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Male, 34, United Kingdom

Nintendo collector for life, fully intend to own & review a copy of every pal & nstc game ever released for every Nintendo console home & handheld. (god help my wallet) & A whole load of other Nintendo themed goodies (and some junk) See the blog link for reviews & console check lists ect.

Tue 7th January, 2014

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smikey commented on Resident Evil Revelations 2 Assets Spotted:

I also loved resident evil revelations on wii u, though didn't really like it at all on 3ds
It's my 2nd most played wii u game at just under 60 hours and would love a sequel
if it does skip wii u I won't be buying it at all since I have no desire to buy any non Nintendo console nor the time to play on them even if I did
I might eventually pick up a ps4 cheap when it's near the end of it's life and grab bargin bin games that never made it to Nintendo (like I did with ps3 even though I still don't really use it)

So it's Nintendo or nothing for me at least in terms of brand new games anyway



smikey commented on SteamWorld Dig Wii U Release Date and Pricing ...:


I do attempt to complete as many as possible (if only I were skilled enough)
for the ones that remain uncompleted it's a minimum 6 hours game play for miiverse reviews & 8 hours for the blog so at least they'e had a decent amount of play / test time
Blog should look at least semi reasonable by the end of august already got pal master lists for nes, wii u, n64, wii ware, wii vc, wii u eshop & wii u vc.
snes, game cube master lists will be complete by the end of august & wii master list by mid september then onto the hand helds
once each games got it's own page it's much faster to start writing up blog reviews until then i'm mostly concentrating on the miiverse reviews (which are much shorter) & making sure each game has it's page layout
I'll be doing the same for the ntsc region from November onwards

thankfully most developers / publishers are interested in my challenge / goals & passion for Nintendo & games on it's systems
Only really had a negative experince with one publisher (no names) but they actually said weren't interested in advertising / promoting older games they've published (by multiple developers some only months old) they are only pushing the newest game.

I'll never be as big or as popular as sites like Nintendo life (neither are my reviews remotely written in a similar way) But it's a project for me as a collector as much as anything and anyone it helps along the way all the better :)



smikey commented on SteamWorld Dig Wii U Release Date and Pricing ...:


I got mine the same way Nintendo life get theirs the developers gave me a review copy nearly 2 weeks ago
I review all Nintendo games from the nes - wii u & game boy to 3ds (pal & ntsc) on my blog (still getting up & running) & miiverse
it's a long & difficult challange & will take very many years to catch up but I'm up for the challenge of it either way.

I actually have really good relationships with loads of developers / publishers & I've had quite a few e-shop games early including super toy cars, steam world dig, bombinb b*****ds, & a fair few more with many future titles already promised

My entire work life revolves around gaming & Nintendo ;)



smikey commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

I own all the ubisoft games on wii u (even the very bad ones) haven't even opened a couple of them (including AC 4) & I'll buy watch dogs too but as ubisoft well know late / poor ports will never sell as well as other versions of the game if they did a port of a ps4 game & put it on ps3 but took out half the features & charged the orginal price (when ps4 version was now half price) it would still sell badly!

I'm not a ubisoft basher their company they can do as they like, & in general Nintendo consoles don't always move the so called mature games that well hpefully games like devils third ( that i'm really looking forward to) & bayonetta might change perception a bit
they're a mature titles & published by Nintendo not publishers fans have a grudge against.
If they succeed the ubisoft argument is dead in the water if they both bomb too no one can really complain about missing out on the so called mature games.



smikey commented on Dolphin Up is Joining the Sea of Wii U eShop G...:


I stand corrected ;) that's the first time I've ever heard that (and quickly looked it up) in my entire life
Thanks for teaching me something new next time the wife to be says she wants to swim with dolphins I'll be sure to ask her if that's what she has in mind.



smikey commented on Dolphin Up is Joining the Sea of Wii U eShop G...:

It's called dolphin up and 18 seconds into the video it's being played as a killer whale which is in no way a dolphin.
in any event I wouldn't remotely compare it to Ecco either (not that the subtitle did just the answer to that question was a resounding no ;)) it looks like a basic high score chaser which might do ok if it's got a cheap price but I love in the uk anyway and there seem to be plenty of low priced wii u e-shop games that haven't made it over here yet (not always a bad thing perhaps)



smikey commented on Nintendo Download: 21st August (Europe):

Capcom said a while ago they'd put out at least 1 megaman game a week for the whole of August so brace yourself for gameboy mega man 5 next week

& I thought everyone in europe was well aware by now Shovel knights is months away!!!

not one or 2 weeks months!

