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Tue 7th Jan 2014

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smikey commented on Review: Rakoo & Friends (Wii U eShop):


The game can be played with either the left or right analogue stick (never occurred to me to test using a stylus and the Wii U is in another room so I can't check right now)

I've only played through the first 25 levels so far (each completed 100%) but I've enjoyed the experience.
I'm also not sure the 2 hour time frame is accurate unless players are just content in beating each level and moving on to the next.
Those that want 100% (all flowers and 3 coins) will likely play a fair few levels at least twice adding at least another hour or two (depending on player skills)

The price was slightly higher than I expected given the genre and number of levels admittedly.

Edit Checked the game it does work with stylus contols too though the left stick for me all the way



smikey commented on Video: This Super Mario Maker Player Captures ...:


I prefer my levels to have a challenge too (making or playing)
It's certainly true harder levels earn far less stars (unless your hugely popular on Miiverse or Social Media) but I'm not about to change things too much.
I have made some newer levels easier (as in maybe a 4 to 6 out of 10 difficulty) but I've no intention of going any lower than that.

Will definitely try the find the way to heaven level today and star all the ones I beat. (including the auto one eve though I hate them)
Added you to the follow list too.

*Edit Just played & beat all your levels Shani gave all a Star thought heaven one was easy (clue was in the title really) ocean was hardest purely because Squid kept killing me at start.
Look forward to any future creations your on my creator follow list*



smikey commented on Nintendo's UK Store Gives Free eShop Copy of A...:

They gave away free copies of Mario Kart 8 on it's release too because they made a complete mess of that at the time including mine which arrived almost a week late despite being ordered months in advance.

I got my Animal Crossing game today without any issues but they only took the money out fr the Amiibo cards this morning and even after having done that they haven't actually sent them (customer services confirmed they were still awaiting order pick despite having taken the money and it being release day.

Haven't had any emails from them at all but as I'm out all day tomorrow I'll likely pick up some cards there and tell Nintendo store to refund my money.



smikey commented on Gallery: Marvel At The New amiibo Which We Wil...:

I'm a serious Amiibo collector (Nintendo collector in general)
I've got everyone so far (and will in future too) I'll buy both skylanders games for the Amiibo & the kids both like skylanders anyway as both games look to be different (As I belive you pointed out in an earlier article I read earlier today can't remember which I don't stop by here so much at present)

It will probably actually be more expensive for me acquiring other Amiibo more than those two.
Rob is in 2 colours, Pixel Mario is in 2 colours and then I'll be getting 4 mr game and watch so I can display all 4 at the same time. (I know I should have better things to do with my money)



smikey commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

Agreed I think there is a very high possibility the Nx could be released for xmas 2016.
As long as it has a strong line up (and planned releases over the first year without massive delays)
They could quite easily hype the console from e3 2016 through to release and sell better than many on here seem to expect it will.

Of course of the games won't be ready it will have to wait until 2017 (The Wii U obviously came a year too early) but I still have the feeling they'll go the 6 months of hype and reveal route.

It will almost certainly be backward compatible with Wii U and should have a unified account system and the ability to transfer all eshop / vc games over.



smikey commented on UK Retailer GAME Steps Up Retro Offerings in M...:

Game market place is largely a complete waste of space too much of a hassle for most retro game sellers and over priced retro games you can get for half the price without much searching elsewhere.
I collected and traded in retro games for nearly 15 years it's paid for my entire Nintendo collection and I've helped many others with theres I never needed to over price items like game or it's market place sellers do.

Once I've got other projects up and running I'll be back to selling games / consoles from all Nintendo generations never will a single listing be on Game market place and never will game market place be cheaper than me.
There is a lot of money to be made in Nintendo products there always has been.

