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Wed 12th Aug 2009

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soul-silver commented on Review: Clubhouse Games Express: Family Favori...:

I kind of regret buying some of the DSiwares... hope they will put VC for DSiware soon, i mean REALY SOON ! or at least put a bunch of good games, like shantae sequel or even MR. Driller :S ...

I have a total of 12 Dsiwares, wich are :

  • Bird and Bean (goood!)
  • Paper plane (Good.)
  • Mario Calculator ( Dunno why i bought this s**t)
  • Art style : BOXLIFE ( Hmmm... i dont realy like it)
  • Art style : NEMREM ( Love it)
  • Art style : Pictobits ( I think its waay too hard later but still one of my favorite so far)
  • Dr. Mario Express : ( I used to play a lot, but i would love a refund )
  • Mighty Flip Champs ! ( Niiiiccceeee ! i love it soo much ! Plus, im stuck and im still playing it to try to beat it, but im stuck )
  • Brain age : Express: math ( One of my first DSiware, i bought it because i suck at math in school )
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis march Again! ( Good, you can even create your stage ! )
  • Internet Browser : ( not realy helpful when you ave a computer but still good)
  • Flipnote studio : ( I think its the best one, not only its free but it use your imagination and your creativity !)