I'm guessing every week the where is shovel knight in the european download post will resemble the where is mario 3 & mario kart in the usa ones earlier this year.

They got their games & we'll get shovel knight just much closer to Xmas than August



smikey commented on Nintendo Download: 21st August (Europe):

Another quiet week
But at least it's steam world dig on wii u in europe next week.
I got my wii u copy last week and have most enjoyed it (never played the 3ds one)
what games Nintendo will put in the sale with smash bros regulars might be interesting but I'll likely own them all the only 2 I didn't have from last weeks sale was mega man 5 & 6



smikey commented on Weirdness: Check Out this LEGO Bob-Omb Battlef...:

Quite impressed I never had much creativity with lego either as a kid or with my kids now.
Wasn't there a koopa in the level though as soon as you go up the first bridge I'm sure I use to ride his shell and steal a blue coin

Not that it much matters it's still well done



smikey commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

It's certainly possible & would be nice but would likely only happen if Robin's family either requested such things themselves or backed the petition with their own signatures (neither of which they are like currently considering or have given much thought to)
Would be nice to see him in a village in hd on zelda u though



smikey commented on Night Trap ReVamped Developer May Flip-Flop on...:

Which basically means we're never going to hit the target maybe those nintendo fans can throw some money our way!
Of course they should realise once you upset the Nintendo fan they never forgive you just look at almost every ubisoft post on here good or bad news (I know there isn't really any good news ubisoft posts but still even if there were)

I buy everything on a Nintendo console & I always will if this ever made it I'd buy it.
Thankfully It's never going to happen & I don't have to :)



smikey commented on The Hyrule Warriors Artbook Catches The Eye Wi...:

where is the book in the west available?
I'm a collector & I haven't seen it (or I've looked in the wrong place)
I've already ordered the Nintendo uk store one with the scarf (would have preferred a figure)
As for a female link I think the pics look pretty good & I wouldn't really mind either way



smikey commented on Weirdness: A Resident Evil TV Show Has Been Pr...:

With the overwhelming success of the walking dead it's hardly surprising they'd think of cashing in with a tv show really
& done right it could actually work
of course it won't be done right it's most likely a quick cash in job while zombies are in favour

Once walking dead finishes zombies will go back to being unpopular for a number of years until the next thing brings them back up just like vampires & other various things



smikey commented on Review: SHUT THE BOX (Wii U eShop):

I use to play the game with an old guy that use to come in my bar every weekend.
His tiles & dice were actually kept in a little wood box full of very detailed carving

he got it while skiing in the alps years ago & played it on his skiing trips every night in the cabin.
He nearly always beat me too even though it really is 99% luck

my kids even play a version of it on neo pets.

Score unsurprisingly seems a bit high but I'll still buy it & the others when they make it to europe



smikey commented on Interview: Eclipse Games on Driving for the Po...:

Spent a fair amount of time talking to Eduardo my self over the last 2 weeks,
Very helpful & open to suggestions & comments on the game (both before & after release)
The game isn't too bad but it definitely has a reasonably clear divide where most will end up on the like / dislike of it.

If you find the right car for your style you'll likely cruise through most of career mode fairly quickly.



smikey commented on Midtown Crazy Race:

I got a copy on monday for review purposes (along with Bombing B*****ds & ice cream surfer) the motion controls are a bit on the loose side the mini is a challenging drive.
The game it's self isn't the worst game on wii u but the if you could actually switch the controls to the analogue stick I'd probably be half way through the 25 levels by now (2 modes standard racing and check point hitting)



smikey commented on Gallery: A Closer Look At 13 amiibo Toys:

I'm definitely buying them all (& every amiibo ever (released)
of the ones shown above I'd get yoshi first, of all the smash cast I want pac man most.
but regardless of how many release in the first batch I expect to be buying at least 1 of each as one big bulk order. (as soon as I decide where to order them from. ( definitely won't be game uk)



smikey commented on Orders Open For Xbox One in China as Nintendo ...:

I don't doubt microsoft & sony to a slightly lesser extent will face many issues in China a vast majority of games on those consoles that make the serious money will never get in.
I do think however Nintendo even if they Don't want to drop the wii u in there should at the very least have given them the wii.
far easier that basically starting from complete zero.