Any smaller traders looking to get into selling would be well advised to stick with ebay or amazon and stay well clear of this waste of space.



smikey commented on New Miiverse Update Adds Comment Previews and ...:

The similar interest addition is an annoyance.
My activity feed is always regular updated with the posts of people I want on it not people I've never heard of or posts I'll ever click.
It wouldn't have been a bad update if they at the very least let you deactivate this option.

I still can't believe however that after over 2 years they still haven't added an edit post option.
And when miiverse trolls post comments on your posts you can remove them but they remain there forever just stating deleted by original poster which makes the posts look a mess.
If you delete your own comments they completely vanish

The last comment thing is okay I still don't pay much attention to it but at least it doesn't interfere with anything.



smikey commented on Review: Frenchy Bird (Wii U eShop):

Carbon Fire personally told me they did this game first purely to get to grips with developing on Wii U.
They are already working on 2 other games for Wii U and neither of them involve any birds flapping of any kind.

This is the only version of flappy bird I've ever played.
I think they'd have been better advised putting the price closer to 99p in the uk at least but currently in Europe it is the only flappy bird on Wii U so it will likely pick up sales with no current competition.

I have to say though while I know it's a different reviewer the fact it scored lower than spikey walls amuses me this is presumably down to price not favouritism.

Nice review anyway with the exception of one reviewer I quite like reading Nintendo life reviews these days.



smikey commented on Snazzy Golf Balls Added to Club Nintendo in PA...:

Got my a few hours ago before November I had over 20,000 stars & nothing to get.
Grabbed the Mario Kart 8 pins & now these (purely as collector items though I do play golf)
Not keen on the mario Kart T-shirt & got everything ele I want on there.
I do hope a limited edition Amiibo pops up one day (before my stars expire whenever that is)



smikey commented on Review: Tested With Robots! (Wii U eShop):

I didn't find the controls to be bad either.
Perhaps the reviewer wasn't much good at the game?
It often happens that controls that require skill get marked down because said reviewer either couldn't play the game or spent virtually no time playing it.
Perhaps Nintendo life & all sites in general should state how long a game has been played prior to the review.
At least then readers get a reasonable assessment of how much time / effort was put in prior to writing it.
While I'm not saying it was the case here it's clear with many reviews across the internet probably gave the game less than an hour before writing them therefore possibly missing improvements, or other such developments in the game.

The graphics don't suit most (obviously) but I found the game a nice little challenge (while granted the price should be lower)

"There is nothing more to the experience than what has already be stated. Occasionally more uninspired obstacles will appear, but considering the only function you have is to move and jump with little to no interaction with your surroundings, they barely change the way you play."

The game also has a time trial mode for completed levels (not mentioned in the review) perhaps said reviewer didn't beat level 1 to try it out.
I find it impossible to believe the reviewer played that far into the game all screens are from Nintendo's website (I know Nintendo life rarely do their own screens for reviews)
While true enough your controls don't change having a battery power that runs out while moving / jumping (that must be recharged or you die and various switches do change the level dynamic even if they still look similar overall.

According to Nintendo Lifes own scoring policy games can score a 4 with broken game play but this scores a 1 because of graphics 1 long loading screen at the beginning (still not sure why it takes so long but I can't argue with that one) ,a control system someone clearly can't use and gameplay that doesn't change (like many other games that score much higher)

Each to their own and a price reduction would be well advised but the score and review overall seems harsh overall.

Without dragging Rcmadiax back into the argument spikey walls scored a 4 for slightly better graphics and a cheap price (perhaps if this were priced the same it would have got a 4 too) a one button repetitive game that was a rip off of a free game of which there are many clones and more to come while a different reviewer that alone makes the scoring policy of any site in general pointless



smikey commented on Video: Use Your amibo Figures Without Removing...:

I've already got the full set of wave 1 & all of wave 2 pre ordered and none have been taken out of the packing (nor will they be)
In all honesty none of the games give me any desired reason to use amiibo (their current uses are a bit pointless to me)
If they ever do have a decent use I might try this but extra weapons, costumes and such are of zero interest)

Having said that Nintendo should be / should have been fully aware these are collectors items and most people won't take them out of the packet!
Skylanders and disney both work in the packing so while I get that a few people might scan and return it's hardly likely to be something the masses will do!



smikey commented on UK Retailer GAME Cashes In On Intense amiibo D...:

Game have been ripping people off for years and years how is this a surprise?
Maybe they are looking like going bust (yet again) and need some extra cash!

