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Thu 25th June, 2009

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SMW commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Must Take Careful Step...:

@TruenoGT The uncertainty of the future is exactly why I never cared for DLC. Now I doubt I'd still be playing Mario Golf: WT whenever they take down the 3DS eShop many years from now, but if I wanted to, I better hope I still have that DLC installed on a functional SD card. Otherwise I'm out of luck, well aside from getting it from someone else's SD card.



SMW commented on Nintendo Tees Up Mario Golf: World Tour Online...:

Good to see rankings/tournaments return. Anyone else remember the ones in Toadstool Tour, like the Camp Hyrule one? I did awful on them, but it was still fun being able to 'upload' my score to the site!



SMW commented on Wii Classic Controllers No Longer Being Manufa...:

Shall I wait for N64 games on Wii U or buy a Classic Controller so I can play my copy of 1080 again? Theres no telling how long it'll take to get 1080 onto the Wii U VC, but I don't want to get a Classic Controller for one game.



SMW commented on GameSpy Shutting Down All Online Servers on 31...:

Sad day. I've played countless games hosted by GameSpy. Sure I have not played them too much recently, but I still did on occasion. This just shows that its always good to include an IP-join option for multiplayer and to not fully rely on an outside service! Heck, I can still play GTA2 (yes 2) online. :P

This reminds me of when they shut down the MSN Gaming Zone. I still miss that place!

EDIT: Wait a sec. Unreal Tournament (99) uses GameSpy for the master server list! Nooooooooooo!!! Looks like I'll be using GameTracker to keep tabs on the servers.



SMW commented on Wii Fit U Update 1.2.0 Trims And Slims for a B...:

Good fixes, but they really need to fix the My Routine next. I've had it since launch and they STILL nag me about mirror mode every single day. That and the need to grab the controller after every exercise are the only things driving me crazy. My Routine used to steamlined in Wii Fit Plus, what happened? :P



SMW commented on Ace Attorney Creator Wanted to End Series at O...:

If he felt that it should have ended, then they should have listened. I definitely would have been sad seeing the series go away, but then we'd get more outstanding games like Ghost Trick, which I loved!



SMW commented on Talking Point: Important Steps to Bring the 3D...:

Nintendo's convinced me to buy a couple games from the eShop, but with the way things are, I still prefer owning the physical disc/cartridge. It just feels like the future is uncertain when you 'own' digital copies of games.



SMW commented on Refurbished Wii U Deluxe Systems Now $200 on N...:

I like how the refurb Wii Remote Pluses are still 'temporarily' $20. Making me wonder if I should buy another so I can be done with the MotionPlus adapter for good. I couldn't find any defects with my last blue Wii Remote Plus; worked and looked just like new.



SMW commented on Rumour: Wii and DS Wi-Fi Disconnection May Be ...:

Well that explains 4x4 Evo going offline sometime last year! I'm sure that was one of their unpaid ones. :P

Also did Glue raise the GameSpy price? Some say they did and Glu says they didn't! I'm so confused.



SMW commented on Nintendo Switching Off Wi-Fi Connection Servic...:

Luckily Mario Karts covered with 8, but I'm going to miss Goldeneye! I better play that more before its too late! Pretty much every other Wii game I play has died out from inactivity long ago, though.

RIP Mario Kart Wii, Onslaught, Water Warfare, Goldeneye, Snowboard Riot, SEGA Racing, Excitebike: WR, MotoHeroz, Mario & Sonics, Virtua Tennis, We Love Golf and anything else I missed. Wow, I played a lot more online games on the Wii than I thought! I didn't even get into listing DS games yet.

Feels like the Dreamcast all over again with my favorite games shutting down, but its bound to happen to every console eventually. :(



SMW commented on Mario Golf: World Tour Takes The Action Under ...:

I'm glad to see Mario Golf getting more interesting courses. I loved Toadstool Tour, but most of the courses felt the same. We Love Golf got it right with much more diversity, so hopefully Mario Golf: WT will deliver.



SMW commented on Flappy Bird is Now Playable on the DSi and 3DS...:

When will the madness end?! Next up some lunatic will start selling unofficial merchandise.

...Wait a minute. A quick Google search reveals that there already ARE fan-made shirts out there. Just shoot me now.



SMW commented on A Sonic Boom Game is Dashing Towards Wii U and...:

Knuckles finally playable in a Sonic game again, and a Sonic game with exploration! I'm pumped! Going to be hard to get used to Knuckles looking so strange, but I'm not going to hate a brother just because he overdosed on some roids. He'll still remain my favorite character!



SMW commented on Review: Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder (3DS eShop):

Here I thought I was just having random luck when a crooked and cut-off picture of my phone matched a perfect 100% for a book! Glad its not just me. I just cannot get any perfect pictures on purpose!



SMW commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for January:

1080 only for Wii Mode?! When will this game, let alone ANY N64 games make it to Wii U? I still can't play it because I foolishly transferred 1080 to my Wii U, yet I still don't have a classic controller to play it with, so it currently cannot be played anymore. Silly me. lol