes have two images for every set of dialog since it was ported from a dual screen game and you can tell which objects "pop" out and are in the foreground even though the game is not in 3D.
I am enjoying the Wii version but it has the same flaws as mentioned in the 3DS review.



SpaceBooger commented on Competitions: Twitter Joke Winner:

Thanks for the love and the hate.
That joke has been my favorite for over 25 years (I first heard it in elementary school, so Machu I'm not one of the "keeedz" I'm in my mid 30's). I know it's not that funny but the fact that I still tell it to my students at least once a week and it makes both of us laugh (I think they are just laughing at me more than the joke) makes it my favorite ever.

I also have a couple other comic strips Wii and Nintendo related with jokes I find funny but you may not:

And a series where the Booger gets trapped in a bunch of NES games and meets Captain N:
Comic strips 64-70



SpaceBooger commented on Official Nostalgia Trailer Released:

At first I thought this was going to be a Skies of Arcadia rip off, but after watching the trailer I am more intrigued.
The characters look similar to that in FF3/4 remakes and that was a little distracting, but overall I am looking forward to this game.