Haven't been in one of their stores for ages everything is inflated and their Nintendo support is non existent (unless it's a high demand easy rip off like Mario kart, Smash or Amiibo)

I've already got the full set of wave 1 and wave 2 all pre ordered
Grainger games have about 8 Amiibo in stock online (more in the stores) at £10.99 and argos deal is pretty good too.

The sooner Game are gone from the high street the better off we'll be for it



smikey commented on This Mario Kart 8 Badge Set Brings Some Extra ...:

It's very tempting though I think 4,000 stars here in the uk is to high regardless of how many stars Australians are able to collect due to none release of games over there (mostly e-shop that only earn 50 stars anyway) 2,500 likely represents their true value europeans may have more games to choose from but still must buy said games to get enough stars)
I've got just under 20,000 stars so I'll add them to the collection but I still think they'll be some sort of smash statue for10,000+ stars soon enough (or a limited edition Amiibo would be nice even though many would moan at it's limited availability it would reward loyal customers)



smikey commented on This Rather Attractive Nintendo Complete Guide...:

I'll probably have one shipped over as I have friends in Japan.
Can't see it ever getting a western localisation.
for those in the west though you could check out -

The history of Nintendo vol 1 (company foundation to pre game & watch)
The history of Nintendo vol 2 (the game and watch games)

or the aforementioned by warvad before blog (very interesting) also just had a book published (in english & french) it covers 1965 - 1983 & has 224 pages

Personally I wouldn't mind having a Nintendo pram in my collection (Yes they made them to many years ago) by all accounts they weren't much good so must be worth a bit these days as I imagine most were scrapped

But for the most part my collection is unlikely to date earlier than the colour tv series at the end of the 70's
owning every pal & ntsc game on a Nintendo system is expensive enough (plus a few collectables thrown in)



smikey commented on Teslagrad to Arrive at Retail on Wii U in Earl...:

I'll also be picking up the retail copy (despite the current over prices I've seen)
As a Nintendo collector of nearly 30 years I'm reasonably confident 20+ years from now this will be one of the more valuable Wii u games.
( especially as I'll play the e-shop version & keep the Retail game sealed on the collector's shelf)



smikey commented on Feature: What We Want to See in the November N...:

I would also like the e-shop premium promotion to stay for good & add 3ds purchases to it too
I've had £95 worth of codes (will hit £100 next week) because I use the e-shop all the time
I support Nintendo & those willing to put games on Nintendo systems (actually buy far less e-shop games on 3ds because they don't count to the promotion)

It's nice to be rewarded for spending my money on the store

I'd also like N64 & gamecube vc to be announced (but neither will today) even though I almost have a full set of retail game cube games if the only thing the adapter will be used for is smash bros it's an epic waste of time, money & development

As for what I actually expect -
Mario kart dlc (I haven't even bought yet not played the game for 2 months)
More smash bros (I've never been interested in)
& probably Captain toad (heres the game you could have played on xmas day)
& Yoshi (hopefully a February release (they should have at least 1 a month next year)

for 3ds pokemon I gave up on years ago

Hopefully at least 1 surprise (Not another Smash reveal)



smikey commented on Review: Cosmophony (Wii U eShop):

I got the game last week and still can't really work out why it's suppose to be a rhythm game (yes it has one but if that's what you're relying on to even beat level 1 you'll be seeing game over a lot)

The game is a shooter in respects to the fact you shoot the triangles as part of your star earning efforts but it's not the true essence of the game (at least nowhere near as much as survival is)