smikey commented on Nintendo Download: 31st July (Europe):

Just got Ice cream surfer about half hour ago i'll be reviewing it on miiverse as soon as the community goes live on Thursday.
I'm sure I'll be spending some money on Thursday too though I always am.



smikey commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:


"Quality control is about functioning games not about how much fun you think they are. As long as they don't brake your hardware, have acceptable content and are not buggy messes they should be allowed on the store.
99 people might hate games like The Letter but if 1 person likes it and is satisfied with the purchase does it not deserve at least to be sold?
There are plenty of review sites that will give reviews and plenty of Lets Plays so people know what their getting into. Making a purchase is a choice and its up to buyers to make sure that choice is an informed one.
TL DR; Popular opinion is not quality control."

I agree with all of that 100%

Every game has an audience regardless of how many people might dislike that game.
Microsoft and sony also have "poor games" on their e- stores
I'm not especially fond of the my farm series (played and completed the 2 on the pal wii u) (before anyone wants to condem that I intend to own, complete & review every game on a Nintendo console regardless of your opinion) my kids are young and quite like them.
In addition the my farm series got ok scores for the dsi versions different reviewer to the wii u ones but basically same game so clearly everyone has a different opinion.

Like a game buy it, don't like it leave it for the ones that do and buy something else.
Unless the game has serious issues Nintendo have no reason to step in.

I'll also note I spent yesterday and part of today playing Super Toy cars on wii u (releases this week on Thursday) it has a few issues (non game breaking that I've had) I've already relayed to the developer (who is working on them) and I'm sure Nintendo life will point them out in their review but as long as these are made clear to the buyers who bother to do any research (I''ll at least post them on miiverse as soon as the community goes live) before buying it's surely up to the buyer to make their own choice.



smikey commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Master System:

It was a typo it was suppose to say hated not hate.
I have no real feelings about the master system at all either way anymore I'm more than content with the Nintendo consoles and games I own (and will eventually own)
At the time I was very upset and it did make me more determined to be a Nintendo gamer for life and I have been since I got the snes without any regret I've had other non Nintendo consoles in the house (Still do) but they never really get plugged in.



smikey commented on Wii U Purchasing Intent Doubles In The Wake Of...:

I've bought 2 wii u consoles (1 for me and 1 for the kids)
I'm getting a nstc one in the next couple of months too it's genuinely my favourite Nintendo console and controller (as unpopular as that is)
The n64 still has my favourite set of games but I'm sure the wii u will win that by the end of it's life time too :)



smikey commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Master System:

I live in the uk and I hated the master system with a passion!

All my friends had one or were getting one at the end of the 80's and all I wanted for xmas that year was a Nes (always been the odd one out)
My dad went t the shop and eneded up getting talked into the master system (he wasn't that clued up on these things) they convinced him that it would have been the master system that I wanted and did him a "great deal" with a fair few games.
I cried my eyes out that xmas.
My dad tried to take it back but they wouldn't swap it.
Didn't own a Nes until the late 90's but that Xmas I made a promise I'd be faithful to Nintendo for the rest of my life and own all their games (getting there 1 game at a time)

Thankfully I did get the snes for xmas when it came outeven though again most of my friends went mega drive



smikey commented on UK Government Effectively Decriminalises Downl...:

Trying to get the service providers to do anything in the first place was always going to be a waste of time.
They've made them all block certain websites but you can still access every single one of them in less than 10 seconds without downloading any extra software or paying a penny so it's never going to stop anyone.

Bigger fines / tougher penalties for the up loaders is about the only chance they've got but even then most of them won't care some people in the world will always want something for free and others will always want the popularity of providing it.



smikey commented on Nintendo Download: 24th July (Europe):

I got super toy cars this afternoon I'll be taking it for a spin while I watch the pdc matchplay darts this evening.
Hoping to have it all beat by the time of release on Thursday for a miiverse and blog review but I'll see how hard it is before I commit to that (will definitely give a mini miiverese review once the community launches though.

