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SMEXIZELDAMAN commented on Chris Pranger From Nintendo Treehouse Discusse...:

The fans who wanted xenoblade would have taken subtitles for the voice acting, and I'm sure the people who are asking for captain rainbow would too. You don't have to go all out on voice acting and whatnot, just bare minimum translation.



SMEXIZELDAMAN commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: F-Zero Wii U, Octolings,...:

"Buy the other game" is not really an option because they are different campaigns and if one appeals to you more you should get that one, and not have to worry about accidentally getting a guy married in that game. "Play as the other gender" also isn't really a very viable option as most people want their character to be their gender because they are their avatar in the game. The "marry someone else first" is the only really viable option here and it isn't that hard. You also do not have to do the S rank conversation with the character, you just have to watch out for it.