I can promise by the end of Thursday Miiverse will be full of oh it's impossible I can't even beat level 1 posts (I'm on level 3)
The more you play a level the more you'll remember it and in theory the better you'll do next time (of course one slip at any moment and you're dead)

I'm not a fan of this type of music at all but it suits the game very well (in particular level 2) (not played level 4 or 5 yet)

For the price it's a bargain, highly addictive and entirely possible to beat every level, it will take dedication & every single death while there are many of them are entirely you're own fault)



smikey commented on Rhythmic Rail Shooter Cosmophony Arriving In E...:

It's absolutely fantastic
Luca gave me my copy last night after 2 hours I've got all 4 stars on level 1, 2 stars on level 2 (practice mode) & up to 83% of normal mode on level 2 (which means nothing because if you die you're back at the start anyway)
highly addictive & full of deaths

It's hard but so far at least never feels impossible every death was clearly my fault
just one tap too many or a tiny slip & you're gone!
I do like the non hand holding games



smikey commented on Review: Mon Premier Karaoké (Wii U eShop):

Nice review I did one for it on miiverse on the day it launched (so many stupid people comment on games aimed at young kids)

I never found much issue with the game pad microphone (I did score pretty well too despite being below average at french)

My kids are 3 & 1 & like to watch the videos this version has more songs than it's English equivalent (some are the same)

I will say though you can sing the entire song in english & still score well (as long as you're in tune) being aimed at youg kids I assume they deemed it too hard for the kids for the kids to be in tune & getting all the words right

@ ueI

It's likely due to it being diffrent reviewers
Scores are pointless as if you gave a copy to every member of the review team you'd get multiple different scores
(or if a game aimed at young kids is reviewed by someone who has either zero knowledge of what young kids like or a general dislike of the fact consoles have kids games on them they'll always mark down games

The only difference is this one has more songs even the videos of the songs both versions have are exactly the same



smikey commented on Official Nintendo Magazine Announces Closure i...:

I gave up on the mag when Chandra left & barely visted the site in the last 4 months either
In my opinion it went down hill rather quickly from that point on
Some of the staffs comments to people expressing an opinion on the site were beyond stupid they more or less asked people to stop reading (or at least gave them good reasons to)
While everyone is entitled to an opinion & it's never nice to see anyone lose their job I certainly won't read or vist anything to do with the ex staff



smikey commented on Review: SPIKEY WALLS (Wii U eShop):

Can't help but wonder if this exact game was made by say a new developer on wii u would it have scored as high as a 4?

I know Nintendo life will claim it would and the developer in question has no influence on the score but considering this is a self advertised rip off and scores higher than some games that while bad are still of a more playable experience you have to wonder.

This is just further proof that review scores in general are a complete waste of time



smikey commented on Review: Chimpuzzle Pro (Wii U eShop):


It does clear things up a little bit I did slightly misread a little of the review (being dyslexic it happens sometimes)

I understand what you mean with the level select issue now though it still sounds like you can't select any level (which obviously you can)

In any event I do love the site (I log on almost every day) & even when I don't agree with a review (though a lot of this one I do generally agree with) I have always said everyone is free to judge a game for themselves & many will often disagree

With regards to the broken game part maybe I just got lucky with block generation or used diffrent blocks (as they're multiple ways to do most levels) For any reader who wants to play the game the first block (at least for me) has always generated on the right & should be considered when playing a level

Thanks for your reply either way
Apologies for any confusion caused on my part



smikey commented on Review: Chimpuzzle Pro (Wii U eShop):

I've got the game already & my review will be on miiverse tomorrow.

The game has faults as I've noted in my own review (already written and awaiting to put on miiverse)

This review however is full of misinformation and false statements (not something I'd normally expect on Nintendo life

Firstly you CAN select any of the 15 levels in any order you want!!!

