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Mon 28th December, 2009

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Sonic1994CD commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

Wow more games that everyone owns! Thank you Club Nintendo! It took you two darn weeks to put up rewards and all you can give us is this! There's only 6 rewards on Club Nintendo you can get right now and they all suck ( Not including Gold/Platinum rewards). Nintendo fans lets unite and start a riot! Give us better rewards! I'm sick of this crap!



Sonic1994CD commented on Those Lovely Link Between Worlds Club Nintendo...:

They always sell out of new rewards so quickly. I mean we still have those Kirby Epic Yarn patches from like 2010, those stupid screen savers for 10 coins which I think no one buys (who would) , an Animal Crossing Styles and Card Case which no one wants If its been on there since day one. And then more useless junk, I think Club Nintendo of NA can do a much better job at stocking items and making sure there are new items/rewards to give out and why does every item seem high price? I think Club Nintendo NA is just getting lazy now.



Sonic1994CD commented on Gold Nunchuk Returns To North American Club Ni...:

How about you put a new prize on their that is actual good and cheap....not that the gold nunchuk is a bad prize but are they even making enough of them? It was gone in one day and I don't know how many people have 900 coins laying around to spend on this because it is a lot of coins.