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Mon 6th Dec 2010

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snigel1 commented on Review: FullBlast (Wii U eShop):

Bought this on the release day, of course i want to support arcade style shmups on the wii u. Sadly it was quite boring compared to the better games in the genre. Just made me hungry for som DoDonpachi and Gunbird



snigel1 commented on Developers: Wii U "Less Powerful than PS3 and ...:

If Wii U will be on par or even below the competitions last generation, and if they continue to threat Wii VC the way they do… i might consider dropping my brand loyalty.

It's just not worth it investing in a new console only to get a new Mario Kart and a Mario platformer...



snigel1 commented on New York Gamer Breaks Tetris Record:

@ss213, thats more of an illusion. that guy seems to play a more recent version of tetris where you can slide pieces a little bit after touch down… in the original game boy and nes versions, it's sticky as hell.



snigel1 commented on Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 Steals an OFLC ...:

Never liked this one. It's to much lurking around to solve stages, i like my platformers straight!

SMW1 was quite strange and seemed a bit rushed out but still decent, SMW2 in the king of the Game Boy Marios.



snigel1 commented on Talking Point: What Was the Best Super NES Gam...:

The one i have sucked out most gaming hours from is Tetris (& Dr Mario) multiplayer.

But thats not really a snes signature game, so i'd say Castlevania IV. Or the SMW's. Or the DKC games. Pure platform perfection.



snigel1 commented on Rumour: Wii Successor Won't Have a Traditional...:

I love that the Wii does not have an old school mechanical drive... feel much more comfortable with flash memory... by the time Wii2 are released they will probably be much bigger and more affordable than they are now.