"The level select menu is also no help here — it appears to allow free access to all levels (there are no lock indicators or greyed-out buttons), but if you try to go to a level you haven’t completed only the last uncompleted level will load."

This statement is completely untrue I've beat all 15 levels but I did not play them in order and I can & could select any level and get that level anytime I wanted

The blocks do spawn randomly however the first block you choose 99% of the time will be on the right side of the screen and the next block and almost all other blocks will be in the middle or left of the screen

The review above doesn't mention that you can earn up to 3 stars based on score but the game doesn't save them anyway neither does it save remember your high scores of any kind
or the fact you can beat all 15 levels in well under an hour!

The games idea is well done the amount of levels and lack of any kind of score remembering ect is a pain
The graphics aren't fantastic so at least I can agree with the reviewer on that



smikey commented on Feature: Ahead Of Hyrule Warriors, We Take A L...:

Love the Dynasty warriors series (Gang Ning in particular) not really bothered about Samurai ones
Maybe if this one takes off on wii u we'll actually get one of the Dynasty warriors games on a Nintendo system
(doubt it though)
So basically this article is saying it's like these other games you'll never play unless you own non Nintendo systems
of course Since everyone thinks Nintendo fans only buy Nintendo themed games I guess it's hardly surprising
I have almost all 3 rd party games on wii u ( including over 90% of all e-shop games)
but if i'm in the minority notthing is likely to change before the new console (which will probably end up being in the same position after a couple of years regardless of how powerful it is)
Still looking forward to this game all the same



smikey commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (Europe):


When you round up the kids to test the karaoke game you might want to use the game as an excuse for an expenses paid business trip to France!
The game is the same as my first songs but in French and it features 20 songs rather than 15 in the English version some of the songs are in both versions but not that many
Game plays exactly the same way (with the same issues) though overall better (if you can understand or at least sing French)

got my copy of that & chimppuzzle pro today both my miiverse reviews for them will go live with the communities on Thursday (other reviews throughout the week) thankfully I know a little French and I can at least see the words on the screen

What's even more Annoying than capcom skipping wii U for revelations 2 is when your on their press release list and are only suppose to get emails about games on Nintendo systems but in the last few weeks I've had at least 4 emails about the game and every one lists what t will be released on Nintendo obviously not being on any of them!

It's going to be released in 4 parts over a few weeks period in early 2015

I've put over 60 hours into revelations on Wii u but I'll be putting zero hours into revelations 2 unless they give it a late port next year



smikey commented on Retailer Lists Super Smash Bros. Wii U for 21s...:

I agree
why would Nintendo put out a date for the wii u version before the 3ds games releases
Let the 3ds game release the internet will light up with smash bros news even more then drop the wii u release date
(& I said it would land a week before black friday a year ago) so I fully expect it to be the 21st myself



smikey commented on Demo for Super Smash Bros. 3DS Announced for N...:

I'm in uk got an email with 4 codes about 2hours ago
Since the only 3ds I use currently has faulty shoulder buttons (2nd time too Nintendo fixed it once) I guess I won't be using any of the codes
Certainly not using my collectors consoles just for a demo
I'm sure they'll give them out to nearly everyone soon enough

Before anyone asks I'm giving them out to my Miiverse friends but ifvI've got any left tomorrow I'll post them on here



smikey commented on Game Schedule Outlined for Nintendo Treehouse ...:

I'm in the uk & I will more than likely be up until after it's all finished but I don't think I'll be watching 5 hours of smash bros 3ds by which time every single thing will have already been revealed & shown off anyway (they've really messed the timing of that up after mario kart 8 if nothing else they must realise games get delivered early)

As for the others They'll all mostly be out soon except captain toad which got moved back to January for us anyway

I'll certainly watch a bit & I'm usually intent on watching Nintendo presentations, directs & all but I'm really not bothered about any of this one anymore if that's all they're doing



smikey commented on Retro City Rampage: DX Will Benefit From Addit...:

