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Mon 17th Oct 2011

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Soupeep commented on Talking Point: What If Nintendo Became a Third...:

Even if eventually Nintendo does become a thrid-party company it won't be the complete and utter destruction of the company. Nintendo can just channel all their efforts into their games and make the finest games ever as they wouldn't have to worry about their consoles and services.



Soupeep commented on Review: Pac-Man (3DS Virtual Console / Game Boy):

If you think about it you could never lose on this version because of the Restore Points that you can now use, so if you just create one of them every so often then you can keep going forever! Well that would be rather pointless and not very fun...



Soupeep commented on Review: Cut the Rope (DSiWare):

I hope that start porting more appish games to the 3ds (not dsiware as the hardware is not up to it) because I think the 3ds would benefit from them. Things like angry birds would make the 3ds more popular. I would like to see a sort of app store made out of the eshop with free and paid apps. People may disagree with me but I think it would be a good idea.