@Marshi I wouldn't mid seeing a couple of them in hd but I own them all anyway (never even opened metroid) I'd rather have sequels than wii hd ports myself though unless they were included in the box with the sequel.



smikey commented on Poll: Which is Your Favourite Super Smash Bros...:

I voted for pac man as he's been my favourite video game character for 30 years.
I also picked try to buy all amiibos but it should really say will buy all because there will be no trying involved I've already banked the money for them nice collectors items & even though I've never been a big fan of smash bros I'll still be getting it day 1.



smikey commented on Nintendo of Europe Distributing Tomodachi Life...:

It's the only main stream Nintendo game I haven't bought this year & I also received a code via email from noe over a month ago & gave it away on this site.
I thought perhaps it's because I register so many games (it said i'd been specially selected) but maybe now there just throwing them out there to keep momentum going.



smikey commented on Miiverse Update Allows You To List Favourite G...:

It's about time they added the lines for posts, long posts in particular look a mess when it's been written.
I just wish they'd add the ability to edit your own posts as it is if you make an error or miss out some info you either have to delete the whole thing or add notes underneath.



smikey commented on Review: Luv Me Buddies Wonderland (Wii U):

I'll be reviewing this & all o2 wii u games (as well as all Nintendo games in general at some point) on miiverse & in my blog (once I tidy things up a bit on there) Blog will include Screen shots, game play videos ect & possibly yet an Interview with 02 games.

I don't work for 02 games & I have no connection to them at all other than being a Nintendo collector who want's to own a copy of all Nintendo games.

I think this review is at least a little harsh in places but at the same time I accept everyone sees a game differently.
I've already done a few play tests with my kids today so at least my review will come with a perspective of the games intended audience actually trying it too.



smikey commented on Review: Squids Odyssey (3DS eShop):


both 3ds & wii u have to be linked to the same Nintendo network id so whatever id you have on 3ds (your brothers) would also have to be on wii u.

of course the wii u can have multiple id's I buy all the games on my wii u id but my partner can log in on hers & play all the games.

got this on release on wii u it's a great game lots of levels & content for 100% complete too



smikey commented on Guide: Sharing The Love With The Tomodachi Lif...:


No i'm not saying Nintendo will do such things if you ask them to i'm just saying that I do receive such emails (and others do too)

I assume they email people who register a lot of games with club Nintendo. as I do.
Not all emails I receive are questionaires / codes ect I get a lot of news letters too mostly for games i've already bought.



smikey commented on Guide: Sharing The Love With The Tomodachi Lif...:

I got a welcome code (pal) from an email from Nintendo of europe.

Apparently I was one of a chosen few.
It's probably because I register a lot of games on club Nintendo (usually 4 - 10 retail games a month)

I have absolutely zero interest in this game (though i'll pick it up in about a year for collection purposes)

First person to reply that wants it can have it (if you include your email i'm not posting the code on here)

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS A PAL (EU / AUS) CODE won't work on American / jp 3ds

I'll be on & offline all evening but the code will be emailed before end of the day.




smikey commented on Cross-Buy is Now a Thing on Nintendo Platforms:

I bought it on release day on wii u to support the developers & because the game looked fun so what do I get out of this deal as a loyal early buyer? oh yeah nothing.

I probably wouldn't even download it on my 3ds if it were free anyway as I'd never play it on there.
But while I can see they are trying to entice more sales at the same time they are going to make everybody wait before purchasing any future games just incase they do this a month or two down the line.

As for the Title while I knew what this was about before opening the article it is a ridiculously misleading headline for those who haven't read the eu ehop release article today



smikey commented on Pier Solar HD Delayed, Wii U Version Will Now ...:

"rather than stagger releases" which Microsoft wouldn't even let them do in the first place.
It's not like it will be a mass microsoft seller is it.
Most xbox fans aren't exactly known for being fans of games from the past / or games influenced by games from the past.

I still think the game will sell well when finally released but xbox will almost certainly be one of the lowest sales numbers if it doesn't finish bottom.

& @DarkLloyd yes at the end of the trailer it says ps4 along with all others



smikey commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

I have 2 kids (3 & 1) they both have a 3ds they play on when supervised & 2ds consoles when i'm not looking right over their shoulder.

they also share a wii u console.

My kids don't spend hours playing games they're a bit young anyway maybe a couple of hours a week.
i'll get them a phone when they actually need one (to make calls or send texts)
I'd even buy them tablets if they require them for school (seems to be they way it will be by the time they get to high school)

But in gaming terms my kids are brought up the right way & that for me will always be the Nintendo way!