Nice to hear some are willing to update games to accommodate the new buttons
I'd still rather have it on wii u but that's never going to happen
Bought the game ages ago but haven't even started it on the 3ds yet



smikey commented on This Adorable Yoshi Plush Soft Toy Is Now Avai...:

Just got it for the wife to be (completely obsessed with Yoshi even though she's not really a gamer)
Had over 20,000 stars for ages so it was nice t use a few up
Still hoping for a limited edition amiibo or smash figurine so I'll be keeping hold of the rest now I think



smikey commented on Armillo Patch Rolls Onto Wii U to Fix Framerat...:

Guess I stil won't play ituntil the eu update then
I've got plently to play anyway but I bought the game on lauch day & by the time it's finally fixed over here it looks like being closer to xmas than launch day!
Do quite like what little of it I've played but I'll not be adding it to my animal themed miiverse reviews week in a couple of weeks
I'll try to be fair & wait until the patch arrives



smikey commented on BLOK DROP X TWISTED FUSION Coming To The Wii U...:

Due this fall presumably means in north america only I assume?
Since none of the other games are in Europe yet
(probably because not all of Europe has block drop either I suppose)

I buy everything so I'll be picking them all up when / if they finally make it but I think of them all block drop looks to be my favourite and I beat that in less than half an hour



smikey commented on Interview: Zen Studios Outlines Its Ongoing Su...:

Kick beat arrives on wii u on September 18th (In europe) according to the e-shop
the video doesn't show that much really though.
I am looking forward to the pinball tables I own all the others & while I'll never be top of the world rankings I'm pretty content beating the default high scores & then my own scores & at the very least not ranking bottom of my Miiverse friends



smikey commented on Resident Evil Revelations 2 Assets Spotted:

I also loved resident evil revelations on wii u, though didn't really like it at all on 3ds
It's my 2nd most played wii u game at just under 60 hours and would love a sequel
if it does skip wii u I won't be buying it at all since I have no desire to buy any non Nintendo console nor the time to play on them even if I did
I might eventually pick up a ps4 cheap when it's near the end of it's life and grab bargin bin games that never made it to Nintendo (like I did with ps3 even though I still don't really use it)

So it's Nintendo or nothing for me at least in terms of brand new games anyway



smikey commented on SteamWorld Dig Wii U Release Date and Pricing ...:


I do attempt to complete as many as possible (if only I were skilled enough)
for the ones that remain uncompleted it's a minimum 6 hours game play for miiverse reviews & 8 hours for the blog so at least they'e had a decent amount of play / test time
Blog should look at least semi reasonable by the end of august already got pal master lists for nes, wii u, n64, wii ware, wii vc, wii u eshop & wii u vc.
snes, game cube master lists will be complete by the end of august & wii master list by mid september then onto the hand helds
once each games got it's own page it's much faster to start writing up blog reviews until then i'm mostly concentrating on the miiverse reviews (which are much shorter) & making sure each game has it's page layout
I'll be doing the same for the ntsc region from November onwards

thankfully most developers / publishers are interested in my challenge / goals & passion for Nintendo & games on it's systems
Only really had a negative experince with one publisher (no names) but they actually said weren't interested in advertising / promoting older games they've published (by multiple developers some only months old) they are only pushing the newest game.

I'll never be as big or as popular as sites like Nintendo life (neither are my reviews remotely written in a similar way) But it's a project for me as a collector as much as anything and anyone it helps along the way all the better



smikey commented on SteamWorld Dig Wii U Release Date and Pricing ...:


I got mine the same way Nintendo life get theirs the developers gave me a review copy nearly 2 weeks ago
I review all Nintendo games from the nes - wii u & game boy to 3ds (pal & ntsc) on my blog (still getting up & running) & miiverse
it's a long & difficult challange & will take very many years to catch up but I'm up for the challenge of it either way.

