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Mon 28th Dec 2009

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Sonic1994CD commented on Xenoblade Chronicles 3D New Nintendo 3DS Cover...:

That's good for Europe. I hope we get the Regular size New 3DS here later this year in America. I don't think the cover plates would ever be release here if they did release the Regular size here. Well at least its coming to Europe now, this means it may be cheaper to import it.



Sonic1994CD commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

Wow more games that everyone owns! Thank you Club Nintendo! It took you two darn weeks to put up rewards and all you can give us is this! There's only 6 rewards on Club Nintendo you can get right now and they all suck ( Not including Gold/Platinum rewards). Nintendo fans lets unite and start a riot! Give us better rewards! I'm sick of this crap!



Sonic1994CD commented on Those Lovely Link Between Worlds Club Nintendo...:

They always sell out of new rewards so quickly. I mean we still have those Kirby Epic Yarn patches from like 2010, those stupid screen savers for 10 coins which I think no one buys (who would) , an Animal Crossing Styles and Card Case which no one wants If its been on there since day one. And then more useless junk, I think Club Nintendo of NA can do a much better job at stocking items and making sure there are new items/rewards to give out and why does every item seem high price? I think Club Nintendo NA is just getting lazy now.