& in case anybody asks how a 1 year old can play games she's completed every level of drop block all on her own (not sure how hard that makes the game sound)

I was brought up on gaming and it taught me quite a lot phone / tablet gaming just isn't for me.



smikey commented on Parent Trap: Amiibo Charts A Fresh Course In T...:

I fully intended to buy every amiibo (but that's just how I am) unless the gamepad can read them through the packing they might never get used though as I'm not taking them out.
(other than the one's i'll buy for the kids)



smikey commented on The Results Of Nintendo Games Seminar Show Inn...:

Fantastic idea helps recruit or at least identity developers of the future at very low costs.
also gives those with skills a great early start on the ladder as getting noticed would presumably be one of the hardest tasks.

would love to see the games outside japan but highly unlikely just like it's fairly unlikely such courses would be held outside of japan.

still the more talent they nurture now the better of we'll be in the long term.

& while saying it's just open to students in toyko & kansai regions sounds small (well ok it is quite limited) it should be noted the kansai region is pretty big & includes a fair amount of big places in japan including osaka & kyoto.

Pigeon game is just strange but the others look ok to mess around with for a while the centre hero with the kids would be a nice time killer.
not bad for free games at least.

off topic is anyone else having problems with the internet on wii u today it's normally really fast but today takes 5 - 10 minutes to load every page!
it's definitely not my internet everything else is running fine even mario kart online.



smikey commented on Devil's Third Developer Discusses Its Unique A...:

I'm looking forward to it & at least it adds something different to the wii u library.
I have a feeling it won't do that well though it's like the 3rd party games so many moan & complain about not getting a game (or type of game) then when they get one they don't buy it or buy it second hand then moan some more about not getting another game.

I'll be buying it day 1 I don't really play these types of games much & the only fps game I ever really liked was perfect dark but i'm more than willing to give it ago.



smikey commented on GAME Offers Buy One Get One Half Price Tomodac...:

Typical game we have a sale but the physical version is out of stock.
like they list wii fit u + fit meter for £2.99 out of stock obviously. on the rare ocassions it's in stock it's over £40.

I very rarely buy anything from them anymore anyway but if I did I wouldn't buy this just for an offer just to buy the same game again



smikey commented on Nintendo Download: 26th June (Europe):

I'll be getting block drop & mario tennis.
Waiting for the sports club disc version though might try the free trial with the kids if I get time.
Would be nice to see some of the sports resorts added to sports club but then I probably still wouldn't download them because they'd release the disc version as soon as I did.



smikey commented on Animal Crossing 'Clone', Castaway Paradise, Co...:

I'd be amazed if the real Animal crossing wasn't on wii u by the end of 2016.
(still personally hoping for 2015) it will obviously happen it's too good a seller not to.
Can't really ever see this making it to wii u & I have zero interest if it ever did



smikey commented on Guide: The Biggest Wii U and 3DS eShop Games C...:

That's 18 wii u games on the Nintendo life list with only 28 weeks left in the year so while most people won't want all the games between these & the retail games due out in a couple of months onwards surely 2014 is looking good for gamers now with 2015 looking even better still.

that's not even forgetting multiple games announced that aren't on the list for instance block drop is out in eu thiis week (I know it's cheap, not for everyone & already out in usa)

as i'm in uk if you add the e-shop games already released in the usa yet to make it here we've got over 20 & are virtually assured of getting 1 at least half decent (depending on individual preference obviously) e-shop game a week for the rest of the year.

For me personally I'll be buying every single e-shop game on wii u and picking up a lot of free £5 codes from the Nintendo premium service at the same time.



smikey commented on Boy Battling Terminal Cancer Gets To Control A...:


You don't have to be touched or even smile you don't even really need a hate protection suit you could simply not make such worthless comments on such subjects.
Or you could show a dying boy some respect that was his dream they did it for him end of.
You'll probably never be in such a position with any kids you have / or may have in future but if you are good luck with the attitude adjustment.



smikey commented on Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition R...:


Wii u e-shop games release on thursdays in the uk / eu & have done since it's release.
The release list is normally out on a monday but you can normally check that yourself by going in the wii u e-shop anyway.

As for the game it's self I want it & I will buy it but it won't be anytime in the next few months.
I buy far too many games on day one e-shop that I don't get around to playing for ages only for them to have a million sales before I do.