I actually have really good relationships with loads of developers / publishers & I've had quite a few e-shop games early including super toy cars, steam world dig, bombinb b*****ds, & a fair few more with many future titles already promised

My entire work life revolves around gaming & Nintendo



smikey commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

I own all the ubisoft games on wii u (even the very bad ones) haven't even opened a couple of them (including AC 4) & I'll buy watch dogs too but as ubisoft well know late / poor ports will never sell as well as other versions of the game if they did a port of a ps4 game & put it on ps3 but took out half the features & charged the orginal price (when ps4 version was now half price) it would still sell badly!

I'm not a ubisoft basher their company they can do as they like, & in general Nintendo consoles don't always move the so called mature games that well hpefully games like devils third ( that i'm really looking forward to) & bayonetta might change perception a bit
they're a mature titles & published by Nintendo not publishers fans have a grudge against.
If they succeed the ubisoft argument is dead in the water if they both bomb too no one can really complain about missing out on the so called mature games.



smikey commented on Dolphin Up is Joining the Sea of Wii U eShop G...:


I stand corrected that's the first time I've ever heard that (and quickly looked it up) in my entire life
Thanks for teaching me something new next time the wife to be says she wants to swim with dolphins I'll be sure to ask her if that's what she has in mind.



smikey commented on Dolphin Up is Joining the Sea of Wii U eShop G...:

It's called dolphin up and 18 seconds into the video it's being played as a killer whale which is in no way a dolphin.
in any event I wouldn't remotely compare it to Ecco either (not that the subtitle did just the answer to that question was a resounding no ) it looks like a basic high score chaser which might do ok if it's got a cheap price but I love in the uk anyway and there seem to be plenty of low priced wii u e-shop games that haven't made it over here yet (not always a bad thing perhaps)



smikey commented on Nintendo Download: 21st August (Europe):

Capcom said a while ago they'd put out at least 1 megaman game a week for the whole of August so brace yourself for gameboy mega man 5 next week

& I thought everyone in europe was well aware by now Shovel knights is months away!!!

not one or 2 weeks months!

I'm guessing every week the where is shovel knight in the european download post will resemble the where is mario 3 & mario kart in the usa ones earlier this year.

They got their games & we'll get shovel knight just much closer to Xmas than August



smikey commented on Nintendo Download: 21st August (Europe):

Another quiet week
But at least it's steam world dig on wii u in europe next week.
I got my wii u copy last week and have most enjoyed it (never played the 3ds one)
what games Nintendo will put in the sale with smash bros regulars might be interesting but I'll likely own them all the only 2 I didn't have from last weeks sale was mega man 5 & 6



smikey commented on Weirdness: Check Out this LEGO Bob-Omb Battlef...:

Quite impressed I never had much creativity with lego either as a kid or with my kids now.
Wasn't there a koopa in the level though as soon as you go up the first bridge I'm sure I use to ride his shell and steal a blue coin

Not that it much matters it's still well done



smikey commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

It's certainly possible & would be nice but would likely only happen if Robin's family either requested such things themselves or backed the petition with their own signatures (neither of which they are like currently considering or have given much thought to)
Would be nice to see him in a village in hd on zelda u though



smikey commented on Night Trap ReVamped Developer May Flip-Flop on...:

Which basically means we're never going to hit the target maybe those nintendo fans can throw some money our way!
Of course they should realise once you upset the Nintendo fan they never forgive you just look at almost every ubisoft post on here good or bad news (I know there isn't really any good news ubisoft posts but still even if there were)

I buy everything on a Nintendo console & I always will if this ever made it I'd buy it.
Thankfully It's never going to happen & I don't have to



smikey commented on The Hyrule Warriors Artbook Catches The Eye Wi...:

where is the book in the west available?
I'm a collector & I haven't seen it (or I've looked in the wrong place)
I've already ordered the Nintendo uk store one with the scarf (would have preferred a figure)
As for a female link I think the pics look pretty good & I wouldn't really mind either way