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Thu 25th Jun 2009

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SMW commented on Poll: Nintendo's Free-to-Play Experiments - Ar...:

I check the Badge Arcade once or twice a week. I don't care for crane games, but I do like badges. I won't pay that bunny a cent, though! Free to play for me means to play as much as I can for free.

You'll never get any money out of me! Wahahaha!

I DID buy the extra streetpass plaza games, but that is not really "free to play."



SMW commented on Video: Remembering Bubsy The Bobcat, The 16-bi...:

I'm one of the true Bubsy fans. I've loved Bubsy ever since I was a kid and played it. I love the first game, I found the second game mostly enjoyable, and I love Bubsy as a character. I have never tried Fractured Furry Tails or Bubsy 3D, though.

I don't understand the complaint that people have about fall damage. If you glide, you don't get hurt from heights. Sure gliding is harder to control, but it just takes practice.

Also that bit in the video about Bubsy 3D being a Mario 64 ripoff is so wrong. Bubsy 3D development started on the 32X in early 1995 and was then brought to the Playstation. While Mario 64 released a few months before Bubsy, Bubsy 3D was not a ripoff. It actually might have been a decent game had it been a ripoff. lol



SMW commented on Preview: Hitting the Courts in Mario Tennis: U...:

Wow. Nintendo pulled the same thing SEGA/Sumo did with Virtua Tennis! Virtua Tennis 2009, while having quite a glitchy engine, did have awesome motion controls. Then they released Virtua Tennis 4 which disabled motion controls for a majority of the game. (You could only use them for the offline minigames.) At least VT4 had minigames. lol

I'll be sticking to Wii Sports Club.



SMW commented on Nintendo Wanted A GoldenEye Sequel On N64 But ...:

Now if only someone with some respect for the franchise will obtain the rights to make another Bond game. I'm talking Bond with gadgets, shooting, cars, crazy villians, and a likable cast. Activision basically reskinned Call of Duty and slapped the 007 logo on it; there was no charm, no likable characters, just generic shooting while going from point A to point B. Even in Goldeneye Wii, the characters don't match their personalities or look from the movie. The only plus for Goldeneye Wii for me was the addictive online multiplayer.

Rare did an amazing job, and EA eventually made some sweet Bond games. My favorites from EA were the 3rd-person, "Everything or Nothing" and "From Russia with Love." Just the right mix of driving, shooting, stealth, gadgets, and interesting villians. Even had Sean Connery return for his role in From Russia with Love!



SMW commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash Could Possibly be the La...:

Chibi-Robo never was given much of a chance! The best one is the GCN one, and the good DS one never released outside of Japan. Park Patrol was alright, but nowhere as good as the GCN one. Photo Finder had the characters/charm, but taking photos were hit and miss, and the minigames got repetitive.

While Zip Lash is quite a change in the formula, I am still hyped for it. After Photo Finder, its nice to have something thats more of an actual game, even if it is just a 2d sidescroller.

Also check this commercial:

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SMW commented on Watch Chibi-Robo! Running Around In His Mario ...:

I just remembered that I still have a non-NEW 3DS so I can't even use any amiibo without buying an attachment. Now I can't decide if I want to spend $20 on a dongle that I will eventually toss aside or just buy a new 'NEW' 3DS. lol

EDIT: Never mind. Amiibo dongle for me because I'm cheap like that!



SMW commented on Nintendo Announces Another Run of the Splatoon...:

More Splatoon is always a good thing. I'll skip the test fire since I already have the full game, but its good to get the word out! Don't go too hard on the new guys; save that for when they get the full game.



SMW commented on Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Screens Remind U...:

I had given up on the Wii U release and picked it up on PS3 a while ago. I may still get it on Wii U. Especially if it fixes some of the glitches. (I've had the sound completely cutout in certain laggy areas.)



SMW commented on Nintendo Is Licensing Hudson Soft IP From Konami:

Finally a slight rainbow appears for us Hudson fans. I had thought everything Hudson was locked away never to see the light again. Please let this be the start of the revival of Hudson's IPs!



SMW commented on Splatoon's Next North American Splatfest is De...:

I HATE marshmallows of any kind. They are my most-hated 'food' of all time. Don't ever try to serve me hot chocolate if it has marshmallows on or in it, or you'd be wearing it!

Hot dogs all the way!



SMW commented on The Miiverse Redesign Will Go Live on 29th July:

Windows 10 day. lol. Well supposedly not everyone is getting Windows 10 on the 29th. Its to be released in waves.

I'll be checking out Miiverse for sure. I love the new changes. It sure gets some people cranky, though!



SMW commented on Review: LEGO Jurassic World (Wii U):

I haven't noticed the framerate issues and I've been playing in co-op. Only real issues are glitches, like getting stuck in place. I've had that happen on a few of the story levels.