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Sun 15th Dec 2013

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soji01 commented on New Super Luigi U:

I am a newly returning Nintendo custom, it's been a long time since my days of being a little kid and playing Mario on my Super Nintendo, Super Luigi is only my second game for the Wii U and i already find my self being annoyed with it, i find the 5 life's thing pointless and that there is no need for life's at all, i also find it very annoyed this once you run out of life's you start all the way back at the start and have to redo the Missions you have already beat. I don't know if this is also so after you beat a castle, if it sends you back to the very start or just back to the last Castle you beat. I find this to be Very annoying & discouraging as a newly returning customer back into the Nintendo World, it makes it very hard for me to just sit down after a long day and hop into a game easily, it makes it hard to find time to be able to sit down for the prolonged time needed to beat a whole section of the game at once. why can't it be like the old day's were when you beat a mission that was it you were done with that one and if you died on the next then you just retry till you got it not having to redo all that you did to get to that mission...i hope all the new Mario type games are not like this or i think ill quickly find my self buying a X Box One and Shelfing my new Wiii U.